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  1. HabTech2 | V0.2.5 | ISS Parts for KSP Had it with HitchHikers? Sick of Science Labs? HabTech provides only highest-quality pressurised tin cans space station modules for use in constructing your ultimate habitable structure in Kerbin orbit. My total revamp of HabTech is still in its early stages, but you can download a stable release below, which features all of the main pressurised components of the US Orbital Section of the ISS! The cover image features parts from Restock and Tantares (which is essential to build the Russian segment of the ISS). SPACEDOCK
  2. Post pictures of your space stations here! Sirius Docking Test Node 1 and Node 2 of Neutron Space Station docking Node 1 launch veichle: SLS block 2 cargo Node 2 launch veichle: Atlas-V Centaur 541 Sirius docking to NSS Cupola Installation (Atlas Centaur) Soyuz docking and Sirius relocation Post your designs here and u can download the badge! the badge:
  3. The Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter System: available on Spacedock as multiple modpacks. Last Update: Community Patch, Dec 3 2017 (see forum post) NOTE: Manually installing from the links below is the officially supported method for installing KSOS. If you are using any other method to install our mod, be aware that you may be creating errors for yourself, and you will likely not receive support from us. KSOS requires the following plugins to function properly: [RasterProp Monitor] http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/105821-105-rasterpropmo
  4. i need the smallest rocket picture (cats count as rockets too)
  5. The task is to add modules to the Kerbal XX space station in low orbit around Kerbin. Note that certain modules will already be added, such as the crew module and cupola. But other than that, start building! (Lucida Sans Unicode for LIFE) My module: Life support module (You obviously need that to survive!)
  6. Hey I'm Dom, I'm trying to get more noticed on the internet, and i want to share my space station designs as well as seeing others. Also if you have any advice on getting bigger on forums/youtube, that would be appreciated.
  7. the title says it all, im looking for professionals who can build epic space stations to collab with me and other professionals who can take kerbals to every single planet in the kerbolar system, if you want to collab with me you will need, restock, restock+, space station expansion parts redux, and planetary base systems. The space station will take kerbals to everywhere and jebidiah will land on every single one of the kerbolar planets, i know this is quite a bit of a challenge as i can just do it myself with a ion powered craft but i want to explore the kerbolar system in style, think about
  8. Hello, I'm trying to make a cinematic video on the ESA moon space station and landing envisioning around 2008: I managed to found this two link: http://esamultimedia.esa.int/docs/exploration/ReferenceArchitecture/Final ReviewJan09/04_Human_moon_mission_version9esa120109.pdf http://esamultimedia.esa.int/docs/exploration/IntlExplorationArchitectures/IntegratedArchReview/Exploration_architecture_Study_Draft_v9web_version.pdf I also find this link who doesn't work anymore, if someone has working up to date working link it's will
  9. Welcome to the KOMMUNITY SPACE STATION!!!! The save file! The parts lists! KSS 2 Planning Document! KSS 2 will be the second-generation KSS, and will have a module plan made before assembly begins. Go ahead and add a module! The station is in a 250 Km orbit at Kerbin. Your job as a station builder is to launch a module there to add to the station. There is also a Munar station, a Minmus station, an Eve Station, a Duna Station, a Gilly Station, and a Moho station. There is also a polar orbit station and a Keostationary station, and a munar surface base. A few rule
  10. YO! In this time of solitude, I bring to you: M.O.R.P.H.E.U.S. Moho Operational Research Permanent Habitation Experiment Utility Station The KSC has kindly asked Jeb and co. to put together a Moho research base, so this is what I'm told they came up with: To get the job done, we'll need some serious rocketry to get everything into orbit that we need: From left to right: The MORPHEUS Core, the MORPHEUS External Modules, the MORPHEUS Drive Stage, the Verdon S4, the Verdon Crew Habitation Module, and the Moho Lander.
  11. I just thought about this just for something fun to do in Sandbox Mode. I wanted to create a space station (which I've never done before, actually) and then use a propulsion system on it to send it to the Mun. Going to Minmus was a possibility, too. It's mostly done now. It includes these modules: Laboratory Storage (Ore) 2 Passenger (the second module are cabins that stick out at the sides) Electricity Telescope/Extra Docking Space The final modules to be added will be a lander and propulsion. For propulsion, a dummy craft simulating the weight will be p
  12. It seems to me that there aren't enough space stations like the ISS in KSP's community. The ISS has modules made from all over the world. Wouldn't it be a great idea to do the same, but in KSP? What should it be called? I want to see a project like this come to fruition. FYI, I use 1.4.4.
