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  1. The task is to add modules to the Kerbal XX space station in low orbit around Kerbin. Note that certain modules will already be added, such as the crew module and cupola. But other than that, start building! (Lucida Sans Unicode for LIFE) My module: Life support module (You obviously need that to survive!)
  2. Common Core Pods The Common Core Pod Program it's a effort to develop a modular capsule suitable to a wide range missions, using well known as established materials and building techniques with Composites and 3d Printing. Not to be confused with the incomprehensible Common Core Astronaut Training Program. BIG Thank You to KottabosGames for the review. Download: http://spacedock.info/mod/750/Common Core Pods ?ga=+3102+'kerbal+space+program'> http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/common-core-pods Changelog:
  3. The Beet Farm Hello and welcome to The Beet Farm, my depository for all the junk I end up making! Shout out to @Triop's thread, Triop's Adventures, which inspired me to create this thread. Up first: The KSS Humboldt, an air-deployed submarine - somewhat lacking in functionality or purpose. If I feel particularly tech savvy, I may even include a craft file! Who knows? Coming as soon as I figure out how to post pictures.
  4. Welcome to soup aerospace, Connoisseur of space and soup. More crafts coming soon KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/Soup_Aerospace/craft Also, most crafts have mods on em, Mostly dmagic, restock and a bunch of others
  5. Hey! Continuing with my too-big launcher binge, I've got another whopper for ya: A multi-purpose interplanetary ship with ample fuel and propulsion, space for 70 Kerbals, and a variety of ports for expansion and utilization. It can be placed into LKO fully fueled in a single launch: Please let me know what you think! Download the craft file here: https://kerbalx.com/Jamie_Logan/Torus-X-64 Also, Check out:
  6. Hello, and welcome to the amazingly named thread where we post help and pics of stuff to build. it’s not like I’ve dug, but it doesn’t seem like anyone made this yet, so time to make it! while I don’t have any myself, I wanted to make a thread where people posted advice and tutorials centered around teaching. I want to make a place where people go around at teach, to name a few: launchers! Probes! Space station modules! Moar!! So go and teach, I guess
  7. Kerbal-X Profile : Stefsilver43
  8. Taurus & Amarok Mod Pack Download: SpaceDock Source: https://github.com/macluky/MacLuky Manual: Assembly Guide Taurus Launch Systems The Taurus Launcher series provide an early to mid-career set of lifters that enable you to launch payloads in LKO and beyond without too much assembly, whilst making an effort to look a bit more like a real rocket. They are based on bits and pieces from Lionhead's ESA Launchers, Socke 1.875 HGR extension, some texturing ideas from Benjee and a lot of creativity and testing. The included guide gives some examples of various configurati
  9. So, yeah. I want the know how to build a missile that includes target functionality. Like you double click on something and it pulls up a target sas mode. I need an atmospheric and space faring version. Can both take down a building. (Any.) I'm quite new only 130-ish hours on KSP and I want this for my Kethane Wars video. Don't care how big. Make some physic-bug ones if you want and make sure it can fit in a 1.25 meter hull or mk2 payload. (Full size.)
  10. The Rockleford E-1 is great at putting it’s payload into kerbin orbit. The first stage pushes it most of the way into orbit, and the second stage with four F3S0 solid fuel boosters finishes the orbit insertion of the payload. It's also my first craft. Below are the stats and some images. Stats: Mass - 24.47t Cost - 19,807 Funds Stages - 8 Part Count - 25 Built in KSP 1.8.0 Download: https://kerbalx.com/TheKSPKerbalGuy/Rockleford-E-1 (KerbalX) Enjoy using this craft! It's also the first in the E-Series of the Rockleford Rockets.
  11. This is a post I originally started a couple years ago in a thread for My History of Spaceflight, but it got a little buried (...I couldn't find it...) so I thought I'd make a new post and include my thoughts on spacecraft design et. al. I would like to keep updating it with comments of various craft that I've created as well as the through process behind them. Philosophy and Approach This actually encompasses more than just KSP as I've been "designing" spaceships since I was a little kid, "swooshing" a few little Lego parts that I wholeheartedly believed was a spaceship. I have a vi
  12. Here is the Lil' Guy 1 light spacecraft KerbalX Craft File Lil’ Guy 1 Lil Guy 1 is a multi-purpose light craft designed for maximum precision and fun. It sports a unique and practical feature set that’ll make any rookie Kerbonaut look like an ace pilot! Its lightweight aerodynamic frame, combined with powerful RCS ReEntry Control System, allows for an unexpected amount of glide in the atmosphere, and should have you touching down in, or at least near, your intended LZs. The orbiter carries all the basic experiments plus Goo, and a
  13. I usually go with Greek gods and other ancient mythologies for rocket and/or spacecraft names. Here are some: - Artemis II Heavy Rocket - Osiris IV Medium Rocket - Hercules Crew Pod - Phoenix Mun Lander - Icarus Rescue Capsule - Atlas Duna Landing Vehicle - Capricorn Eve Ascent Rocket Anybody got something better? I'd like to hear them.
