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Found 5 results

  1. Is it possible to land on Jool? I've been able to glitch into it but not been able to walk on it.
  2. In the name of Richard Hatch... KEEPING THE DREAM ALIVE. Would it be possible to build real Battlestars, especially if we collectively wanted to, and if AI were used to accomplish most of the physical labor in Earth orbit or more ideally on the moon? Do you believe we could make it so? Ofcourse we don't have FTL, yet; and we may never have it, doesn't mean we can't use nuclear energy (or Tylium) to accelerate over longer periods to reach a good % of LS. Also wouldn't stop us from using AI to set up advanced bases as we travel out from our local system. Issac Arthor has some great inspirational material on his channels you could check out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFipeZtQM5CKUjx6grh54g Isn't this the whole point of building autonomous AI in the first place for fracks sake?! AI was the main theam of the BSG franchise and allowed that civilization the capacity to do stuff we currently can't and perhaps at the same time face our fears. The first ships could easily be constructed using raw material from the moon. less gravity, limitless solar energy and all the same resources/ores, semiconductors, metals we have on Earth. Seriously all the same resources are available, because once upon a time the Earth and moon were part of one big happy planet that got slammed. It is known lighter than air technology can reach the edge of Earths atmosphere and could easily be used as a platform for assisted lunch to higher orbit, reducing energy and financial costs significantly. IMHO just think we Humans better get off our collective 'assets' and on with it before we over rabbit our planetary resources out of global biological limits, The Toasters can save us! lol https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helium-3
  3. Can somebody please give me rocket making tips, so I can know lots more about rocket making. I know lots on how to make some but also I would like to expand my knowledge.
  4. About me - Introduction to the topic - Even though we know a lot about space, and are extremely advanced to know stuff, there is something holding us back. We have only sent man to the moon and nowhere else. And we are a lot far behind than our thinking, and in someway our seeds of doubts and community problems is stopping us. I know many of you may disagree, but yes I do point out that I am not completely right about this. My aim you see, is to improve space travel, by using the best methods. Note that I just wanted to improve the technique, but philosophy before is a must, heh. Please note that to add your ideas and thinking to this thread in a kind way, don't be hypocrites pls <3 The main aspects are - 1) Philosophy/Society 2) Techniques Philosophy If we see humanity from a perspective, we can see the world is a bit bleeped up. People are deep in philosophies which only makes a person deep in doubt and without any motivation, even when they think that they are right (may contain irony). People are overly sensitive for everything, even the wrong. Wanting equality for those who are not normals (gay people and all are normal, I am not pointing them out lol, I'm pointing out the hypocritical backward thinking people who are sadists, and are mostly found everywhere as well as always create barriers in development through their pointless but non arguable ideologies) and we fight for equality of groups RATHER than individuals. There should not be an organisation specifically for blacks, women or stuff, but an organisation for only the individual who is suffering as just fighting for groups is not easy as people misuse it and create even more inequality, and people with idiotic ideologies come in it and misuse it as a weapon. This will only bring us together and solve bigotry issue in the world. We be more aligned towards knowledge and creativity and science! Be happy together in a delightful world. See the point is not to make the world completely good because that's impossible, but to make it more comfortable for evolution to take its pace. Techniques Back to topic, first of all I have this dream of making an "International Space and Analogy Organisation" where we unite as species, all the space agencies of the world, combining the best of technologies, combining the best of technologies to create even better technologies! I also made a logo (yea I do graphics) - http://i.imgur.com/ff0riIJ.png Now the main tension, many of you might know that rockets were not always the best method to get into space and were solely made to win in the space race. You may also disagree, and you are good at your points, still, there are better methods such as spaceplanes, spacehooks, nuclear pulse propulsion, space bridges (idiotic imo) and spaceguns (serious g's will be taken) The problem is that when we need to launch a rocket, in order to go to another planet, we compromise a lot, as 80% of the rocket is fuel. And due to that we are not able to create a comfortable ride to outer space, even the fuel is 60% used when we get outta orbit. Satellites are different, I am talking about man in space. So how do we not compromise too much, but still have reusable methods of interstellar travel with minimum effort? The answer is mother ships. How you ask? there are 3 components of this - The Explorer and The Mothership and The Rescue ship Mothership - If we part by part build a fully functional mothership (not too big, but enough, you see we will make it as small as possible but still it will be so big that it could not actually be sent into space through rockets, but in parts) just like we built the ISS, and the mother ship will be the "International Space Mothership (ISM)" which will be upgraded with the best of technologies again and again, and it can travel between planets easily, as all the effort of the world will be on this, and it may not fail. When not in use, it will orbit the earth. The con is that we would need to keep it safe, so we can send someone from the ISS to take care of it and constantly send probes to keep it intact. Another problem is that there is over 30000 pieces of debris which travel at speeds up to 23,000 km/h around the earth, which is again, dangerous. We can make the ship circular to create artificial gravity through centrifuge Example - https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQJO6P4CrEDb1kEnJxZW_qwz1ESLNzMtuUXlwk6m2ZsHgg5TtbR Explorer - To keep it simple, It will be more like a space plane which is like a drone - rocket (Hey, aerodynamics doesn't work on all planets, some places stuffs extreme as hell. See neptune) (and it is an SSTO Plane-rocket- drone) and can easily get into orbit or outer space, it is not just a plane but works more like a plane and a lander, and can maneuver almost everywhere. Example - http://www.starshipmodeler.co/gallery16/dh_021215_lander_h1.jpg Rescue ship - Keeping another backup ship in orbit to sent if events turn out like "The Martian" Similar to interstellar, if you have seen the film. Just imagine, we can actually do it but still we aren't. I guess, I might be wrong, but still we can do it and it is one of the most easiest ideas I have (easier said than done, btw) and would be so easy to colonize planets. I am would love making this a megathread, Please give your ideas below, and correct me if I'm wrong. Also, please explain some science too, in order to prove this all. I would love to have all your ideas.
  5. What do you think is the most likely contender to be the "next-gen" space travel method? We haven't gone much beyond chemical rockets In the duration of the history of space travel. I think EM drive could be a possibility but at the moment we don't know quite a bit enough about it to utilize it. Tell me what you think will be the alternative to chemical rockets in the comments!
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