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Found 2 results

  1. Rocket Sound Enhancement Rocket Sound Enhancement "RSE" is a plugin for modders to add more detailed sound effects to the game. It features a robust Layering System for use of multiple sounds just like in other games. You can control sound effects' volume and pitch via Physics, Engine Thrusts, Wheel Physics, Mass of the Ship, and More™ Development Videos: Features: Documentation will be made soon on the github page. Basic Audio Muffler A Lightweight Lowpass Filter Vacuum and Interior Muffling Customizable in the Custom Game Settings Audio Limiter/Compressor Keeps the Loudness of the game consistent Customizable in the Custom Game Settings Custom Sound Part Modules Current Part Modules Include are: Engines Wheels Collisions Decouples Launch Clamps Docking Ports Physics Based Sound System (ShipEffects Rewritten) Allows you to layer different sound loops controlled by Physics Documentation: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/wiki Settings: RSE Settings can be found under Game Difficulty Settings. Rocket Sound Enhancement Default Sound Library and Configs Stock Engines Stock Wheels Stock Decouplers and Launch Clamps Stock Docking Ports Collisions and Scrapes Ship Hull Sound Effects (Like ShipEffects but better) ReStock Supported Downloads: IMPORTANT: Remove the old v0.4.0 RSE entirely, nuke it. not a single code was carried over to v0.5.0 not deleting will result in an unexpected outcome. Dependencies: Module Manager Plugin and Configs: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases Source: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement License: Rocket Sound Enhancement plugin is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 The Default Sound Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Sharing videos of your launches with this mod is mandatory. jk please share
  2. DPSoundFX Simple as the name, it adds the sorely missing sounds of collisions docking in orbit! Motivation Simply put, I wanted to hear something when 2 ships docked. I was so used to it in Orbiter (an open source space simulator) that I sorely missed it. So much so that I jumped into coding (again) to make it happen. My effects are based on my perception that Jeb wouldn't dock so much as "participate in a controlled collision" Installation Be sure to have the latest version of ModuleManger installed! Upzip it into your GameData folder, as with most other mods. API Reference Using a ModuleManager config, like below, you can specify your own sounds for any docking port in the game. @PART[someDockingPort]:NEEDS[FP_DPSoundFX] { MODULE { name = DPSoundFX sound_docking = CustomExample/crash sound_undocking = CustomExample/radio internalSoundsOnly = false } } How-To-Use Just listen, when docking or undocking of course!! Contributors Guru's who answered my questions: Snjo CrzyRndm Authors whose plugins were studied for clues and code: Pizzaoverhead License GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE V3 dated 6/29/2007 Download / Source Download - GitHub Download - SpaceDock (CKAN enabled) Source Alternate Sounds Docking & Undocking - by Dashman (RAR archive) [Link Reported Broken: 8/22/21] Docking & Undocking - by akron
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