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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, First of all, apologies if I posted it in the wrong section in this forum. So, I was playing the game today after a successful install of RealSolarSystem, Realism Overhaul, and whole plethora of other mods. But when I try to make my own probe, I noticed that the 'stock' solar panels were bugged and were misbehaving? the panels were fully extended the moment I took the panels out from the part selector and won't close unless I pressed extend and retract. At first, i thought this was "Oh, it is just mods being mods." as I had known that some of my mods were Solar Panels or Electricity related mods, like Near Future Solar, etc. So I retracted the panels just in case if it got extended at flight, in which would destroy the panels if it got fully extended mid flight. But guess what? The panels were extended mid flight, soon after I left the VAB for the launchpad regardless of whether I retracted the panels in the VAB or not. Which surely resulted in my solar panel's destruction when I opened the fairing. I tested the panels on a probe and i noticed that it wasn't making any power, despite it was fully opened and the panels instantly closed itself when i pressed 'Extend panel' before the proper extending animation played out and the panels were 'trully' extended. I suspect that the game thinks the panels were fully retracted, but in reality, the panels were opened. I was quite frustrated as my options were limited to non-stock solar panels, which were extremely oversized for my probes. Is there any solutions to this before i resort to reinstalling all the mods? I have made a lot of changes to the RSS configs (I added some custom launch sites and ground stations for Real Antennas mod and that's probably all), and installed tonnes of mods. it would be tedious to re-apply those configs again if i were to reinstall all the mods. I have tried reinstalling Kopernicus and it fixes nothing. What could be the cause of this bug? Here is a brief video proof of the bug happening, feel free to let me know if need more videos of the bug happening : And here is the log of that particular session (The video file above were recorded and saved on 8:51:27 AM [08:51:27 - 24 hour format]) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pjUOpwUngeluZI8kb4ma5spKUL0mDoWm/view?usp=sharing My mod (GameData) folder : https://imgur.com/a/P6mMRJR Lastly, thanks for the attention. Apologies if there are grammatical errors in my topic, I'm not a native English speaker whatsoever.
  2. I do not understand, I created solar panels that work, but there are two problems: 1. I can not rotate the model 180 degrees in VAB, it still rises to its original position. 2. The solar panel can not be folded. The model in Unity 3D: CFG file: MODULE { name = ModuleDeployableSolarPanel resourceName = ElectricCharge chargeRate = 1.64 retractable = false animationName = BFR_SP secondaryTransformName = sunCatcher } I tried several options, but nothing helps. Who faced such problems?
  3. I am wondering if there's a way to make solar panels deploy automatically (or retract automatically) when my current electric charge storage reaches a certain point. I've not found any mods that can do this nor any in game way but if someone can point me in the correct direction etc then i would be very much grateful.
  4. Can anyone explain to me how animating multi-mesh parts in Unity works? The animation does not show up in-game and I get errors in Unity telling me to set the animation to Legacy. I don't know how to set animations created in Unity to Legacy. I always do it for simple animations done in Blender, and it works just fine. The main issue I am having is that I am trying to animate a solar array. It consists of a base, an arm and 5 panels. All these meshes needs to move, and the animation plays without issue in Blender. But for some reason when I export the model and drop it into Unity, the animation is all out of whack and I get like 95 different animation clips. So I decided to try animating in Unity instead of Blender. This is really frustrating because I have animated multi-mesh parts in Blender and ran them through Unity in the past without this issue. Hopefully someone can help me out, because out of ideas. Thanks
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