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  1. Hello all, i would like to ask for space nerds to sign up for this non-profit organisation. i came here because i know that quite a lot of you are space enthusiasts and want to make everyone love the idea of space travel and space in general. This is an non profit organization so we do this because it's our passion to make people reach further than earth. There will be positions that you will need to sign up for because i think this will be the best way to make things work out. you better hurry because there are only 15 positions in total The position you can apply for is: research and posting-5 left account management-2 left Community engagement-5 left Devs-3 left Baselines (don't bother signing up if you cannot meet these requirements): You must be active (at least once every 2 days) You must not complain if you get kicked out of the organisation(there will always be a reason whether it's because someone better than you signed up or you are not following the rules). Research and posting: A pretty simple job because all you do is do research on some interesting posts and post them. Requirements: Have a good knowledge of all things space and be able to make your posts stand out from others. Account management: Manage all account activity and delete anything inappropriate. more will be coming soon but i will need to know people are interested or not and if they are willing to participate.
  2. amature therory proposal. BLack holes spinning through empty space until colliding with uncombined gases causin rapid heating resulting in the formation of new galaxy.
  3. So I was playing ksp the day it was updated to 1.2. What actually happened was I was in the middle of an Eloo mission, returning to the "mothership" in LEO with the lander from the surface, and upon entering physics range and getting close to the main craft, the main craft exploded and seemed to come off the rails in the most fantastic-ly horrible up-close way. (Edit-forgot about this part) The camera then broke away from the craft and began to move through the planet Eloo and came out the other side. I was forced to restart my computer. I had never experienced this before with my short list of mods that I would normally use in 1.1.3: KAC KAS KIS KER MJ2 Atmospheric Trajectories Distant Object Enhancement Lights Out Claw's Stock Bug Fixes Scatter CKAN When I restarted the game again (I have it on steam) the game restarted in version 1.2. I did not make a backup of my 1.1.3 main save. I ran the game and loaded the most recent save at the time, which was a quick save of when the landing craft touched down on Eloo's surface, but chose to just play around a bit with jets for a few days and not do/check on anything else while mods were getting updated. My memory is fuzzy on whether or not I remember seeing my one and only station in LKO (altitude at 240km, named SS2) at the time. 2 day ago from writhing this I went to the orbital map view in the tracking station and was unnerved to find my first station around Kerbin, SS2, gone. Luckily I don't think I had any kerbals on the station, or a ship docked to it, but it was large, and an important fuel depot that had actually did have 2 very small "tug" probes for moving around orange jumbo tanks for refueling. Here is a picture of it, it looks like a giant cross but in this photo has 2 large interplanetary ships connected to it in this instance; I don't have a better screen shot of just the station: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/318999100688266840/7F512B3EDB3A6E489C86B1A546336E2AC666C8CB/ Additional Details: Currently I am running only KAC, KAS, KIS, MJ2, and Atmos Traj. MJ2 is the only one not officially updated to 1.2 out of the mods I'm currently running. If there are any other craft missing in my file I'm unaware of them. I am certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the station is missing; in the tracking center it only lists 2 stations, both in Jool orbit, and not 3 anymore. I have had craft (that sadly had lots of crew) go missing way in the past in older versions, around 1.0 time. It's the reason most of my kerbals have died lol, first they were reported MIA, and then KIA upon reloading the game. I didn't see any labeled MIA in the space academy, so I've assumed I didn't have a kerbal chillin on the station This save has been around and was created soon after 1.0 was released Here is a copy of my quicksave where I just landed on Eloo, the last time I believe the station was still in existance: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y0gx99pld7zx41u/quicksave.sfs?dl=0 Here is a copy of my save when I noticed something was wrong: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzqf4u6drqtrwi6/what ss gone.sfs?dl=0 Here is a copy of my logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kay6r5ocnb3ohs8/output_log.txt?dl=0 If I can think of anything else I'll edit it in here My system specs: Windows 10 64bit KSP: Steam i5 4690k OC to 4.5Ghz 2x AMD HD6950's crossfired 8gh RAM 480gb SSD If you have any questions or need more information please let me know; thank you in advance for any assistance!
