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Found 11 results

  1. URL: https://SpaceDock.info FAQ What we are working on now: We decided to split Spacedocks Frontend and backend. VITAS is working on the frontend (including UI rewrite) Darklight is working on the backend. VITAS is working on an improved cdn setup
  2. **Announcement** I Am Not Going To Develop This Mod Anymore, See Page Two For More Information. And This Thread Has Been Locked As I Requested It. Valentina Kerman Rocket Development And Test Facility Public Development Release V0.6 "Moar Testing" | A Kerbal Konstructs Add-On Official Trailer By @miguelsgamingch or Me 80 > 100 Views from turning Unlisted To Public! Thank You Guys! (Launchpad 1A, Mods Used: FASA Saturn IB
  3. KSP Mod Analyzer 1.1.1 has been released, with the following new exciting features: Support for SpaceDock, Curse and CKAN repositories Clickable links to mod page, source code repository and forum if available Filter on mod name Many UI improvements 60s cool down period after updating SpaceDock and Curse, to limit network traffic Possiblity to do analysis on mods, e.g. "Mods only available on CKAN", with aggredated metadata CSV export Note! Due to recent changes to the Curse page, "Update Curse" is broken, I'm looking into the problem. In su
  4. For me, when I try to go on Spacedock, I get a "possible attackers" warning from my browser. I'm using Chrome, but if something real happened to the actual site, someone please tell it to me!
  5. I can't access Spacedock.
  6. EDIT: Since I now know that something like that was actually done but died, I try to figure out why. Original post: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ! I'm only talking about modlists, NOT modpacks. A modlist doesn't contain any modfiles, it's just a text file ! just a disclaimer I don't want so summon any pitchforks or torches. Hello together, As you read in the title I'm looking for a place to collect modlists based
  7. Sector 7 Space Laboratories Space Dock 7 Support Package I was planning to use an SSTO named Energy Source for delivery of the mobile fuel tanks but I was arriving with too little fuel. I decided to use Rocketry and chose SpaceTech for this Mission. This craft is working and I now have enough fuel to make rendezvous with lots of fuel remaining for the Space Dock's Fuel Transfers. SpaceTech has a Launch Package of a Mobile Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank and also an array of RCS Tanks designed for Mobile Transporting. While En Route for the Mun I noticed the Atomic Rocket Motors were using more fu
  8. SpaceDock and Curse analyzer Hi, I would like to share a Python project I have been working on, "SpaceDock and Curse analyzer". I started working on this mostly for learning Python, and now I have a version up and running. The idea behind the project is "How to get a list of all mods that are hosted only on Curse but not on SpaceDock?" My preferred mod hosting site is SpaceDock, but I suspected that some mods are only available on Curse. How to get this analyzed in a nice way, and learning Python at the same time? Long story short, here is how it works, and a description of eac
  9. HI all, I a very disappointed to see that spacedock still has not reached its funding goals, or even $180 necessary to fully pay for appropriate bandwidth to provide the mods to us all. There are 2830 registered users and who knows how many thousands of unregistered users and yet they have only gathered $129 a month in support???? Is one dollar a month really too much to ask from us? Really!!!, come on guys, this is a team of guys why can we support them, what is wrong with us? What are we a bunch of entitled ungrateful troglodytes? Do we really want to lose SpaceDock just lik
  10. Hi artists, im looking for someone who could make me a "Space Duck" (the inofficial pet of Jeb) and a Kerbal as 3d model for use on SpaceDock. If possible fully rigged and usable in either 3D Studio Max or Poser. VITAS
  11. Hi, today @katateochi the owner of KerbalX and me had a talk about his plan to include vessel statistics into his vessel hosting site. I told him that i wanted to do a similar thing for DMP a while back and would love to have a "wich mod lincludes part x" search on SpaceDock. I suggested to include CKAN into this, since they distribute metadata. In addation tot he parts stats it would be great to have an image of that part so my idea is to ther have some sort of headless render setup or/and some sort of mod that generates them on players ksp games (as crowdsource campain). EIther way non
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