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  1. Some other day, I saw this video. It's really nice how Brett explains how to land the space shuttle lands in a comprehensible way. Anyone agree? This can also help with ksp if your playing in rss/ro and you're trying to land a shuttle.
  2. Does anyone have a closeup photo of the bipod attach fitting on the shuttle
  3. Hello enginieers. I would like to present you easy, safe way how to earn a lot of $$$$ on turists. NO RISK, NO DEBRIS, NO MESS in space!!! SMART IDEAs: Smart idea with airbrake in space shuttle: you dont need to have dedicated A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.!!!! you can use 4 elvons (2 on each wing), invert them in full deploy mode and set action group to activate/deactivate deploy mode. (look at space shuttle picture bellow, you can see elvon airbrakes on both wings. Smart idea with hover technology: Kerbals developped this idea during building moon space shuttle. By the smart layout of teriers week a
  4. Searching this forum for 'chibi' brings up a few tiny shuttle designs, but most are just scaled down, so I set out to build something with "proper" chibi/SD proportions. I quickly gave up trying to make an external tank and solid boosters work, so the orbiter sits on top of a liquid booster instead. Nonetheless, I think the result is kawaii: Shuttle-chan on the pad. Sayonara, Kerbin-san. Stage 1 separation. Circularising. Landing; engine bell hot from burning off excess fuel. Shuttle-chan parked in front of Tower-senpai. Shuttle-chan comes complete with
  5. hey I don't even have KSP installed yet but I want to be ready. So lets talk spaceplanes. Is there any advantage over rockets? Do you have to land on a runway? Can I put chutes in the cargo bay and just splash down?
  6. I am stumped at making a space-shuttle, all I know is vectors, orange fuel tank, kickbacks, and Mk3 parts, but it tried continually and failed continually. Any help?
  7. I have 2 new aircraft and 1 space plane (A shuttle). F22 Raptor, F35 Lightning, and a space shuttle that gets to orbit. Space shuttle - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_ZkNlM8j7rjZjBWRW1EQ2tyWjQ - Recommend after jettisoning the boosters, and at about 600 - 800 m/s, click the autopilot to go prograde. The shuttle will wobble, but it won't flip out. F35 Lightning II - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_ZkNlM8j7rjZndidGdtQzh4TnM (+ VTOL mode) Action groups 1 through 4, 1: Toggle main engine, 2 toggle VTOL mode, 3 shut down VTOL, 4 Shut down Main engine) F22 Raptor - htt
  8. okay I want to see how a shuttle will perform and I kinda have an idea of what it should look like but I would appreciate your advice
  9. These things don't belong in SSTO threads because they aren't single stage, nor do they even come close to it. But they represent a significant challenge to construct, especially in the stock game. Feel free to post your creations. I'm not going to impose any restrictions because for one, I'm not sure what defines a "shuttle" type vehicle. Partially, but not highly reusable, wings, solid rocket boosters, and a lack of airbreathing engines? How easy is yours to fly ? How well does it perform ? How close to the real thing have you managed to get (if that was your
  10. In the 1980s and 90s, the was an organization known as the space island group. they intended to build and operate there own fleet of space shuttles, and to bring the fuel tanks to orbit. how credible is the idea of a fuel tank station, or using tanks for on-orbit infrastructure? What if we could bring SLS fuel tanks to orbit? how economical would this be compared to inflatables? How would we design a rocket if we wanted to bring the tanks to orbit?
  11. The first 9 episodes are up for viewing! I build and crew a space station using only a stock space shuttle.
  12. Is it true that a shuttle stack was held down by just eight bolts at the bottom of the SRBs? The whole thing? Orbiter and payload. By these bolts that sheer (spelling of that?) when the SRBs are lit? Soyuz stacks are held up by those four towers. How are other rocket stacks held to the ground/launch-platform?
  13. A little replica of two Space shuttles: Celt( Columbia) and Berkut( Buran). Mk1 sized Screenshots: Celt: http://imgur.com/a/FiE33 Berkut: http://imgur.com/a/jGhZ4 Files: (Celt) https://www.dropbox.com/s/xv9nlcru4exqf7k/Mini-Shuttle Celt v2.craft?dl=0 . (Berkut) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljzbl20bwunj3zj/Electro-Berkut.craft?dl=0 Columbia and Celt Buran and Berkut
  14. So I just watched this: Video bashing the space shuttle. I never knew it was such a poor design. I was wondering what y'all think. Also how does the space shuttle design fair in KSP? it seems like it would be ridiculously difficult to design one. I used the Dynawing stock craft a few times. It was fun but really hard just to get into the lowest orbit. Required pretty efficient profile. I think the ease of SSTO'S in stock make the space shuttle design pretty much null and void outside of for the heck of it.