  4. How many of y'all went to every place in the Kerbol System? Reply if so.
  5. While browsing Imgur I found this: http://imgur.com/gallery/3Y2Em
  6. Anybody have a Orion Spacecraft I could use?
  7. Hello everyone! Just a disclaimer before I write: I know game development is hard (I'm part of a game dev team myself) but I love giving suggestions and feed back, so that's why I post a lot in this section :P. My suggestion today is to improve the Kerbal Solar System a tiny bit today, and other things that I think would be awesome in the game. Add bigger asteroids that spawn randomly in Kerbol orbit (ones we can orbit, such like Bennu and comet 67P) The gravity there would be enough to have Kerbals walk on it. A sample return capsule to return experiments without returning the full craft. It would be a 1.25M part, with a parachute, the space for 2 experiments, and a little RCS for orbital corrections. Add another star system to the game, one very far away. (It doesen't have to be a big star system, but maybe a Binary with 2-3 planets and a moon of some sorts. With the new star system you need a warp drive, or the ability to go at a percentage of the speed of light. It would take a fairly long while to get there, talking an upward of 20 In-Game years, depending of course on the speed you're going. The Kerbals have invented the warp drive, and can go to a new star system, that means more science, and wasted science is...well wasted, so adding more futuristic parts such as very high reliability high ISP engines, with one major downfall, but isn't one so bad that makes the game unplayable. More powerful solar panels, etc. etc. Underwater Exploration. Seriously, water is cool and all, but we need some sort of boats and submarines, as well as some underwater easter eggs and geography. As in, maybe theres an underwater trench on Laythe or something. Either Revamp or Remove Dres. It's an extra science load, but it's a fairly boring dwarf planet. Make it have more geographically appealing features. I know there is a mod that revamps dres, but it should be in the base game. Give Rovers and Space Stations a purpose apart from experience and vanity. You could make it so that Kerbals will perform things better in EVA while experimenting in space stations. Rovers could be able to explore certain kinds of areas better. Make space stations have maintenance. I'm not the type of person to make things super realistic (although I do like a little element of realism) but Space Stations are not realistic at all. Space Stations should occasionaly have problems that would need to be fixed, like an oxygen leak or something. If not fixed, the space station segment will break off. A little bit of micro-management would be nice on Space Stations, even make it toggolable if possible IVA in command seats, or a first person mode. One other suggestion that people would like to be implimented but doesn't matter if it's not, is EVA'ing inside your bigger Capsules and Crew parts. It's not important, but it would add a nice little feature to the game, for giggles. Anyway, thanks for reading and let me know what you think. Also Squad, you're doing awesome work, and I wish you all the best!
  8. http://www.mycockpit.org/forums/showthread.php?t=30868
  9. This idea has been in my mind the past few days, and as someone who is not the best at math, I decided to see if my fellow forum members could help me out. I know that you can see the ISS if the time is right, although I realize what you are really seeing is more of the reflection of the sun. So my question is: let's say some company wanted to put a giant billboard into a safe stable orbit (that orbit hopefully you guys can help me figure out) how big would this billboard need to be so that someone standing on earth could see it and feasibly read what is being advertised? The second part of this question. How would one go about making this? What kind of materials would most likely be used? Would it be more reasonable to snap it together over the course of years? Or would you launch up a giant banner and unravel it? How would you maintain that the advert is facing towards the earth? And how would you eventually get rid of the giant billboard? So far from what I can figure out. I would think some sort of lightweight canvas would be the best way to go. Perhaps multiple launches of somehow stitching these giant pieces together. However, in terms of size, cost, safety, and so on. I have no clue. Would love to hear some feedback. Interested to see what you guys can come up with. - AtomicSnails
  10. Looking forward to 1.2 and the new telemetry features. The announcement of the upcoming patch made me think about features I would like to have in KSP. Rocket Test Facility - Some place to test fire rockets, maybe some way to mount the rocket and test the ship as it burns and see how CoM and all that jazz is affected prior to an actual launch. I know you could just do that on the launch pad but still...A place to test certain setup and maybe earn a little science with out risking a ship exploding on the launch pad. Cities - I really want and maybe its coming, but I really want missions to setup satellites to bounce Kerbal signals around to different cities. Missions to establish satellites TV/communication network foot prints or GPS networks. Basically I need an incentive or drive to do stuff in KSP. I love it but I am not very good at it because I get distracted. I need a reason to go to Mun. It's like legos I can build what ever I want, but what do I want to build? I can setup a GPS network of satellites but I need them to blink and flash and tell me they connected and doing something and need to see all the fake data the sending back and forth. I know with 1.2 coming out we may be a step closer to this, and maybe a few mods will help it reach what I would like it to be. I guess my only real problem with KSP is I feel disconnected after a while, like I am alone in the [-]world[/-] universe just me and my Space Program of expendable Kerbals. Great game other wise, love it and keep coming back to it. Even though I am clearly no rocket scientist.
