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  1. Howdy, I have a few questions, I'm building a space station in my career game, its altitude is almost exactly 90.000 around. I have added two habitats modules, along a "pilot module" and a storage/life support module. I have a few solar panels, but all of them in proportion to the station itself, in other words, they aren't those huge ones. But as i expand the station, i thought it would be cool to add those really big solar panels. But how? Do i build the whole structure then simply dock it to a free node? or is it better to separate the process in sections (first the central column, wit
  2. The challenge is simple. Build a stock fully functioning space station in orbit of the Mun. Easy: Have the station in orbit around Minmus. Challenging: Only use multi stage rockets to build it around the mun. Insane: Only use SSTO's to build it around the mun. Why: Have the station in orbit around Laythe. To get on the leaderboard of the challenge you will be judged by me to see if you deserve a spot on the leaderboard. Easy Leaderboard 1st: bEAstmode 2nd: Nobody 3rd: Nobody Challenging Leaderboard 1st: Nobody 2nd: Nobody 3rd: No
  3. I am relatively new to ksp but have already achieved a lot. at the moment I want to build a space station. However, I am playing on science and don't want to waste what precious little Science I have on tech not necessary for it. So please tell me what tech will I need to make a space station
  4. Skyline


    Hello, i want to show you my little space station It is created on Kerbin orbit (400kmx400km) It's a home for 12 kerbals(Now 15, cuz a little ship is docked) Enjoy I hope that screens are good ( A little bit informations ) If you want to comment this post, i'll be glad ( And if you want, check out my channel on YT ) (Only Cinematic KSP Films) https://www.youtube.com/user/SkylineKSP/featured
  5. This is a problem that has been plagueing me since the beginning of KSP time. Whenever I build a space station is ends up shaking itself apart. This particular time All I did was add a mk3 fuesalage with a docking port at both sides. Only 3 parts and a station that was completely stable then shook itself into oblivion. My space stations have no reaction wheels or stability addons. SAS is not enabled (though it makes no difference if it is).
  6. I'm probably a pain to the KSP Community but I've got another problem, so lets just get this over with. I'll be providing pictures, don't panic xD Pictures of the Payload: Probe Controlled Circulurisation Booster: Ascent Stage: Craft Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/et6vr9ij4kwnzmp/The Hitchhiker Orbital Station.craft?dl=0 When I try to ascend, it starts pitching over in the wrong direction. I want to pitch over towards 90 Degrees on the Navball but my ship wants to do anything but that, all TWR and Delta-V Costs are pro
  7. Mods please move it to the Spacecraft Exchange. Hi, Crafty here! Today I bring you my Orbital Station which currently has these modules/smaller craft: 1 Space Station Core 1 RCS Module 1 Space RCS Tug Images will be provided in the Spoiler below: Craft File (Space Station Core): https://www.dropbox.com/s/et6vr9ij4kwnzmp/The Hitchhiker Orbital Station.craft?dl=0 Craft File (Space Station Tug + RCS Module): COMING SOON! Mods Required: -Good Luck KSP Forums and hope you enjoy and continue to expand on this magn
  8. Well I continue my experiment trying to build the cubical space station further, I add pre-built sections and try docking 4 docking ports at the same time which can be tricky to make sure all four connect but it is possible the only problem is that my FPS goes down to 4 so we try some impact tests
  9. I saw a lot of people both on forum and reddit asking tips on how to create a space station, so I thought it would be a good subject for a comprehensive tutorial:
  10. Re-Engineering how you build Space Stations! I had the idea that space station can be Long, round or even circular but I haven't seen a cubical space station. So I have tasked myself to see if a cubical space station will work will it be stable? can you actually build it? and Who ate all the snacks? If this works I may see if we can add to it to find out how large we can build it
  11. StarLab-Matador This Station has a unique Swivel and Bearing Design giving it the ability to spin the Living Quarters Sections in either direction, the video is showing the sections spinning in opposite directions. The Core of the Station is designed to allow the Station to decouple the Living Quarters so other Station Designs can be docked if you choose to do so. Details Parts: 473 Mass: 549.255t Height: 48.6m Width: 18.9m Length: 25.6m Operation: Not for a Novice Pilot, Launch with SAS and full throttle, gravity tur
  12. Hi After returning from the Mun's surface to dock at my Munar space station the whole station starts swinging back and forth. It gets so bad that it started to break up and cause explosions. What I find odd is that it was fine when I left. The first time it happened I noticed I had all my 'lights on' and on the dark side I lost battery power and thus couldn't power my SAS. However the second time this wasnt an issue and I have no idea what is causing it. The station is built with a module in the middle with 6 docking ports facing all different directions. I've then docked from all si
  13. Does anyone have any tips for making a space station? I'm planning a Space Station called the "Mike's Plan to Kill Soviets With Missiles That Have Plutonium And Neutrons To create a Nuclear Reaction And Send It Into A Sub-Orbital Trajectory And Hit Soviet Kerbals That Also Have Some Missiles That They Might Shoot At Us And That's Why We Are Bombing Them With the Aforementioned Missile(s) We Talked About A Bunch Of Words Ago Do You Like This Joke?" Or (MPKSWMTHPANTCANRASIIASOTAHSKTAHSMTTMSAUATWWABTWTAM(S)WTAABOWADYLTJ?) For short! TLDR: Do you have any tips for killing the sovie- Making a space
