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  1. So I am trying to put my first space station into orbit, as part of a contract. I am going to take what I learn here to build my own eventually, but I had a few questions pop up I thought you could help me with. First, pictures of the actual station. Any advice would be awesome. Note that I am planning on lifting it in one stage (if I can, have yet to actually try), and the only addon I have is MechJeb: So here are the questions: How exactly do Kerbals move through the station, somewhat realistically or magically? For example, if I were to put just one docking port on
  2. this challenge will probably be too easy but here we go. All of the space stations that you make are up to you in the design but they need to follow the guidelines you can dock the space station with a rocket if you need to but no refueling. the mods that are allowed are kerbal engineer and mechjeb or mods like that no mods that add parts or change the game play no cheats. so don't even look at alt+f12 super easy: get a space station that seats 5 kerbals orbiting the mun easy: get a space station orbiting duna that can seat 6 kerbals make sure to add lights for extra effect! med
  3. Hello!! I need some help, if you want to put in your thoughts into this, for making a contract for putting up a space station. Here are the things that I need to figure out: What planet should the station orbit? What is the minimum requirements to make an official station How many funds do I have available If I have mods, what should I install and how to include them to the station Maybe if we clear all of this up, we can all do the challenge and compete of who can make the best station with the requirements. Thanks for everyone that will (hopeful
  4. Report from greydragon70 CEO at Jolly Roger Aerospace: This is the biggest most beautiful thing I've ever made in KSP. 3 days of building, launching, and docking. 7 launches total, 2 for refueling. Average fps 2-3fps. Sent the whole thing to Duna successfully. 100% Stock Build. I present Sativa Station, Indica Lab Unit, Drop Out 1, and Refueler 5. Links to craft files: https://kerbalx.com/JollyRogerAerospace/Sativa-Station https://kerbalx.com/JollyRogerAerospace/Indica-Lab-Unit https://kerbalx.com/JollyRogerAerospace/Drop-Out-1 https://kerbalx.com/JollyRogerAerospace/Refueler-5
  5. Hello Everyone! I launched my Space Station and finally built it fully. It took 4 launches and over all it was a succecfull mission. The problem is that I forgot that I wanted the orbit to be polar, and now I have no way of changing the orbit without bringing the station on the ground. I would be happy if some one could help me with the parameters of the save file. Thank you. Only thing I need to change is the direction of the orbit. Thank you very much!
  6. Hello, this is my first entry here. I wanted to share my Jool 5 mission with you. Thought about this for a few months now, but never had enough time to do it. But, the mission: It´s an IRSU level entry, and because thats not enough, i´ve put a station on my ship, that i´ll leave at Jool when i return. The ISRU unit is built into that station. Mods used are: KER, MJ (call me lazy, if you want ), Kerbal Alarm Clock, NavHud, AntennaRange, EVE, scatterer, Planetshine Part 1: Planning Part 2: Orbital construction Part 3: Journey to Jool and first mining run
  7. I have started a space program called KiSS. The space station is fully made of stock parts. I had done the ascent and rendezvous myself but I got messed up during docking. So I installed MechJeb for the docking purpose. Currently the space station comprises of 2 parts:KSS1(the crew habitat)and a KSS-node(for docking other parts of the space station). Stay tuned I will be uploading the images soon. You can reply me if you want the save game or give me some innovative ideas.
  8. I docked for the for the first time in the game.I ve been playing the game for like 2 years but i couldn't dock.I saw Scott Manley's Tutorial and tried and guess what,It was a success.
  9. I've recently begun construction of a station for transit to Eve for a contract, but I recently got a contract for a station around the Sun. I've checked and the requirements are exactly the same, and my station/ship will transit to the Sun's orbit, but I'm not sure if it would count as a new ship, as only half of it has been docked and prepped in orbit. Is it considered a new ship once you add another module to it? (I have two more to go). I'd like to hit two birds with one stone to make the most profit. Thanks!
  10. So I built this Space Station and I don't what else I should add. I Have kerbals, science, fuel, power, ore and more! I need ideas!
  11. Salamander Exploration Space Station (pictures are clickable - except this one...) The Salamander Exploration Space Station (SESS) is a versatile design and specification to create a long term base of operations for planetary exploration and quick contract resolution. It's designed to be efficient in collecting science. The SESS is designed to fulfill various goals: Host kerbals and generate science Base of operations for one or multiple science landers Be able to quickly do contracts (get science from space, from ground, plant flag, collect and deliver ore up
  12. The ISS is a space station complex that has conducted significant research. However, with the expiration date set to 2024 (possibly, and preferably to 2028), NASA will be left without a space-based research lab to work from. However, as NASA's budget is limited, how would such a LEO space station look like? (Cost estimates are based off of released figures on making those modules) V1: Basic, 3-man Version: Primary module: EUS H2 tank-based Skylab-2 Orbital Workshop. A 32-Ton "Dry Workshop" space station module, it contains its own life support and power systems (including sola
  13. Hello everyone! XCLD, a Lego Ideas user has put together another awesome space set after his old ISS got disapproved (Despite reaching 10,000 followers, Lego decided not to produce it). He has come back with a Nice, Small, but not any less awesome Mini ISS. Here it is: He has made such an awesome little thing that I am sure a lot of people will support. Here is what he is including so far: He makes awesome sets, so check him out here and if you can, support his model here! Wish him luck, and just
  14. Yes I know, I probably spent Sateillite wrong in this post but we shall move on. I just wonder how you guys do it? How do you get a space station to fit together, what's its purpose, how do you dock ships and get them on the same orbit and all that? Seriously getting frustrated. is it even possible without mods?
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