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Found 22 results

  1. Features: Bundled mod: Module Manager v2.8.1, by sarbian Firespitter Plugin, v7.4.X, by Snjo IVA required Mod: (no longer bundled) RasterPropMonitor, by Mihara, MOARdV ASET Prop pack, by alexustas ASET Avionics, by alexustas Supported mod: Community Category Kit, by Roverdude Connected Living Space, by Papa_Joe Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR), by ferram4; Please download this patch USI Life Support, by Roverdude, please use the OPT_USI patch created by @JadeOfMaar Recommended m
  2. Zdarova comrads! Our Engineers from 2045 timewarp found unic aerodynamic cobination between new technology from future & 21st century jetplanes & combined them together with Vodka engine result - VodkaCharged Jet fast as thunderbolt, strong as Stolichnaya, yet hard to master as Soviet Russian Ladamobil one wrong turn and all goes sideways! be careful! Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2010530536
  3. Our Soviet Russia Engineers worked hard in future and came back through warpgate from future time, and from 2045 they brought upgraded X-Wing 2 Vodka Charged machine with II generation of V8 Vodka fueled engine! This machine can reach +2000m/s or ~+7200km/h in surface and in space/higher atmosphere levels up to +4000m/s or ~+14400km/h and beyond! This is Soviet Russia Future Technology that will help you reach most distant corners of space where human never been before! Enjoy Comrads! WARNING It has extremely high launch speed and horse power WITH ALL ENGINES ON hold steer strong it can get sh
  4. Our Soviet Russian spy just found this star wars spaceship blueprint and enhanced it with our oldest fuel Vodka just one drop of this magic juice makes your ship fly with sonic speed in no time! Enjoy comrads it is now avaliable worldwide to public use! Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2010033216
  5. I am attempting to reach LKO in a air/spacecraft and always stall i use a rocket like engine but am always ending up falling even though i have enough fuel. Why?
  6. Whenever I design a space plane I almost always find that it'll want to pitch down when full of fuel and pitch up on re-entry and almost empty of fuel. So far my solution has been either have the wings way back which makes the pitch down even worse and take-off's a pain or have too much fuel so that I can move it all forward on landing which is wasteful (and uncontrollable if very low on fuel). So I've been playing around with a third option, have some flaps which pushes the nose down on reentry/landing (so more like a trim tab). I've had inconclusive results so far, it does seem to push the
  7. Hello everyone, It's Trekkie148 here, I'm just wondering on how to make my space shuttle stable, get to orbit, rendezvous, docking with an object, maybe mun orbit, and mostly mk2 and mainly mk3. I am using the mod Kerbal Engineer Redux and for visual Planet Shine to see the ship from the dark side of a celestial body. When ever I make a orbiter that looks like and supposed to act like the NASA space shuttle and I also empty out the tanks of the orbiter and put on the CoM and CoL indicators and sometimes CoT all standing for Center of Mass, Center of Lift, Center of Thrust, and I try to make t
  8. I found a new way (at least to me) to keep large things rigid without mods or craft file editing. Meet Brutis This dude is fing massive (slightly larger than the sph) and honestly flies really good. Only problem is if you take it above 250m/s it rips itself apart, have fun with that. It has the ability to save the crew, land and carry cargo what more do you need? It can carry about 750 tons and still take off, 800 if you strap rockets to the side and pray. It also can climb nearly straight up under full power, and carries enough fuel to fly for nearly 6 hours when cruising. If you nee
  9. Hey everyone I've been ondering if some people are willing to give me some cool plane/SSTO or rocket designs that I can use for my new save file. If I do make a video I would be sure to credit you. Links could be on drive or Dropbox. These crafts have to be stock because I do not like parts mods. Trucks and vehicles are fine. Just a quick message I am not a good builder myself so don't feel bad if your creation isn't that good and your not alone. It took me 3 hours to build a XB-47 and it looks terrible. Requirements Stock crafts only no tweakscale or fuel cha
  10. I'd like to use KSP as a guide to designing somewhat realistic spaceplanes and spacecraft for a tabletop role playing game. However, the characters in the game are human and they explore our solar system. Is it possible to use KSP to design vehicles for human beings? Is it possible to change the solar system to match our own? Any other limitations or mods I should consider?
  11. As the title states, I am using a mechanics bay to shield some science instruments. I've also used a regular cargo bay from 1.25 and the mk2 line for planes. The items contained within them, when aero debugging is turned on, are not listed as shielded, and as expected for random objects hitting the atmosphere at mach x, the drag is insane. Anyone else experienced this? Its killing my plane game.
