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Found 1 result

  1. Following on from the thread looking at "The Manifesto of the Committee to Abolish Outer Space": Without re-hashing what that weird "manifesto" is all about... Things like nebulae are often presented in literature using imagery from various instruments that record yet more various sensory data which is used to produce so-called "false-colour" picutures that use light enhancement, non-visible spectra etc that give these wonderfully colourful and impressive images of huge, light-year scale objects. In reality, if you were an astronaut in deep space and you stuck you head out of the ship (in a suit, natch), viewing with the naked eye, these objects would be nigh-invisible, due to the type and intensity of their emissions and generally diffuse nature. Are there *any* large structures that could be viewed with the naked eye in space? If you were, say 100,000 light years outside of the milky way (approx 1 milky way diameter) would it appear as a blazing spiral? Or something more mundane? Or would it be almost invisible? Is it possible for there to exist large cloud/dust formations that are emissive enough in the visible spectrum to be visible - from a distance that they would subtend a large-ish portion of the "sky"? I know that there are visible things, obviously, if you go close enough to them you can view things like planets and asteroids - black hole accretion discs would be quite impressive to see, though I'm not sure what the safe distance is from one of those (referring to hard radiation from the disc, not the hole's gravity) and if you could get close enough to it that it would just be a point of light. I'm looking for things of a more "grand" scale I guess, could you ever view a galaxy cluster for instance.
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