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Found 9 results

  1. Closed, new challenge comming soon *edit: i finally got a B A D challenge idea.* So, this month's challenge will be a bit harder. You will need to build a multi launch space station with more than 2 launches, DLC's are allowed and no mods (except graphics ones) are allowed. In this challenge, Mechjeb will not be allowed as it helps you rendezvous. There are a few class of stations: Light -- crew capacity of 3 to 8, with 2 to 3 docking ports. Medium -- crew capacity of 9 to 15, with 4 to 6 docking ports, contains a mobile processing lab. Heavy -- crew capacity of 16 to 25, 7 or more docking ports, contains a lab, and a cupola module. Super heavy -- crew capacity of more than 20, no less that 5 docking ports, orbiting another celestial body. REQUIRED PARTS: Probe core, batteries, reaction wheels, communication antennae, solar panels and radiators. Stations below the light specs will not be approved. This is mine: The NSS in all it's glory: The NSS is a class Heavy station in orbit around Kerbin . It has 9 docking ports and a crew capacity of 18. Note that I have 2 Soyuz, an Orion, a Shenzhou and a Sirius docked to it right now. It was constructed in 3 launches, 1 SLS B2 Cargo, and 2 Atlas V 541 launch. Badge: Also subscribe to my Youtube and join my discord! List of approved stations: Light Medium Heavy Sivako Aerospace Orbital VAB Nantares Skyhome Outpost Super Heavy Sivako Aerospace Venstar II QF9E Duna Saturn-V Station
  2. So I know that many players (Including myself) love to build ground bases and space stations. However, the stock parts for things like this are very limited. I'll want to make a huge, fantastic space station and end up with a few "Hitchhiker" containers stuck together with a cupola and some solar panels. There are a few mods to help with this, but it would be nice to have them be in the base game. The devs making the parts would be better in a few ways; namely fewer bugs from more professional designers (Although the mods I've seen are very well made). Adding some more parts in a DLC would be great, and many people would buy it. I'm pretty sure that this idea has been mentioned before in the suggestions, but that was only about space stations and focused more on centrifuge rings and stuff like that. IDEAS: Crew tunnels Hydroponics Modules (For fun or for life support mods) Rover bay with doors Some way to make it easy to land horizontal bases (Wide landing legs?) MORE SCIENCE Sorry if there is another thread that is the same thing
  3. I have been trying forever to create a space station in LKO that is essentially a ring construction. It consists of 2 modules - 7 hubs and 12 spokes. Each hub module is a short fuel tank oriented vertically with 6 shorter fuel tanks oriented horizontally and mounted radially (giving you the 60 degree angle between each spoke). Clampotron Sr. docking ports on the ends. Each spoke module is two of the giant fuel tanks with big monopropellant tanks and Clampotrons on each end. The theory is to dock 6 of the spokes (https://imgur.com/WYrndg6)to a central hub (https://imgur.com/vhWLyd8), then dock a hub at the end of a spoke, the just alternate spoke- hub- spoke around the edge to compete the ring. The problem I am having is I can't get the external hubs aligned perfectly (https://imgur.com/LZ6KC5z), and I can only get about 3 external hubs/ spokes assembled before my next module just won't fit. https://imgur.com/gN8dz40 Has anyone else managed something like this and, if so, how did you get everything to align and fit? Thanks for the advice! --------------------------- Trying to add screen shots....
  4. I'm starting up a YouTube channel soon, and I'm looking for some ideas, specifically space stations and bases, but you can show me anything, because I can use anything. In advance, thank you.
  5. Who has space stations I love them I am on my iPad right now so no pics yet
  6. Can I request a mod that uses kopernicus to make those elite dangerous or no mans sky space stations? less work on the CPU because they aren't parts, and they could have gravity, and you could hyperedit yourself into orbit of the station!
  7. The Jool Space Station Challenge: About: The J.S.S is a challenge where you need to make a space station to orbit Jool. Make sure you've got enough fuel though, otherwise you'll be stranded in space. This challenge came from the space station in space now, but there had to be a twist, Jool perfect. Specifications: You need to at least have four solar panels, 3 kerbals and a lander for science on Jool which will have to float because Jool is a gas giant, you may want to have a science jr. on the station for orbit science that you might want. You are allowed mods that help with orbiting, add more parts or makes it more realistic {Harder flying etc.} My Pics Not uploaded to Imgur yet
  8. http://www.sciencetimes.com/articles/7883/20151213/nasa-out-iss.htm http://www.fastcompany.com/3054332/fast-feed/nasa-were-leaving-the-space-station-to-the-private-sector NASA want to pull out support for ISS asap and wish to leave the space station bussiness to the private sector. Good or bad?
  9. So there are mod packs for building specific ships--such as the Discovery II and the Hermes from The Martian--which include rotating hubs for artificial gravity in habitats. And there are mod packs, like Porkjet's Habitat Pack, which have rotating habitats. But I haven't seen a standalone mod pack that is just rotating hubs, so you could build your own habitats and attach to the hub. Is this something someone might be willing to make, or split off from an existing mod...?
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