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Found 2 results

  1. hey guy's i'm having realfun building this yacht. i do have to turn down my graphics for it. its 1303 parts right now her are some new pics looking inside the garage over the pool her you can see the swimmingpool and the helipad her you can see the garage ramp for jetski's and speedboats (its a the same hight as the pool tiles) we are in the water a walkthrougt of the yacht
  2. hey guys its becoming sort of a tradition for me to ask you guys wat you are building or have build, in the newest version of ksp. and now 1.1 has its prerelease!!! and its time for me to get back in to kerbal space program . so in short show me what you got!!! and inspire me. (p.s. warring posted ideas may be borrowed/copied/stolen, you have been warned)
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