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Found 6 results

  1. Brazilian Space Agency has followed a politc of technological development together with more advanced space programs. Initially, it depended heavily on the United States, but after facing their difficulties in technology transfers, Brazil branched out, working with other nations, including China, India, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. In December 2020, NASA signed a collaboration agreement with AEB to participate in the Artemis program, with a Brazilian lunar robot as a resource. Details Abbreviation: AEB Formed: 10 February 1994 He
  2. Generally speaking, how realistic and accurate is the game compared to real life in designing vehicles for travel in space? I know this sounds like a dumb question and I know there are funny little characters as Kerbal people but I've just gotten started as an approach to better understanding our space programs through the years beginning in 1957
  3. EXCITING NEWS from Australia! Today at the International Astronautical Conference (IAC) in Adelaide, our government announced the creation of our very own space agency (different sites have named it different things) Maybe it isn't that exciting but it is for someone who is currently wrapping up Uni Apps and looking at future job prospects. Plus we already have a long history of collaboration in space. So come on down, pledge allegence to the outback, stay safe in our urban quarenteen centres and crack open a cold one. Let the SPACE Boom begin! (Also in slightly l
  4. In much the same spirit of @Bottle Rocketeer 500's rather-popular "Doing It Orion Style" challenge, I decided to put together a similar challenge featuring sequential missions, building up from the launch of the Falcon 1 through the present and beyond. But, since Elon also owns Tesla, some steps in the challenge will include building all-electric vehicles to match the Model X, the Model S, and the Model 3. To add variety to the challenge, I'm also going to include planned-but-never-flown configurations like Falcon 1e and Falcon 5. For each mission, I'll do my best to provide a set of mis
  5. This is a story line worked on by my friend and I worked on... He did everything here, I did the rest, coming soon... HERE IT IS!!
  6. Ever wonder how the Kerbal Space Program began? How it's gotten to what it is today? Well here you go, The KSP Story The Hornet Program: Part 1 Year 1: Day 1 Wernher Von Kerman was overlooking the production of the Hornet Mk1 suborbital rocket. The last bolt was being tightened on the nosecone of the tall rocket. It had no stability or parachutes so whatever happened to it would be revealed during the actual flight. The engineer Mark Kerman tightened the bolt. Wernher smiled to himself as the rest of the building cheered. The rocket still had yet to be put on the transporte
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