  15. Hello everyone ! This the first time I post something on this forum and it's the first I try to do Space Shuttle/ a replica in KSP and I think I did pretty well ! So here it is, the abandonned Russia space shuttle with her lifter, Buran and Energia ! NOTE : The plane from the first image is this one from this post of @Scientia1423 WARNING: - Don't fly it with MecJeb Smart A.S.S, ascent guidance or any sort of autopilots ! Some flight advices/instructions : - Enable soft control at launch ( Cap
  16. In the event someone wants to ask, yes I plan to release this to KerbalX once I'm satisfied it's ready. For now, I'm still working out transitioning from Orbital to Atmospheric flight without going into a spin. I use Kramax Auopilot and MechJeb because flying with a keyboard is like shooting pool with a rope. First orbital flight, pretty much the same as Buran's - IE no crew, up to orbit and down to land at KSC. KTS-1 Guidance MODS: (Thanks to LinuxGuruGamer, the mod below has an unofficial 1.1.2 release): Other MODS seen in these s
  17. Now that summer is upon us, and the end of school is nigh, I might be starting up my previously promised (If anybody saw that) STS style mission series, maybe(Depends on my schedule IRL). Just a set of mission reports detailing some as-accurate-as-I-can-get replica 80's and 90's Space Shuttle missions, as well as a few alt-universe ones. I might drop some craft files as well, if I get requests for them. You can follow along, or you can not, I'm just trying this out. It seems a shame for me to put a lot of time and effort into my stupidly detailed craft if only I get to see and use th
  18. MODS: SpaceY Heavy Lifters HISTORY The SpaceY program started the ISSP many years ago with Space Shuttle Kulas, A large cargo spacecraft used for satellite deployment at a lower cost than traditional rockets. It would launch at a 85° angle, then ride a large 5M LF+O tank with 2 LF+O Boosters and SRBs mounted on them, until the boosters emptied all fuel into the main tank. Then it would drop the boosters and ride the 5M tank into orbit, use RCS thrusters to move away, and use internal fuel to power the 3 main engines. once in the correct orbit, it would deploy the satellite. Th
  19. I set myself to the challenge of making the smallest space shuttle possible in KSP still capable of reaching orbit. This was the result. It still managed to get into orbit with 900-1000 extra delta V, so apparently, it's STILL not as small as it could be. Anyway, this is the full flight of the vehicle. Enjoy. I'll probably be attempting more "tiny space program" missions in the near future.
  20. Hi, so since 1.1 came out I decided to build a space shuttle mostly based on NASA's space shuttle. The whole thing launches great and it can get into orbit just fine, however problems arise when I go to reenter the atmosphere. Reentry goes smoothly til im about 20-15km in the air. At that point my shuttle spins out and begins to point engine first at the ground. Any ideas on why this might be happening? I've attached a picture of my shuttle's COM and COL with the ammount of fuel it has during reentry: I'd greatly appreciate any help, thank you!
  21. Hi! Not sure if everyone has already seen this, but here's a video of the solid fuel boosters that were used along with the Space Shuttle, from the launch to the reentry to the splashdown in the ocean. While the imagery is quite pretty, what's really amazing is the sound. It's scary and a bit cringy, but also hauntingly beautiful. It gives a glimpse of just how violent the forces in spaceflight are.
  22. Space Shuttle and Centaur G The last few days I've been working on redesigning my space shuttle. Here's the shuttle: Stats: - Can take >45t to LKO - can transfer to minmus and orbit and back using an orange tank and 1/4 orange tank - the ET and OMS is about 1/2 full for most missions Centaur G: I was watching an EJ_sa VOD and decided to build a reusable centaur G. Stats: - able to carry more payload than in the picture -can swap out the from tank for more range
  23. I just got this one into Kerbin Orbit. Also I noticed someone posted a thread titled the smallest shuttle and later during the day I thought it was a challenge, after posting I realized this was not a challenge, I did not intend to post this as the smallest shuttle in ksp but this would be a good challenge for someone to start. Tiny Space Shuttle named "Teeny" Craft File Teeny
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