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Found 1 result

  1. TBKW (Turn-Based Kerbal War) Created by Mieyo The idea started a while ago, let’s say three months back in the past. It was a turn-based wargame using my favorite version of KSP, 1.3.1. I played it with my friend and we had a blast. But why is it so fun? Probably cause it’s so simple, it may not be as large scale as I want it to be but the 1v1 idea is really interesting. The game is all ran through KSP 1.3 and a messaging platform of your choice (Discord, Gmail, etc) this is all done through downloaded quicksaves and a lot of effort in the setup of the game at the start. It’s mostly stock I'm adding BD Armory and Hyperedit into the mix I feel like this will make it a lot more fun! And since it’s mostly stock that’ll make people wanna build better ships with more brains than brawn. (Gameplay example below) Here’s a good example of a small bombing run in case you’re confused about how it works: Let’s say I built a small airforce base on the western side of the Mun, but you built one very close to mine. So I decide to attack you with one of my many space bombers. So I attack you, blow up your base and land back at my base, this is a total of 3 turns, you get a max of 5. After I do all of this, I quicksave the whole thing send it to you and laugh at how awesome my bombing run was. Then, you counter-attack (or something) send that quicksave to me and then we keep going until someone surrenders or I kill all your Kerbals. That’s the basics! (for now) Below I will post open spots and other do-dads that are important to the game. Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions that are relevant to the game itself. I hope y’all have a wonderful day/night! Open Spots: Mieyo Lapis Arco123 Capitalist Kerbal Planets legal to battle on: Kerbin Mun Minmus Point system: 1 point for destroying a small air/ground unit 2 points for bombing and destroying a small air/ground base 3 points for obliterating a medium air/ground unit 4 points for clapping a medium air/ground base 15 points for clapping out of anything bigger than 200 parts (Whoever has the most points at the end of a battle wins)
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