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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, i do not know if it is possible, but i was thinking about the capacity to build spacecraft out of kerbin, it would be more or less like this: -i choose to build a VAB on another astro, lets say minmus, so i have to load there a series of parts of a building, lets say 5 big pieces must be landed a few meters from the place i want to build my VAB. -once i get all the pieces of my construction building there i can have at leaast two or 3 engineers that will place the pieces togueter, so i'll have the VAB. -i can insert pieces on a VAB inventory,(infinite amount of parts could be stored), it could be transported from kerbin or got from inventories(KIS) -i can even dismount other vessels inside this VAB using engineers and make the parts disponible to use on a new vessel. the recovered vessel should be transported to a place near the SpceVAB -spacecrafs built on this spaceVAB should have a maximum size and parts count. it is possible to have diferent siszes of SpaceVABs, just like the Kerbal one, do not know how dificult it should be to do that, but even a mod that could do this would be great together with KIS and KAS. would love to have a lunar rover hoking old probes landed to take parts.
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