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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I finally got around to finishing episode 1. In the end it took me a lot longer then expected to build the Hydra V as I ran into a bug which resulted from having too many collision nodes. My thanks to e-dog for figuring that out, I literally wouldn't have been able to make this episode without knowing that. After that I had to spend hours reinforcing the Hydra so that it didn't collapse a few seconds after launch. I've never built such a tall and skinny rocket before so this was another challenge. I then got stuck recording the launch as I wasn't happy with the stock smoke effects. After about 3 days on the hotrockets thread sebi.zzr came to my rescue with the config I had been asking for and would have never been able to create alone. Anyways, if you enjoy it, please like it on youtube and I'll keep making more. Enjoy! Episode 1: Liftoff It is the eve of the greatest undertaking in the history of Klaya; the launch of a massive rocket, the largest Kerbin has ever seen, standing 300 feet tall and weighing almost 2500 tons, the Hydra V is the pride of all of Klaya. In the boldest space mission ever devised, the Hydra V has one purpose: to land a Kerbonaut on each of Jool's five fabled moons. For more details see the Youtube page. A Short: The Showdown After detecting an impending nuclear missile launch by an extremist group, the Imperial Kernese Fleet must act quickly to prevent the massacre of innocents. With the silo lying thousands of miles from their nearest air base, the IKF must call upon Air One and Air Three of their elite orbital strike team; the Knievel Squad. For more details see the Youtube page. Trailer: The Red Turncloak This is my first KSP video. I was originally planning on making a more peaceful and less spaceship shattering video, but after watching some of Macey Dean's series I had the urge to blow ships up. It's kind of a trailer for the series I will hopefully get around to making sometime soon with the first episode being the peaceful one I just mentioned. This trailer follows a Hammerhead II - Cannon Frigate belonging to the Klayan military. After being sent on a mission to recover a faulty Hammerhead I, Aqua Two ends up in an explosive battle with the malfunctioning frigate. I hope you enjoy: In this video I used all stock parts except for MechJeb ( which made many of the scenes possible. Thanks to the chatterer mod ( and the Apollo 11 mission for the male voice overs. Thanks to EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements mod (!-VolumetricClouds!) for making Kerbin pretty and lastly; thanks to Squad for making an awesome game! Other links: Youtube: Reddit: Epilogue (Read this after watching the video) While the origin of the hackers that took over Red One is still a mystery, this incident has taught the Klayan military invaluable lessons about space warfare. They found that the miraculous survival of Aqua Two was thanks to the older weaponry on board Red One and on closer analysis these weapons (the Viper Mk.I & 0.01 T cannon shells) were found to be almost obsolete against armoured opponents at close range. On the other hand Aqua Two was equipped with the latest weaponry at the time (Viper Mk.II - Short Range Torpedoes & .12 T cannon shells) Most importantly; the nation of Klaya now knows that its enemies grow bolder, and next time they shall find the Klayans better prepared. However; the question remains: who are they and what do they want? Mods used I always used to be a vanillaist, but I was eventually converted by mods that just make KSP look so much more awesome. Although I can't completely justify it; I have also started using plugins that make building and flying ships much less strenuous. On the other hand I try to stay away from part mods where the parts have utility. I find this keeps KSP a bit more challenging and encourages me to be more creative. The exception to this rule is Mechjeb. Mechjeb allows me to record the ships at obscure angles and not have to keep the ship on track without a navball at the same time. I will also use mod parts for purely aesthetic reasons. For example, without fairings I find the rockets often look wonky and unrealistic. Fairings do add some structural support, but this is shadowed by the price you pay for it in mass (Hydra V fairings added at least 20 tons to the payload). KSPRC Active Texture Management EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements Texture Replacer Distant Object Enhancement HotRockets! CoolRockets Chatterer Procedural Fairings (Truly fantastic mod) KWRocketry (I use this for its nice nosecones) Toolbar SmokeScreen Action Groups Extended KerbCam (None of this would be possible without Kerbcam) KerbQuake MechJeb (Last, but definitely not least!) Mk2 pit Internals If you really really reeeeally enjoy my content then feel free to visit my patreon page