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Found 3 results

  1. Everytime I try to roll a Space Shuttle in liftoff, it just yaws and pitches out of control making me to do a crew bailout. Yes, the SSME have no roll gimbal Yes, the elevons are configured correctly. And, this is bad, because when I use launchpads like the Alpha Mensae Modular Launchpads, I need to flip it over and makes no sense, even the stock Dynawing is pointed heads-down to not roll. How can I make this happen?
  2. Yes this is urgent as my custom Space Shuttle is in the reentry process while the game is paused, so I built it with a different design as the common one, I got a mastodon engine at the back with 4 thud engines with 2 jet engines at the sides, and with a wing that goes all the way from cockpit to the Mk3 to 3.75m adapter, without front canard, and the problem is when I do the 40 angle pitch up the vehicle slows down but it keeps going up, tho no thrust is being applied, what should I do now in-reenrry?? Remember, it's urgent.
  3. So, I’ve been playing KSP with RSS + RO + most recommended mods some time now, and I thought to give it a try to build and fly a space shuttle. I used MK3 parts, rescaled Big S Delta wings with the Elevons for control, RS-25D Engines, AJ10-190 for the OMS, ET and SRBs from RSB. It has enough dV and TWR, and i managed to get in orbit but... I had no control over it when that happened (every time), and I couldn't see it... Actually, after it gets a couple hundred dV after launch, it starts loosing focus on the screen, that is, the vehicle slowly goes away, and I need to zoo
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