  11. I'm working on a cubesat project which will be powered by a RPi Zero. If anyone could guide me as to how I would go about this I would greatly appreciate it. I'm currently working on initial research and how the cubesat itself would be constructed, electronically powered and how it would be programmed. Finding this much harder than I anticipated. This project was partly inspired by KSP so I thought I would post here. I thought this is not an easy task but it could prove to be a fantastic learning tool.
  12. Hello I want to build a space plane but it keeps flipping over! When I try to take off on the runway, it likes to go left or right, and it's really difficult to keep straight. When I do get off into the air, after a few seconds it's nose flips up and the plane starts flying backwards. When I let it fall down to kerbin with the engines disabled, it also flies backwards?! I don't understand how as the center of lift is behind the center of mass. I also tried to make sure the fuel firstly starts to drain at the back, and gets pumped forewards, but it doesn't help. Any ideas?
  13. Atto and Pico-class Sub-Capital Ships These ships are lightweight escort vessels designed to pack a punch, and have strong armor. Both of these ships have no launchers included, but can easily be launched with custom designs because of their light weight. These ships offer great escort to capital ships, anti-subcapital capability, escort of logistics vessels, armed communications capability, and fighter deterrence. FR-01 Atto-class Frigate 2,823 m/s DV .09 TWR 18.978 tons 201 parts An optionally manned scout ship equipped with a strong punch: 4 unguided short i-beams that can launch simultaneously. These i-beams can subdue lightly-armored sub-capital ships and fighters.It's also very well armored, with wings over structure, and a spine similar to the Frontier-class. Imgur Album Action Groups Download Link(Atto) CR-01 Pico-class Corvette 3,091 m/s DV .08 TWR 23.257 tons 248 parts An optionally manned scout ship equipped with a big punch: 4 unguided i-beams that can launch simultaneously. These i-beams can subdue lightly armored capital ships, other corvettes/frigates, and fighters. It's also very well armored, with wings over structure, and a spine similar to the Frontier-class. Imgur Album Action Groups Download Link(Pico)
  14. So does ANYONE remember the VERY old days of KSP, when every explosion was basically napalm and the space center had palm trees? It seems like most of the current players are either people who are obsessed with Delta-V numbers, or total noobs that just make a plane and manage to make it into an orbit with .5 eccentricity. There are very players left that I can find that aren't hardcore or just bad. I mean, Grand Tour missions are cool and all, but the KSP dev team has added something to destabilize the way people used to play the game: They have added all of these heavier and heavier boosters, with more and more efficient engines, but no new planets or moons. We have enough Delta-V with these new things to go interstellar, but the dev team hasn't yet added anything past Eeloo. Sorry if I am being a bit ranty and insulting. Like, if spent enough time, I could easily build a Grand Tour craft. But, I find it more fun to land a rover on a planet than a manned mission, in my opinion. Even though I have had tons of Duna missions, sunrise on another planet still amazes me in KSP. So why has the spirit of exploration and wonder gone over to the spirit of sounding accomplished and having large amounts of Delta-V? I mean, I still only use basic rockets, just because the acceleration feels more exciting than any ion engine. It still makes me anxious when I see re-entry heating lighting up my heat shield, even though I have gone through hundreds of re-entries. No matter how many parachutes I deploy, it will always relive me to see the g-meter rise and the chutes grow wider as they fully deploy. So what I'm saying is, why act like going to another planet is a routine thing that you get a little picture badge for when you can be thrilled by dust kicked up by your engine as you land on an alien world? Why settle for a tiny blue glow when you can see the trail of flame and smoke from a rocket? Why go for Delta-V when you can go for a craft that makes you happy? So put the wonder and adventure back in KSP!
