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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, I've been out of the loop for about 9 months now and am just getting back into things. I built a few simple jets just for fun. I noticed that when I switch between them while they are on the ground, they will pop up in the air, usually resulting in an explosion or flipping of the aircraft. I noticed it also happens when a vehicle on the ground comes into physics range (the grounded aircraft will jump with no effect on the aircraft in flight). Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Here is a screen shot of my GameData folder. https://imgur.com/a/CDeIk
  2. Hey folks, I've been playing KSP since 1.2.2 and I've managed to get rocket launching pretty much sorted (stock game, no mods, except AFPW, to get my Saitek HOTAS to work properly), but man, I appear to be utterly useless at space-plane design/flight. I've designed a number of regular planes, which all fly just fine (I do have some experience in full size and model aircraft), but for the life of me, I simply *cannot* get any of my space-plane designs (SSTO specifically) into orbit successfully. I can get them *close*....and I mean *really* close, but I just always end up ru
  3. Hi everyone. I'm an experienced KSP player and understand most of the science behind the rocket-building aspects of the game, and have hundreds of happy hours landing all over the Kerbol system in stuff that rode tall pointy things to space. Spaceplanes, however, have always eluded me. Well, I've decided to tackle that challenge, and want your expert advice on the way. I've watched some tutorials, noted design features in other people's successful ships, and have tried quite a few iterations without any success. I don't have the RAPIERs unlocked yet in this career save, but I kind of want t
  4. Here I will be posting my designs. Some of them are ordinary while others are out of this world. STOCK Planes: Quadane I A four winged twin hull passenger jet capable of carrying 200 kerbals. That's right, 200! Including pilots! It's a little sluggish when it comes to controls, and it requires you to run off the runway to take off, but it DOES fly. Make sure to stock your snacks off, otherwise you won't be able to keep the Kerbals happy through out the journey. It comes with over 8000 Kiters of fuel! Permission is given to make modifications to the aircraft, but not to post a
  5. I finally managed to get a plane into space that had enough dV left to actually perform something meaningful in orbit. After construction of a space station in LKO Jeb and Bill have finished their long-term orbital habitat experiment (which is a nicer way to say that I simply forgot them there), I decided to find more efficient means for a return mission, which meant to build something, I have never used before: A spaceplane. After lots of designing, crashing, reverting, re-designing, crashing again and watching some Scott Manley videos on youtube, Ferly Kerman finally managed to rendez-v
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