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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone. So I was building my space station lately, and as I was adding new parts, I wanted to add strust to keep everything in place as it's a bit shaky when I'm manoeuvering the station. So I added some (a huge bunch) of strusts to a storage and I sent it to my station. I took an engineer lvl 3, went into building mode, and I added the strusts linking my different modules. However, if I leave the station focus, like going to tracking station, or doing F5/F9 they all disappear. Well, they don't really disappear as they're still there, but they're not linked anymore. I'm adding a sc
  2. With the new 1.11 reassembly function added, the goal of this challenge is simple, but deceptively hard: design and build a ride home. Rules: At least 2 kerbals (1 pilot, 1 engineer) are to be stranded on a target body. You may cheat them into position if you wish. A probe piloted "rescue package" must be de-orbited and landed for them to use to make their escape. From this package, craft a new vessel capable of bringing them home. Scoring system TBC, but my thinking is along the lines of ((# of kerbals rescued/mass of rescue package in tons)^(relative surface gravity*))*10
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