  13. I've been playing KSP for a while. I play for a bit then switch to other games and come back months later. But I've been playing since 1.2 and.... today I was watching at my screenshots and saw that there are stories behind them. This is not a mega mission report, but more like a bunch of anecdotes bundled together. None of my ships are particularly awesome, quite the contrary they are just utilitarian. The SpiceMan Space Program One Aaah... the humble beginnings... when science and money is low but stupidity and courage soars. As every space program, the SSPO (Spi
  14. I am building a really random space station and need help to think of ideas for it. I got the idea off "Matt Lowne "Collaboration station"" (pronounced mat lan) Don't feel bad if your idea is too ridiculous or has already been logged as an idea. instead be proud of it. just think: you've managed to make something too ridiculous even for me. or you had a good enough idea for it to already be logged. BTW, we've got stuff like cat repair droids and lawn mowers, you should find your idea accepted (unless it's not ridiculous enough. then I will make it a bit more interesting.)
  15. I have two objects, a main station with no RCS, or engine, and a power plant part with a poodle engine, RCS, and about half a tank of fuel. They are both is a similar orbit but have a similar velocity and seem to stay the same distance away from each other. Any tips to fix this? Thanks and have a great day!!!
  16. I am going to place a refueling station in Kerbin's orbit. The goal of which is to have a platform to host a debris tug/deorbit platform, refuel interplanetary missions and as a central hub of the Kerbin SOI. I have 2 questions, first I am inclined to setup a mining outpost on Minmus, is there a good arguement against Minmus and in favor of Mun? My thought process is the easier takeoff and landing of mining barges to the surface of Minmus is more beneficial than the slightly easier act of getting to Mun. My second question is the orbit of this station. At first I thought maybe a circ
  17. The goal of the Lief Erickson program is to establish a permanent Kerballed Outpost on Duna The Mission will consist of four main missions Stage 1: support Infrastructure The first mission will be the launching of an unmanned refueling depot into orbit of Kerbin: This will allow the crew transfer craft (which will be launched later) to remain in service for virtually forever. The second phase of Stage 1 is to launch a communication network into orbit of Duna and Ike. The mission will contain four of these satellites. Stage 2: Crew
  18. I am away at the moment, and I really need this station module to be built. I would GREATLY appreciate if yo kindly make the module that I have drawn, and give it to me via Dropbox. Thank you, whoever does that. If you can't read this, just ask @The_Cat_In_Space please help???
  19. Hello there, I've been posting all my fan art on the Kerbal Space Program sub-reddit (as DJOzmanMJ) so far, but figured the best place to post them is on the KSP forum itself. So, I'll be posting all my previous artworks as well as any new ones on here. So what's the image below? I could go in detail but why don't you have a look at the deconstruction I posted on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/2xLdNK. Simply put, I render most, if not all of my images in Element 3D - a 3rd party Plug-in from VideoCopilot for After Effects. Enjoy! - Tine
  20. After having the beginnings of my first space station wobble into my own personal Kessler Syndrome, I've decided to look at other options to keep my creations stable. I previously only used EAS-4 Strut connectors, and they did just fine for keeping rockets and landers together. But my space station, having been composed entirely of Sr. docking ports and pieces which are entirely stable on their own, did not have this option. My searches suggest that Autostrutting may be the answer to my problem, but I'm having trouble getting clear info on it; Does Autostrutting dynamically change what a
  21. Station Parts. (Ver 1.2) Parts pack for building orbital space stations. This mod is meant to be used with TAC Life Support. If you have TAC Life Support installed the part "Station Waste Container Module" will only store waste products. Without TAC Life Support the part is renamed to "Station Alternate Propellants Storage" and will contain Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer and Monopropellant. Features 2 different habitation modules, a science lab, probe core, a cupola, a fuel and resurces storage module, a waste container module, an airlock, an access tunnel, a PMA extender, solar panels, an
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