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  1. Today I made something I thought was pretty cool and that I should share with you guys: Play with it here! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13276416/Unity/WarpTest/WarpTest.html It's a little interactive "simulator" thing about relativistic space flight. I've made the galaxy much smaller than real life (only two light-minutes across) for obvious reasons, and it isn't quite scientifically accurate in all ways, but it's based on the real science behind relativistic optical effects and thus with any luck gives the right general impression. Here's hoping some of you guys have so
  2. After Rocket Builders was dissolved, this is the Alphasus showcase thread. To be clear, I will still collaborate with Sharkman Briton in craft development, and all craft with SAP-C names are relics of the past. Classifications: (LF)Light Fighter<5 tons (F)Fighter<8 tons (HF)Heavy Fighter<10 tons (B)Bomber<15 tons (GS)Gunship<20 tons (FR)Frigate<30 tons (LD)Light Destroyer<40 tons (DD)Destroyer<50 tons (HD)Heavy Destroyer<60 tons (CL)Light Cruiser<70 tons (C)Cruiser<100 tons (CA)Battlecruiser<15
  3. For those of you interested in more than just fanworks, Radion is running a roleplay on an offsite server here: http://kerbalroleplay.com/
  4. The utterly pointless and useless Kerbal Superhangar! This kit contains the following: the one and only Superhangarâ„¢, my own SpaceFlyerâ„¢ spaceplane, and much more(not really)! Extremely laggy and no usefulness whatsoever! Thank you for testing out this product! Coming soon to stores for only $1000000000 Kerbal dollars! [ATTACH]34862[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34863[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34864[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34865[/ATTACH] Note: pics in SPH because of EXTREME LAG on the Runway.
  5. -BBCIs it so bad that the first thing I thought when I saw this was "Damn, that'd be fun in KSP." What a discovery huh? Can't imagine how the orbital mechanics must work, four stars relatively close together, with a planet in a stable orbit. Binary systems are bad enough to get my head around.
  6. I decided to land on all planets and moons. First target of course after Mun and Minmus is obviously Duna. After few days of building and unsuccessful flays I finally did it! I called my ship " Curiosity 2" (Curiosity 1 was send to Minmus ) It toked me 26 Kerbal's years. So after this short introduction I invite you to watch some screens <center><FONT size="+2"> 3...2...1... Lift off !</center> <a href="http://imgur.com/5Dl7a"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/5Dl7a.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> Jebediah's console. </center&g
  7. Welcome to Brand Co Air & Space, where we mass produce planes and rockets to help you achieve missions or just to help you have fun. Below you will find our currently available stock: :cool:L99thebeaver's products: The LTR32(.16 requires c7 mods... for now) Description: Being the 32nd of the series, it is BY FAR the most stable, and the fastest, being able to get upwards of 400 m\s horizontally, this baby does some work! Pictures: 39 P16-Mongoose(.16 requires c7 mods... for now) Description: Pictures: 50-60 L42-Onyx(.17) Description: Highest speed: 567 m\s Pictures: 75-81 J_Man_X_663's p
  8. Hello, first topic here. Anyway I have been trying to make a to-the-Mun-and-back kind of spaceplane. I use 2m rocket parts as the shuttle is meant to have a crewtank onboard. This is to facillitate passenger transfers to the Mun and back. It's supposed to be reusable, thus it can only have one stage. Refuelling is not a problem. That can be taken care of. Basicly, I need to know how to make a spaceplane that follows the specified conditions below: - 1 Stage - Nothing that has to be decoupled (No SRBs etc) - Has enough fuel at start to get into orbit - Has at least 1 Crew Tank - Must have landi
  9. Just for fun I did a KSP Promo Video. And in case you are wondering about the music. I created it specifically for this video. I hope you guys like it
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