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Found 3 results

  1. Here lately, there have been a lot of new discoveries that have come out that have shaped our understanding of space. So, in the spirit of discovery, it simply seemed that a single thread could be used as a repository where links could be shared. So, in the spirit of what the intent of this thread is, I will share an interesting article that I found this morning in my news feed. The summary is nothing more than a cut and paste of the first part of the article that basically introduces the new find. I do ask that if you share an article, you'd follow this example so we can have some sort of continuity. ---- Exoplanet has both molten and solid rock - http://www.ecanadanow.com/exoplanet-solid-molten-rock/97782/ Summary of the article: NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope to produce a precision temperature (exo-)map of 55 Cancri e scientists were able to find that one hemisphere is almost completely molten rock, while the other half is almost completely solid. 55 Cancri e is approximately 40 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Cancer. According to report from Discovery, this is the first time such a map has been produced of such a small rocky world around 8-times the mass of Earth.
  2. Here is perhaps the oldest sci-fi movie ever made: A Trip To The Moon (Le Voyage Dans La Lune) from 1902!! One can laugh at how they depict the moon but as someone else correctly stated: This movie is closer in time to the French revolution than to 2016! 67 years would pass until Eagle landed on the moon in 1969. As for the colours, believe it or not but the colours were added back then, believed to be lost, found and restored so enjoy. Now as for the purpose of this thread. If you have some oddity of a document related to the dream of space travel, the more obscure the better, the odder the better, then please share. Perhaps this could be a collection of documents on how we have dreamt on space travel for a very long time and how we still dream of it.
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