  12. Hi I've watched countless youtube videos, read a whole bunch of tutorials, but I just can't get my space plane into orbit with enough fuel left. I've only got the whiplash engine at this stage...On launch I'm at 10-15 pitch until the jet engines starts losing thrust, then I engage the dart engines pitching up to about 45 and jettison the jet engines when they flame out. My goal is to land on the moon and return, short of refueling in orbit what am I doing wrong or what can I improve?
  13. Hello all. I am having a slight issue with a career mode space plane of mine (not really a "space" plane but you know what I mean). When it lands, I can not get it to come to a complete stop. Example; I took off from KSC, and flew to the abandoned airfield off the coast. I landed fine, but despite cutting all throttle, and even unnecessarily manually shutting down the engines and closing the intakes, and even with applying brakes and leaving them turned on, my plane would just roll at about 3 m/s. Constant yawing would bleed it down to under 1 m/s, but no matter what, it will
  14. So, I've had my career going for about a week now and i have unlocked most of the tech up to the 500 limit that a level 2 research. This has unlocked a bunch of plane parts that i have noticed on a lot of the designs people come up with, But i will be honest i suck at building planes and my rockets are all asparagus launched and the average cost to me is 130k. The module im returning with is only worth 6k, I losing alot in my launch staging. Anyone know how i can help with that will SSTO or space planes help that much with recoverable costs? I'm trying to save up for the Research level u
  15. Mountain Thrust Aerospace presents: THE SCAVENGER'S DAUGHTER A single-crewed micro-SSTO composed of only 17 parts, the Scavenger's Daughter is: Cheap! Cute! Easy and fun to fly! Composed of only 17 parts! Cute! Capable! Composed of only 17 parts! Did I mention cute? What about the part count? Did I tell you about the part count?! In the image below, you can see the Daughter in a 70km x 70km orbit and still has over a kilometer per second of delta-V in the tank. The craft's excellent range and uncrewed flight capability make he
  16. Base Challenge: Suborbital Laythe Aerocapture Space planes are hard! Ready to learn? Now, with SSTO as tricky as ever, the suborbital milestone is a critical step in the path to building space planes. Unfortunately, it’s also a boring one :). This challenge gives it some zest, enough to realize that you (yes you!) can build a space plane good enough to go somewhere. By putting Laythe into LKO, you can fly into a suborbital trajectory and aerocapture into 'orbit' simply by flying to and landing on the big pretty gem in the sky. Rules: 1. Take off from Kerbin. 2. After takeoff, fly
  17. I have started to mess around with Career mode, and felt I needed a plane to help get some science points and complete a few survey contracts. The problem is, once this plane gets up to about 12K, it starts to slow way down, preventing the plane from climbing higher. I did skim through the tutorial here (the one with the funky hand drawn pictures and outdated drag info) but I saw nothing on this issue specifically. The wings are set up as the tutorial suggested: front ones for pitch, rear ones for rotation, and tail fin for turning. So far, my tech tree (vanilla) is only unlocked throu
  18. Hello, I'm trying to recreate some real-life aircrafts in KSP, and I'm having an odd problem: my biplane won't turn and barrels extremely slowly. Here's what it looks like: Everything else appears to work fine, it can tilt up and down, and such. It's just that the back fin appears to not work. When I am turning on the ground, the controls are reversed as well, though that's not my main issue. I'm new to this forum, so I apologize if this is in the wrong place.
  19. I've never had good luck with winged re-entry, but this little shuttle is coming along really nicely. It lifts up to 22 ton payload to 100km (barely, and only if flown very carefully) and can bring down 11 tons. This performance is very close to the real space shuttle, which was quite a lot larger than the Kerbal one.. By my math, my shuttle is about 60% the size of a real one. It will comfortably throw 11 tons into orbit and if done well, it has enough Dv onboard to go on to anywhere in Kerbin's SOI (although might not come back). Anyhow, I'm pretty proud of it. Pardon the audio drop o
  20. Greetings! I have been working hard to try to make a space plane that can reach Minmus but I am having multiple problems and am looking for some suggestions. Optionally, if someone has a working space plane that can reach Minmus LKO, dock with a station to deliver crew and return to Kerbin and land I would appreciate the opportunity to see it so I can better understand what I am doing wrong in my own designs. Basically the issues I am having are: 1. The aircraft can get into Kerbin LKO, however, it has no where near enough Delta V to get to Minmus, let alone back. For a rocket I'd add mor
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