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Found 18 results

  1. yesterday i was trying to find a massive asteroid to build a base on but couldn't find any good ones. i tried finding ways to create one but couldn't so now I'm wondering if it would be possible to create a add on that lets you spawn them in and choose shapes/sizes and texture. after thinking about that i also thought it would be nice to be able to spawn in planets and suns and possibly even solar systems. If i could do all of those things could it be possible to add textures/models to spawn in so i could have a cow shaped asteroid. and if all of this is possible how hard would it be to create
  2. Hello, it's Noah the Smol! I'm working on a planet pack I call 'NOPE', or Noah's Planet Expansion. It will include multiple planets, moons and objects to explore! The amount of objects will NOT be as insane as some of my other projects, but there will be a good number(5-6 large planets, and lots of smaller objects). The objects will be in red if they are currently not even started or can't be in the game, orange if they've been barely started, yellow for ~1/2 done and green for done with lastly blue for released or soon to be released. Keep posted for more! Thanks!
  3. The only system rearrangement that makes you think "Eh, this is pretty ok I guess"! (pics for clicks!): imgur album NOTE: all pictures right now were taken in v. 1.0, not in v.1.1. Reviving this mod, now the only mod that thought the Mun was so uninteresting that it put a ring around it--and a moon, too! This system rearrangement keeps all planets and moons from the stock game, but completely revamps it to create an entirely different, yet almost stock-ish game experience! Do note that all solar system bodies, while their sizes, masses, gravities, having or not ha
  4. Hello, and this is my new upcoming mod of Way Too Big Solar System It will add god-knows-how-many planets, moons, and other objects just to crowd the solar system up. There will be at least 3 objects between the stock objects already here. That would become a total of 25+ new planets and 10+ new dwarf and minor objects. Currently, the system list is: (with red for too hot, orange for warm, green for habitable, cyan for chilly, blue for cold, and violet for frozen), with an * for a star(with the text color as a star's color), ' for a terrestrial, " for a gas plane
  5. Welcome to the Kerbol Wilds. This is gonna be a mod influenced by the now-released game Outer Wilds. Planets will be at the scale of 2x Outer Wilds' system(still meters across) and will not be EXACT copies, they'll be INSPIRED by the game. Planets will be listed here: Stay tuned for more!
  6. Welcome to Kluster, a new, WIP mod that will add not 1, but 2 galaxies to the game! the main galaxy, Miluwy pass galaxy. will be the galaxy where the small, Megtellastic Storm galaxy would orbit! What`s going to be in Kluster? Red: Not complete / Not in development Purple: In development Blue: Near Completion / Beta Test Green: Completely Done and dusted / Finished Saugi Awn: the Miluwy pass` supermassive black hole, it will measure at about 26421561552 meters in diameter, and its escape velocity at its surface will be 299792458 meters, AKA at the speed of
  7. Hello! For all visitors of this post, I'm not earning money or reward for this mod, it's just a help to the community, saying that you can continue with the post, greetings! Real Solar System REMASTERED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Original Mod Made By NathanKell. Link To Orginal Mod "Real Solar System" License: CC-BY-NC-SA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This mod adds the real solar system to its kerbal space program, where its orbits, sizes, actu
  8. Real Solar System (REMASTERED) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Original Mod Made By NathanKell. Link To Orginal Mod "Real Solar System" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This mod adds the real solar system to your kerbal space program, where your real orbits, sizes and textures are added. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download the Real Solar System (REMASTERED) Here ----------------------------
  9. This is a continuation of my mod Realistic Remodel. (Almost) Real Solar System is kerbalized version of Real Solar System. It keeps the stock planets but changes them to be more realistic. The orbits and sizes of planets have been changed to be in the same ratios as our solar system. Some planets have been moved around to fill in some gaps, and names of some planets have been changed as well. A few color changes have been made, and more are planned. Kopernicus and Sigma Dimensions are required and OPM is highly recommended. Download Imgur Album Scaling: I h
  10. https://www.quora.com/unanswered/I-wonder-what-is-the-reference-system-in-relation-to-the-Martian-landscape-and-more-precisely-the-mountains-on-the-surface-of-this-planet-Mars https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20180511212254AAZg1O2
  11. Realistic Remodel is a Kopernicus Mod that makes the Kerbal solar system more like the real solar System. It rearranges the planets and changes the system almost completely. Changes to the Solar System: All planets and moons have had their orbital and physical characteristics changes to be more similar their real life counterpart. Some bodies have been moved completely to take the place of a real world object. (Ex: Minmus now orbits Eeloo, Ike now orbits Jool, Gilly and Bop now orbit Duna) The entire solar system is on a ~20 degree tilt to simulate axial tilt for
  12. I have no idea why I made this, but why not? You can roleplay and stuff with celestial bodies! Choose your main character to roleplay as: Sol: (I CALL DIBS) Mercury Venus: Earth: The Moon: Mars: Phobos: Deimos: Jupiter: Ganymede: Io: Europa: Callisto: Saturn: Titan: URANUS HA: Titanus: Neptune: Triton: Pluto: Charon: Alpha Centauri A: Alpha Centauri B: Proxima Centauri: Sagittarius A*: Kerbol: Moho: Eve: Kerbin: The Mun: Min
  13. In the Kerbal Grand Tour, you are to land on as many planets and moons as possible, and circumnavigate them on land/ocean/water. For Jool, an atmospheric circumnavigation is sufficient. Rules. All Stock parts except Vens stock revamp. (FAR, mechjeb, KER, and other informational mods allowed) KSP 1.2+ Video is recommended, although photo albums with enough pictures to document essentials are allowed No Alt-F12 or other cheats/hacks. No exploiting Krakens/bugs/glitches. Use part clipping only for decorative parts(lights, ladders, science parts, etc.), not for
  14. So I have just started an alternate history project in which the solar system forms very differently from Our Time Line (OTL). What this results in is a very different 19th, 20th and 21st century as space colonization becomes available even to the European Imperial nations. In any case, before I start I just want to check that the alternate solar system I have designed is even possible, taking into account things like orbital physics and planetary climates. So, here's what I have so far: -Sol is the star in the center of the system. Can cause blindness when looked directly at for a long t
  15. let me see, there are a total of 15 planets you can land on including kerbin. i really think this is a bit too small. maybe some other solar system should be added. so we dont always have to use mods?! mods do sometimes slow your game down. i really wish that ksp added some other planets or moons or solar systems. are they working on it right now??? thx.
  16. More Planets In The Kerbal System? I think there should be more planets in the Kerbal System, Zeng and Rhota, which will have there own moons like all the other planets. Zeng will be a little planet like Pluto, and Rhota Saturn. Maybe on Zeng there will be plant life?, which would be interesting. Rhota should have rings like Saturn which will make it hard because the rocks, ice and dirt of the ring will explode you. Zeng will be a very icy planet, as Rhota... You would need loads of fuel but it will be possible to get there. Zeng will have an atmosphere that takes 10 seconds at 45 mp/s, and
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At0w3pnIVgc It's all the major moons and planets of our Solar System in scale to one another. For KSP reference, Kerbin is about the size of Eris (give or take a itty bitty bit).
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