  14. So i had free time and made this: By the way, i'm new to KSP forums, Hi!
  15. Greetings All, I have just read this great in-depth article on the Almaz space station design, development and use and have posted it for anyone else interested. http://www.astronautix.com/a/almaz.html Cheers, James.
  16. Album = http://imgur.com/a/vz0UL KerbalX = https://kerbalx.com/friend0rags/Mir
  17. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/07/29/stable-orbit-space-station-simulator/ This looks like it would be an interesting game. I wonder if we will see any ksp reference in there. Won't be out for early access anytime soon though.
  18. Maybe it was asked thousand of times, but I'm building a space station, which is starting to be a bit complex, to be honest the pieces are all the same, but It starting to be very difficult to play 'cause FPS are closer to 10 !!! O.o So, please,please,please if you have any TIPs or advice to save tens of hours spent to build this things... p.s. To the Admins: Sorry I realize too late that I've post it on the wrong place, apologies
  19. Hello there, I know that this thread was already discussed but I can't find a solution >.< here are a couple of screenshot. The port are close and nice aligned, but still undock http://imgur.com/a/wJbCG
  20. dear all, last night, i watched star wars and while i was in the shower, i had an idea. is it possible for anyone to make a space station as big as minmus?? i really wonder... how long will it take?? to all space station builders, plz take this challenge seriously. thx
  21. so i managed to get a kerbal to my space station at 150,000km for 5865 funds with less than 1 propelent left in the eva pack. so can you do better than 5865 funds? here is the video of my craft The idea was when using my career mode i could get food or kerbals to the spacestaion for cheap. i probably end up stealing some ideas if anyone has ago at it sorry about some of the confusion guys, it was my first post but i wont make the same mistake twice! leader board: 1st - Cunjo Carl - 502 funds per kerbal (2nd try) 2nd - Cunjo Carl - 745 funds per kerbal (1st
  22. We've all been there. You start docking together space station modules, then try to rotate the whole thing to get more sunlight, stabilize with SAS... and the whole thing starts to wobble uncontrollably. Apparently, the bigger your station is, and the more reaction wheels it has, the higher the chances of wobbling and snapping apart due to excessive torque on the parts. Keeping your huge stations stable and in one piece is fun in career mode, but I wonder... Stations can wobble and snap apart - how small is the smallest station that can wobble and snap apart? Your goal: design a
  23. So someone asked for this thing to be doubled... It wasn't easy. Many good probe cores were sacrificed in order to learn how not to launch it, but in the end, all our efforts were rewarded with double the fuel capacity and a smaller total part count (unless you leave the last stage attached to increase capacity... I humbly present to you my latest pure stock and purely awesome fuel ring! (ok, maybe I don't do humble so well...) I included some images of the failures to 1 - give you hope that failure CAN lead to success, and 2 - hopefully entertain @RA3236 enough to get me into Sp
  24. It all started simply enough. Let's build a Station that is not only rigid, but holds huge quantities of fuel and is still all Stock! Of course, it's been tried before and a couple of our more negative colleagues just had to dwell on past failures, but we pressed on. We put something together in the VAB, but getting something like this on orbit is a bit tougher than mocking it up in the VAB, as you well know. So we began work on how to loft this behemoth to 80km. Many Launch vehicle prototypes were created, some results were entertaining and some were more like catastrophic. One thing th
  25. MODS: SpaceY Heavy Lifters HISTORY The SpaceY program started the ISSP many years ago with Space Shuttle Kulas, A large cargo spacecraft used for satellite deployment at a lower cost than traditional rockets. It would launch at a 85° angle, then ride a large 5M LF+O tank with 2 LF+O Boosters and SRBs mounted on them, until the boosters emptied all fuel into the main tank. Then it would drop the boosters and ride the 5M tank into orbit, use RCS thrusters to move away, and use internal fuel to power the 3 main engines. once in the correct orbit, it would deploy the satellite. Th
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