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Found 3 results

  1. Rocket Sound Enhancement Rocket Sound Enhancement (RSE) is an Audio Plugin Framework Mod that offers modders advance sound effects features not available in stock KSP. It features a robust Layering System for use of multiple sounds just like in other games (eg: FMod). By itself, RSE only does Sound Limiting and Muffling. You'll need to download a Config Pack Mod in order to have new sounds in your game. Default Config Pack is Available Down Below. If you release a mod that uses RSE, let me know so I can add it here in a list! Development Videos (old): Features: Audio Muffler Normal: Mixer based Audio Muffler with Dedicated channels for Exterior Sounds, Focused Vessel and Interior. With Doppler Effect. AirSim: Works on top of Full Quality, Parts with RSE Modules will simulate realistic sound attenuation over distance, comb-filtering, mach effects, sonic booms (via ShipEffects) and distortion. Stock sound sources has basic mach and distance attenuation (volume or filter based) support. Master Audio Limiter/Compressor Sound Mastering that controls the overall loudness of the game with Adjustable Amount for different dynamics. Part Modules Apply sounds with Layering Capabilities with these part modules. For eg: Using a different Loop sample for low thrust compared to High Thrust on a single Engine. RSE_Engines RSE_RCS RSE_Wheels RSE_RotorEngines Replace and/or Add Sounds to Decouplers, Launch Clamps and Docking Ports. RSE_Coupler ShipEffects & ShipEffectsCollisions Physics based Sound Effects System Add sounds and assign it's Pitch or Volume to any physics variable available for each Vessel Add Collision Sound Effects for different surfaces to any Part Replace or Disable Staging Sound Effects Rocket Sound Enhancement Default This is the Default Configuration and Sound Pack. Features Engine Sound Replacements Jet Engine Sound Replacements RCS Sound Replacements RotorEngines Sound Effects Propeller Sound Effects Wheel Tire and Motor Sound Effects Decoupler Sound Replacements Collision Sound Effects Atmospheric Sound Effects (Featuring Sonic Booms if AirSim is enabled) Physics Based Hull Sound Effects (rattling, creaking in IVA) Supported ReStock/ReStockPlus Near Future Launch Vehicles Kerbal Atomics Waterfall ReStock Stock Waterfall Effects RealPlume Downloads Rocket Sound Enhancement (Plugin): https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases Rocket Sound Enhancement Default (Config and Sound Pack): https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancementDefault/releases Source: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement | https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancementDefault Dependencies: Module Manager: https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager License: Rocket Sound Enhancement Plugin is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 Rocket Sound Enhancement Default is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Videos: Sharing videos of your launches with this mod is mandatory. jk please share
  2. This issue has been plaguing ksp since 1.12 hit. When at first everyone were going mad about it, devs patched it some time after in the latest vesion we have, and lowered the probability of it happening by at least 50%. Yet it's still there. And I am lost on pinpointing it, which leads me to believe 1.12 has something in it that causes this thing, whether its a script incompatability with mods, or whatever this is. This is not mod specific, after tons of uninstalling and tries. (I dont remember about my stock game time due to memory loss, so cant state on that.) For some reason, the main trigger are time warps, and at times the trigger to the complete sound effect silence of the vessel (RCS / Engine sounds / Mining drill sounds), tends to be simply pressing M often and coming in and out of the map, during flights. It forces you, in about every hour and a half or so, restart the game to regain engine sounds, of course after some intensive flight with intensive time warps (just the usual moon job) but TIME WARP is the deal breaker seemingly. And surprisingly, a completely normal time warp without any extra modification. It looks like it's a rather common issue as well, with itself striking occassionally but unoccassionally. (My experience, it hits in about 1.4 hours, after you do some flying, map in and out and so on.) It seems and sounds like the vessel is actually FARTHER away from the camera than it actually is, therefore getting the sound effects sound distant, until over time they completely vanish requiring a game restart, which more and more narrows it down to being some kind of a time warp related thing, and I am not the only one to narrow it down to this. Anyone has any leads? Or maybe found a secret solution and just hasn't shared with the world yet? If this is what squad has left us in the last version, it really sucks. No one wants to restart the game after doing some ingame fiddling and losing all ship sound effects turning all vessels ingame silent until a restart is done. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cuj6etcxnhtmqz3/logs%2Cand all the rest.rar?dl=0 All the logs that may be needed. Modlist: This is like the cure for cancer of KSP 1.12. Who ever manages to find a lead to it, will infact save this game. I tried my best digging into it myself, but just as the rest that I've seen, left with no answers, eventually dropping off interesting. Am not professional at these kind of things, unlike many amazing individuals on this community that have certainly impressed with their skill and abilities, yet I do believe there is something we're missing. There must be.
  3. DPSoundFX Simple as the name, it adds the sorely missing sounds of collisions docking in orbit! Motivation Simply put, I wanted to hear something when 2 ships docked. I was so used to it in Orbiter (an open source space simulator) that I sorely missed it. So much so that I jumped into coding (again) to make it happen. My effects are based on my perception that Jeb wouldn't dock so much as "participate in a controlled collision" Installation Be sure to have the latest version of ModuleManger installed! Upzip it into your GameData folder, as with most other mods. API Reference Using a ModuleManager config, like below, you can specify your own sounds for any docking port in the game. @PART[someDockingPort]:NEEDS[FP_DPSoundFX] { MODULE { name = DPSoundFX sound_docking = CustomExample/crash sound_undocking = CustomExample/radio internalSoundsOnly = false } } How-To-Use Just listen, when docking or undocking of course!! Contributors Guru's who answered my questions: Snjo CrzyRndm Authors whose plugins were studied for clues and code: Pizzaoverhead License GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE V3 dated 6/29/2007 Download / Source Download - GitHub Download - SpaceDock (CKAN enabled) Source Alternate Sounds Docking & Undocking - by Dashman (RAR archive) [Link Reported Broken: 8/22/21] Docking & Undocking - by akron
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