  15. Is there a mod that disables music and sounds in space? (not in: Tracking Station, at KSC or at Main Menu). Please help.
  16. This is my Imgur Album of pictures that I've taken with the Tarsier Space Tech Mod. I find these very nice to use as Wallpapers or Profile pictures . Follow me on Twitter: @baserunner0723. I've made a Weebly website for posting these pictures: http://tstspacepics.weebly.com/
  17. I noticed that all Soviets/Russians from Vostok 1 onward are spherical while American one from Mercury project are pointy. So i wonder what design are better spherical or conical one?
  18. I know that all Soviet/Russian and all american spacecraft have their own life support system, and really astronauts and cosmonauts do not need those heavy and bulky space suits. But apparently every time the flights were without something bad happening, reportedly Soyuz 11 cosmonauts able to survive if they were wearing suits, the Russians believed that the life support system of the space capsule Soyuz is reliable, and can not fail, but it happened. Their Soyuz had air leak after I undocked from the space station Salyut. NASA astronauts also flown without the suits until the tragic mission of the space shuttle Challenger. I wonder if the space agencies someday again decide to abandon the IVA space suits?
  19. For exemple Soyuz i wonder does is point that they cannot abort even is something bad happening?
  20. As the topic says, what are some good scifi films which are unheard of and are semi realistic? Like Gravity for example (but it is not unheard, it is famous) For me, I will recommend Europa Report.
  21. I heard that during launch, the shock wave near the touchpad is similar to explosion of H-BOMB I wonder from what safe-distance we could watch launch, of course if we live near spaceport
  22. I'm looking for mods with actual spacecrafts that can be combined with stock parts. I once used HGR mod, but it's looks that it was not updated since June 2015 so i'n wondering does i can use it with 1.1 which after all use new UNITY engine???
  23. Im user of a social webpage for readers called wattpad, where you can post your own stories. I post a story based on space called "Eisntein's cage" (on Spanish, sorry), but i felt a bit dissapointed when i saw that other "science-fiction stories" (firtsly and mots hated by me: the zombie's ones) got more famous than mine and more quickly, when i knew that my story (here's coming my egotistical mind) were better. After that, i had that conversation with myself: "If the readers want zombies, should i give them zombies?" "No, dani, you can't, you hate that topic. You cant do it" "I hate the zombies stories of other people, but what about if i do my own story? Made a story that doesnt seem a zombie-like story, but that has them, and also had space, and all the pother things that made my stories mine". "It could work. Now, think. If you dont want a copy of other work. You need a diferent scenario." "A distant planet, with a little human colony" "Okey, it should be enough. Think about the disease that changes the people into zombies, think about the zombies. They cant be normal zombies, they should be special." "The Disease would be a virus of high complexity. The colonists would call it "Güestia"". the zombies wont be zombies, they will be "Heralds"". "Now you need to mantain the story as you write others. You need spaceships. You need an explanation about spaceships, you need and explanation about the entire colony." And after many thoughts, and a longer conversation, the base of my story appeared. Its short for now (i still writting, but it isnt the first time that i wrote an entire chapter, i read it and i say "it sint good" and i delete it. But im progressing. If you are interested on read it, here's the link: (If you speak spanish, theres also a link to the spanish version here) https://www.wattpad.com/story/63567731-taranis-english-version Also, i will be posting the chapters here, so the ksp community didnt need a wattpad account to see it.
  24. You ever have that feeling, when you want to create a world or two... or three... or two hundred... And you want to share it to everyone. Well now you can! In this Discussion, you can share you`re ideas for a solar system, or two, or even a galaxy! Even if its VERY unlikely or crazy! So just go wild and create a massive system and name it, add descriptions, add history, heck even create an entire ecosystem for you`re planets, its you`re choice. No matter how crazy it is, we will be stunned by you`re creativity (in a good way as well.) Any previously created planets/systems/galaxies are also welcome. As long as you credit who made it or its from you`re heart. So have fun creating you`re universes
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