  14. Yesterday, September 15th 2018, was a day of two endings. It was both the last day of the Delta-II, and the first anniversary of Cassini-Huygens mission completion. So, I'll put a little text-based tribute to them both, here in this thread. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cassini-Huygens was a mission of firsts. A trailblazer. First mission to orbit Saturn. First soft-landing in the outer solar system. Weighing 6 tons when fully fuelled, it is going to be a long ti
  15. Today I realized that i didn't explore other planets at all I only explored mun and the other moon. SO I was like let's go exploring in KSP in that time realized i need some sort of a good and efficient spacecraft.So in this topic we will just talk about what's the best spacecraft to build for landing on other planets and coming back safely.My Targets are to land on Duna,Eve Or Jool. I haven't yet build a good craft to go somewhere
  16. I don't know you but each time I have to launch into a specific orbit inclination for contract mission, going to Minmus .... I am facing the problem of when will the ascending or descending node will past over the KSC to permit a clean direct orbit inclination without modification once in orbit. I asking you if there is a way to do that in the stock game or if a mod allow you to know that and if it is not ,if it is possible .
  17. Hi all, So, I've noticed that my landers, when I revisit them (either from the Tracking Center or via the map), leap into the "air" anywhere from 10M to more. 10 meters isn't much on either Minmus or the Mun (aside from a few moments of terror), but I've had a lander leap so far up that it crashed and burned. The only mods I have installed are the Docking mod and Kerbal Engineer. I thought at first the SAS ring might be the culprit, so I turned it to SAS only, but the landers still leap. It's quite a thing to see four modules linked together leap as one above the ground, but it still
  18. Greetings people, Today I want to show you the third version of my Arrowel Rocket series, Arrowel III! The third version of the original rocket is two staged, and it's second stage has alot amount of fuel tanks. It might be heavy, but thanks to SpaceY SRBs the rocket can lift off at a TWR of 3.25! The download link for the rocket is not ready yet, but I'll let you know. Here's the demo video.
  19. There was a brief mention in an older thread about the Haynes manuals: I just received the Haynes "Soyuz Owners Workshop Manual" by David Baker, and all I can say is WOW! There's a fair amount of background through Vostok and Voskhod and the development of the "7K-OK" that became the Soyuz we know and love (and I finally understand why it was "7K-OK"), but then Baker really gets into the details. I don't know that I'll necessarily need to know the exact VHF frequencies the radio operates on (though Baker mentions them), but knowing that there's both a shortwave and a VHF system that ar
  20. Hi guys, so I was flying my plane when i had something (a satellite) in orbit at 80 km. I believe I saw that satellite from my plane, as a fast moving object. Is this possible in KSP mechanics?
  21. Here I'll be posting my drawings of various spacecraft/rockets in MS Paint and where you can ask for drawings of other real-life rockets/spacecraft. I drew a Saturn V (image below) and thought, In the comments, tell me what I should draw next. (I'm already going to draw the Mercury Redstone, so don't suggest that.) It has to be a real-life spacecraft or rocket. Also, tell me what you think of them! They may not be the best in the world with detail (I actually forgot the ridges on a part of the Saturn V next to the right fin if you'll notice). Waiting List: 1. N1
  22. I spent the last week or so designing my own spacecraft. The capsule, rocket, space suit, engine, control panel, everything! Here are pictures (some aren't completed): The spacecraft The full assembly Spacecraft labeled Spacecraft diagram Control panel (incomplete) Rocket diagram Engine/turbopump diagram Space suit diagram Hope you liked it, feel free to give any thoughts on it (and yes, it is based off of Mercury).
  23. Hello! I have recently gotten into calculating the delta V of all my rockets, just for fun , and have come across a problem. I have some rockets where the first stage is a liquid fueled engine and 2 SRB's. The basic equation assumes that all of the boosters burn out at the same time. However, in this case, the SRB's burn out first, while the liquid-fueled portion of the stage continues burning. Is there any perfect equation for this calculation?
  24. Hello there intelligent Engineers! Today, I've got a challenge for you! A very tough one. So I've seen people building SSTO's in Ksp RSS but none of them was reuseable. Now I'm inviting you to join this challange and be maybe the first ones to ever crate a SSTO on RSS in KSP or a fully reuseable spacecraft. The rules are: Full reuseability no debris has to achieve orbit has to carry atleast 5t to LEO Realistic mods! (That means no warp drive ) RSS FAR The winners spacecraft will get a youtube review. I cant await to see your spacecraft
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