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Found 23 results

  1. 1, I remember seeing a mod that would show all the places you haven't done science yet, where can i find that? 2, Degrading panels, solar panels always provide power, so i want them to e x p i r e. Is there a mod that takes away the power they provide? i already have a diminishing RTG mod so the solar panels would be the next step
  2. I just started making custom parts, I would love to have a detailed guide on making parts like solar panels and engines from start to finish. I have basic experience with blender, But I am lacking in texture skills (I know how to do it, I need more info). I would need a in depth Guide to making detailed textures. My focus will mainly be engines, I need to know how to make animations for engine gimbal and solar panels, and how to make engine shrouds. I would also like a guide to making part variants, They are so cool but so hard to understand in Blender/Config files As for config e
  3. I've looked through the forum and found no complete guides or tutorials about how to make solar panels in KSP. There are some bits of knowledge here and there but no complete tutorial and most of them seem to be obsolete. Hence my question. From start to finish, how do you guys create your deployable, non deployable, suntracking and static solar panels? Do you animate the deploy animation in 3d modelling software or do you do it in Unity Editor and do you need a specifically named animation or set up pivots/bones in specific places for it to work with KSP? Do you have to name each par
  4. The solar array is shaking my space station apart. It’s two infernal robotics trusses with four gigantor solar panels and four extendable medium radiators attached. After everything is extended the panels and radiators begin shaking violently. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. I recall a mod that allowed us to choose which star to track for our solar panels. But I can't remember what it was called. Here's my test probe at Telos, basking in the light of Ollum, a sub star. But as you can see, Sun exposure is NaN... Help me out, please?
  6. I had a very weird bug that happened to me in KSP recently, I do not know what is the cause of it, I only edited the game data files for some mods and add-ons, and I entirely do not know what to do to stop this. Ingame, I cannot deploy solar panels for some reason , whenever i right click solar panels , i don't see the deploy button. list of mods: CameraTools Chatterer EVE SVE SVT Kopernicus MechJeb2 PlanetShine Realplume scatterer TextureReplacer VanguardTechnologies KIS KAS HullCameraVDS Here is my KSP
  7. Hey, I have an issue with my ksp in which, if i have modulemanger installed solar panels will not deploy. I've tried in the VAB, in space, at the launchpad, it never deploys, i also tried it on a new save and it didnt work. I don't even get the tab that comes up. This isn't a massive issue, however i would like the mod to work without breaking my game as it is required for other mods. I know it is modulemanager because as soon as i delete modulemanager.dll from my game data it works again and i can deploy solar panels. Thank you in advance The other mods i have installed are:
  8. KSP Version: build id = (018912017.10.05) Windows 10 x64 What Happens: Un able to retract solar panels after they are extended Mods / Add-Ons: All Stock Steps to Replicate: 1) add either the 1x6 or the 3x2 solar panel to any comand pod right click to extend it and then you are unable to retract it Fixes/Workarounds: none found so far Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: this is a freash install from Steam and screen shot was taken on 1st lauch of game - Images Link: https://www.imagebanana.com/s/852/Fcs6amXr.html has anyone else have this happen? It started for
  9. Hello dear Kerbonauts, I'm recently playing KSP with a bunch of realism mods and had a long way to this status of my game now. There were a few obstacles with compatilities between the mods and althought I could solve most of them, a few strange behaviors still occour like this: I have a craft with solar panels in LEO and after coming from the earth shadow, each panel initially creates ~80W power, but only some minutes before hiding behind earth again, the panels produce the rated 320W power each. That is pretty strange that it is somehow reduced by a factor of 4 suddenly. I could reprodu
  10. Hi guys, I have quite some problem and don't find a solution through googeling, maybe one of you got an idea. If I built a space station, adding docking ports and attaching a solar panel construction to it, those docked part groups are totally freaking out (pictures below) when I load a savegame in which the station exists. It does not happen when the panels are still retracted, only if I extend them, save the game, load the new save game and go to the station. It does not help to reset the gyro, the cubes that were controlling the solar panel beams when docking are in hibernati
  11. Howdy, I have a few questions, I'm building a space station in my career game, its altitude is almost exactly 90.000 around. I have added two habitats modules, along a "pilot module" and a storage/life support module. I have a few solar panels, but all of them in proportion to the station itself, in other words, they aren't those huge ones. But as i expand the station, i thought it would be cool to add those really big solar panels. But how? Do i build the whole structure then simply dock it to a free node? or is it better to separate the process in sections (first the central column, wit
  12. hey I'm pretty new to KSP but watched a lot of Scott Manley's uploads and managed to get a satellite into orbit. It has 5 solar panels and 4 batteries which was working fine as I transmitted science back home but after the first I think 1 or 2 transmissions it ran out of power and I figured "ok, the panels need a minute to recharge" but they aren't. Is there a certain place on the craft I need to place them or do they maybe require more time to recharge? (OX-STAT Photovoltaic Panels) thanks a lot for anyone who takes time to help me out:)
  13. Hi there, One thing I noticed when building larger stations is that solar panels, especially those found on space stations are hugely overpowered, generating way more power than is being consumed by the ship / space station / whatever. I suggest doing a general rebalance of the whole electrical system. IIRC real-life space solar panels produce power in the kilowatt range. The ISS needs those huge panels to keep all their systems, labs etc. working. KSP crewed and uncrewed parts should be assigned a general baseload electrical consumption according to their function, e.g.
