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Found 2 results

  1. Hello yall Just wanted to know all of your opinions on these three mods. This is my first topic I have created, so let me know if there is anything better I can do pls!
  2. Hi, I have played KSP since early May in 2017. I'm using Version 1.2.2 to use the useful mods like Space Shuttle System or ISS mods. I'm happy to play it and use the mods. I have used the mod named 'Space Shuttle System'(Adapted in Ver 1.2.2, Mod version 1.01). Thanks to the developers of the mod, I have enjoyed to fly the shuttle. Then, I thought about 'How to change the texture of the shuttle?'. In explanation of the mod and the cockpit, those say that I can change the texture of the shuttle by using the 'Next Texture Set'. But I haven't been able to find it in VAB or during flight. I already asked one of the users of SSS how to change texture. Then the users told me that I need to use the mod named 'Tweakable Everything'. but after I downloaded the mod, I'm still not able to change the texture of the shuttle. Do I need to download another mods? Could you tell me how to change the texture if you know about it? I need the help....Please help me.
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