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Found 3 results

  1. This thread is meant to be a parody of the Flat Earth Society and Flat Earth Theory which is a conspiracy theory that has become surprisingly popular among die hard conspiracy nuts. In this thread the goal is to prove that Kerbin is flat. We shall not be deceived by the lies of the Kerbal Spave Center any more! They have constructed an elaborate conspiracy to hide the true shape of Kerbin so people will give contracts and funds to the space center. Logical fallacies are welcome, because real flat earthers use them all the time. Anyone saying that Kerbin is round is a shill payed by the Space Center to defend the conspiracy. There is no other explenation.
  2. Name : K.E.E.S. Gives A Big Hi There! Author : K.E.E.S. Date : 22:28 , 7/8/2017 Post Data : Hi there! I'm Jamie Perkins, creator of K.E.E.S., or the Kerbal Engineering and Experimental Society. I hope to bring together brilliant scientists, gamers, engineers, and enthusiasts to help fight a common issue. Curiosity. By this I mean The thing that drives humans to do what they do, whether it be landing a man on the moon, exploring the amazon, or even just cleaning out the back of the fridge. Unfortunately, though, that drives half of kerbals to touch the big red shiny button that Bill said NOT to touch! This society is meant to being out the best in human and kerbal engineering to complete common goals using Teamwork, Persistence, Smarts, and Creativity. We Need You! We're looking for 10 lucky accounts to join the K.E.E.S.! How The System Works! For an Exclusive Task, I will first post the task and notify it as Exclusive, which means that everybody can view it and try it on their own, but only the Members of the Society can post and start to assemble a plan in this comment section. After I post the task, I will review and talk with Members on who gets what job for now, whether it be the best type of landing system, VTOL balancing, Stock Propeller/Helicopter Systems, Space Elevator Steadiness, or something like that. This is a somewhat serious society, and the goal is to improve or to reinvent certain kerbal techniques completely. If somebody is being abusive, or or you feel like another member in this Society is cyber - bullying you in any way, I will talk with them and we will take a vote on whether we should kick that account out of this Society. Following that, I will post a notification of dis - charge and a notification for an opening sport in the K.E.E.S.. Once the goal has been tested and confirmed, I will record the data amd show the rest of the Kerbonauts our findings on how to improve various kerbal systems or incredible missions. How To Sign Up! First and foremost, you must really be committed to the Kerbal world and vigorous engineering challenges that we will definitely face. Second, you most post a link to a google slides or a google documents paper or something like that on why you would be a good candidate. Treat it like a resume, because I WILL be judging based on your grammar, commitment, specific characteristics about you, and your engineering capabilities and qualities. Thanks! Thank you for reading this short but meaningful post, and as always, Jebius, Explosius!
  3. There's small implications in-game about lore and myth. I have ideas, ladies and gentlemen. I want to hear yours as well. I will include a snippet of my headcanon lore if anyone's interested though DM. It leans towards the explicit side(Greco-Roman religion+ a little bit of monotheistic flavour) so I wouldn't feel comfortable posting it directly to a thread. Let's just say it explains why females weren't introduced until the official version came out and provides insight into why things are the way they are. Dres? Who's that? Neidon, Sarnus? You're crazy.
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