  14. TLDR: What's the best method to avoid a probe running out of electric charge (and therefore becoming uncontrollable) over long durations of not monitoring it if you only have static solar panels? I've recently sent a probe to Moho and I did so with less tech than I would have liked because the transfer window was there and it seemed exciting to try. I'm now getting concerned though because it will be on a long voyage and the static solar panel may move away from sunlight while I'm not watching and then I will lose the ability to control the probe. I have two batteries, and I just tes
  15. Found the answer in an old forum, thought everyone would like these numbers! Solar Panel Power Output OX-STAT Moho: ~1.5 Eve: 0.64 Kerbin: 0.33 Duna: 0.15 Dres: 0.03 Jool: 0.02 Eeloo: 0.01 OX-4L/W Moho: ~7.5 Eve: 2.99 Kerbin: 1.54 Duna: 0.70 Dres: 0.15 Jool: 0.08 Eeloo: 0.03 Gigantor Moho: ~110 Eve: 44.37 Kerbin: 22.90 Duna: 10.40 Dres: 2.30 Jool: 1.18 Eeloo: 0.41 All credit to Lord Ferret, who quoted this from who knows where. Happy rocket flying!
  16. It would be fantastic to have a solar panel that folded and unfolded using the miura fold. The miura fold is an origami piece created by a japanese astrophysicist in order to be able to unfold solar panels with just one motor. You can learn more about it here. And here is a demostration of the unfolding process.
  17. On the OX-4L or OX-4W panels, I was hoping that an EVA with and Engineer would allow me to retract them. The button I got was "Retract (Editor Only)" and clicking on it didn't do anything. What does that mean?
  18. Ok, so I made my first mod. Right now, it gives the 1x6, 3x2, and Gigantor solar panels nodes. This is kind of just a basic starter thread ATM, expect changes in the setup and such, and please ask for support for any mods you would like! Download: http://spacedock.info/mod/115/Solar%20Panel%20Attatchment%20Nodes
  19. My Tylo lander just reached Jool, but something's eating its electric charge at a rate of 0.03 per second. I tried turning off all systems on the ship, but it won't stop even when I'm angled toward the sun. I know those panels don't provide much power that far out, but I can't see why my power is going down even when I'm not doing anything. I've turned literally everything off.
  20. So, I was screwing arround with the tiny 6 node hub, and was going to attach some solar panels to it because the surface wasn't great for slapping solar panels onto. So, I go to attach them, and I can't. Why? Because Solar Panels Lack Attachment Nodes. So, the idea is simple: Add attachment nodes onto solar panels to avoid cringe-worthy moments such as that. Please.
  21. Hi, is there a mod that adds powerful solar panels which can be retracted and, while retracted, have some 2400°K heat resistance, like the stock 1x6 and 2x3 panels? I was looking at Near Future Solar, but the larger panels don't retract. Basically, I want to make an ore tug/refinery which can aerobrake without the hard time of finding a way to put the solar panels so they don't burn during aerobrake
  22. I'm not sure what's causing this, but solar panels in my game seem to only produce electricity when the craft itself is pointed at the sun, not the panels themselves. All panels can be in darkness but still produce charge, if the craft is pointed at the sun. I never used to have this issue; has anyone else experienced it? I can provide a list of mods I'm using if needs be.
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