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Found 4 results

  1. I'm interested into what you guys have come up for your space station designs. Go ahead and post your awesome creation here! Here's one of mine: [snip] Supply Pod about to dock with KSS: [snip] MODS: BACE Construction Co. / Protodobodyne - http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/12237-Silisko-Industries-Addon-Development-Thread-2?highlight=bace Damned Robotics - http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/9675-v0-16-Damned-Robotics-Version-1-2-1?highlight=bace Dynasat - http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/10224-0-15-Parts-Dynasat-Satellites-and-Solar-Panels-new-parts!-%28rel-0-6%29-Jun-11?highlight=dynasat Crewtank - http://www.kerbal.net/mod.php?id=10
  2. For all who visit: I'm developing a checklist for the WernerChecker mod to have a checklist for space stations. So I'm interested in your ideas as to what should be included in this type of checklist. To start this off, here is what I would expect to check before launching: Control Source (ie: command module) Reaction wheels RCS SAS (?) Power Source Electricity storage Communication Science Docking Ports Looking forward to your ideas, thanks
  3. Yes I know, I probably spent Sateillite wrong in this post but we shall move on. I just wonder how you guys do it? How do you get a space station to fit together, what's its purpose, how do you dock ships and get them on the same orbit and all that? Seriously getting frustrated. is it even possible without mods?
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]30734[/ATTACH] Hello fellow Kerbanaouts,Iv noticed lately that a lot of Kerbals around these forums are building some stations. So i thought lets give it a try.. How hard could it be.. So here i am 34 Dead Kerbals later, and a space full of junk.. The space station comes with a 2 Stage Launch Vehicle.. And while its in orbit it haz got ~ 3 tanks of RCS, and ~ 1500l of Rocket Fuel.. A large margin for maneuvering errors if you ask me.. And did i mention its all Stock Parts.. 8) Download:http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/20461929/file.html (If not working please PM me with your e-mail address, and i will send you the file) (Over 100 Downloads, Thx guys... ) Statistics:- Size: 11m x 13m x 14m - Mass: 26T - Fuel: 15'200 l - Crew: 3 - Engines: - 6x TurboJet - 1x LV-T30 - 3x LV-T45 - Full Advanced Stabilization Augmentation System.. - 6 Direction Reaction Control System.. - 3x LTV-40 High powered Vectoring Liquid fuel Engines.. - 2 Small Docking Bays.. - 12 8Kw Solar Panels.. - 3 Universal Research Labs.. - Sleeping Quarters.. - 100 m2 Storage Area.. - Shinny BIG RED button.. Screenshots: [ATTACH=CONFIG]30735[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]30736[/ATTACH] Preferred flight plan..- Start Jet Engines at Full Throttle.. - Wait till Full Throttle Established.. - Engine LVT-30 Liquid Fuel Engine - Fly Heading 0° until 1st Stage Empty (~18\'000 m at Mach 1) - Switch to Orbit Drawing on the Navigation Ball. - Start Orbital turn towards 90° Pro-grade.. - When AP Reaches ~46\'000 m Turn 90° Horizontal.. - Cut engines when AP ~ 100\'300 m.. - Cruise to T-30 til AP.. - Rotate ship Pro-Grade.. - Circularize orbit.. - Turn on the lights.. (Mobility Enhancers) - Flight back, Burn Retro-grade until PE ~ 5 km..- Enjoy the view until 50'000 m.. - Press the SHINNY BIG RED BUTTON and enjoy the view.. Known Bugs:- The 2 Fuel lines connecting the Station to the 2nd Stage seam to Malfunction 5% of the time.. - Manually resting them will fix the issue.. - Docking in Hard but possible my success rate is 15%, May spin the ship and/or eject it at ~ 50m/s.. Feedback is welcome..
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