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  1. Atto and Pico-class Sub-Capital Ships These ships are lightweight escort vessels designed to pack a punch, and have strong armor. Both of these ships have no launchers included, but can easily be launched with custom designs because of their light weight. These ships offer great escort to capital ships, anti-subcapital capability, escort of logistics vessels, armed communications capability, and fighter deterrence. FR-01 Atto-class Frigate 2,823 m/s DV .09 TWR 18.978 tons 201 parts An optionally manned scout ship equipped with a strong punch: 4 unguided short
  2. So does ANYONE remember the VERY old days of KSP, when every explosion was basically napalm and the space center had palm trees? It seems like most of the current players are either people who are obsessed with Delta-V numbers, or total noobs that just make a plane and manage to make it into an orbit with .5 eccentricity. There are very players left that I can find that aren't hardcore or just bad. I mean, Grand Tour missions are cool and all, but the KSP dev team has added something to destabilize the way people used to play the game: They have added all of these heavier and heavier boosters,
  3. Is there a mod that disables music and sounds in space? (not in: Tracking Station, at KSC or at Main Menu). Please help.
  4. This is my Imgur Album of pictures that I've taken with the Tarsier Space Tech Mod. I find these very nice to use as Wallpapers or Profile pictures . Follow me on Twitter: @baserunner0723. I've made a Weebly website for posting these pictures: http://tstspacepics.weebly.com/
  5. I noticed that all Soviets/Russians from Vostok 1 onward are spherical while American one from Mercury project are pointy. So i wonder what design are better spherical or conical one?
  6. I know that all Soviet/Russian and all american spacecraft have their own life support system, and really astronauts and cosmonauts do not need those heavy and bulky space suits. But apparently every time the flights were without something bad happening, reportedly Soyuz 11 cosmonauts able to survive if they were wearing suits, the Russians believed that the life support system of the space capsule Soyuz is reliable, and can not fail, but it happened. Their Soyuz had air leak after I undocked from the space station Salyut. NASA astronauts also flown without the suits
  7. For exemple Soyuz i wonder does is point that they cannot abort even is something bad happening?
  8. As the topic says, what are some good scifi films which are unheard of and are semi realistic? Like Gravity for example (but it is not unheard, it is famous) For me, I will recommend Europa Report.
  9. I heard that during launch, the shock wave near the touchpad is similar to explosion of H-BOMB I wonder from what safe-distance we could watch launch, of course if we live near spaceport
  10. I'm looking for mods with actual spacecrafts that can be combined with stock parts. I once used HGR mod, but it's looks that it was not updated since June 2015 so i'n wondering does i can use it with 1.1 which after all use new UNITY engine???
  11. Im user of a social webpage for readers called wattpad, where you can post your own stories. I post a story based on space called "Eisntein's cage" (on Spanish, sorry), but i felt a bit dissapointed when i saw that other "science-fiction stories" (firtsly and mots hated by me: the zombie's ones) got more famous than mine and more quickly, when i knew that my story (here's coming my egotistical mind) were better. After that, i had that conversation with myself: "If the readers want zombies, should i give them zombies?" "No, dani, you can't, you hate that topic. You cant do it" "I
  12. You ever have that feeling, when you want to create a world or two... or three... or two hundred... And you want to share it to everyone. Well now you can! In this Discussion, you can share you`re ideas for a solar system, or two, or even a galaxy! Even if its VERY unlikely or crazy! So just go wild and create a massive system and name it, add descriptions, add history, heck even create an entire ecosystem for you`re planets, its you`re choice. No matter how crazy it is, we will be stunned by you`re creativity (in a good way as well.) Any previously created planets/systems/galaxies are also w
  13. I mean, how are they not rocket or space related? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3W7ch0oLeA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfniG-AdSC4
  14. Space Shuttle tank ET94 entered the atlantic side of the Panama Canal yesterday and is now passing through the first of the Pacific-side locks, the Pedro Miguel Locks. The following webcam is at the next set of locks, the Miraflores Locks, facing towards Pedro Miguel: http://www.pancanal.com/eng/photo/camera-java.html?cam=Miraflores There is a bit of a rain storm right now but as soon as it passes, you will be able to see the Pedro Miguel locks in the distance. You can track the tanks progress here, it is being towed by the Shannon Dann: http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:400
  15. Just wondering why the topic Component Space Shuttle V 5.0.1 (July 14, 2013) is closed when it is still active and being updated? It is linked from http://spacedock.info/mod/268/CSS-%20Component%20Space%20Shuttle Thanks! Link:
  16. I thought I would share this on the KSP forums because of the common love of space games! I don't know if many people have heard of this game so I thought I'd let those unaware of this game, to now know it exist
  17. I've just completed the test flight of my latest space plane. I wanted to see if it was capable of lifting a modest IRSU setup to Minmus. It could. So then we refuelled and went to Duna. Then Laythe. Then Pol. Then Eeloo. And finally we are back home. At 42 years, it was, quite literally, a journey of a lifetime. The only problem is, they've been cooped in a cockpit for 4 decades. Perhaps Podsy and Kirry are romantically involved, have a Netflix account or are just very, very good at travel chess. And if the former is true, there is then the problem that ce
  18. I noticed that when i spin my spacecraft (while putting heatshilt still forwar into atmosphere) during re-entry my spacecraft slow down more quickly, it's very important since new realistic aerodynamic was implemented after game was released, in early access re entry was more easier, but i like the new aerodynamic because i like KSP "not because it is easy but because it is hard" ;-) I wonder does spining spacecraft was used in real life spacecraft.
  19. Ever got the crazy idea of moar boosters!!!! well what could go wrong ? Craft example My try : https://youtu.be/U6ezihm65EA I toke it on my self to build hell mother of moar boosters and ended in space faster then expected, Now it's your time, Build a stock craft and send it to space as fast as possible and as always rules are simple : No cheats stock only Rating is based on how fast you reach 70KM and will be done on 20/04/2016 So as always make sure you take screen shot \ video and post it in comment below. Good luck kerbals
  20. Following on from the thread looking at "The Manifesto of the Committee to Abolish Outer Space": Without re-hashing what that weird "manifesto" is all about... Things like nebulae are often presented in literature using imagery from various instruments that record yet more various sensory data which is used to produce so-called "false-colour" picutures that use light enhancement, non-visible spectra etc that give these wonderfully colourful and impressive images of huge, light-year scale objects. In reality, if you were an astronaut in deep space and you stuck you head out of th
  21. Hi, I want to show you a video in honor of the first manned flight in the world
  22. Many glorifies the main character as he fights heroically against discrimination in a world dominated by genetic engineering. Where people without genetic modification is treated as inferior. Unfortunately, this film glorifies the lies, deception and dishonesty.
  23. I noticed that both astronauts and cosmonauts like to emphases they are pilot-cosmonaut, pilot-astronauts?
  24. So, I decided to quit my Muna missions and deleted that save, but I have plans for something way better. Missions all around the Kerbol system, in something of historic accuracy. Enter Kerbal Freeplay. This is going to be sort of with a story. The Kuputnik After Werner Von Kerman published the paper on manned rockets, in which he laid out the ability for rockets to be manned, and how that could be used, he became world famous, for the entirety of Kerbal society was about space. Werner was given a strip of coastal land and buildings for the successful launching of spacecraft. This was
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