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Found 24 results

  1. We have a thread for KSP memes, and a thread for forum memes, but no thread for general spaceflight memes. So I made this thread. Here's one to start off: Here's the original film poster, just for reference
  2. Hallo! Welcome to the thread. If you're new to it, welcome aboard! If you're old to it, still- welcome aboard! I've included a "Table of Contents-like" thing to make navigation easier. You can use this for whatever you need: pictures, books, schoolwork maybe, and much more! Here's everything by month: (It starts with July 16 right underneath this) August: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/143974-this-day-in-spaceflight-history/&do=findComment&comment=2700011 September: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/143974-this-day-in-spacefl
  3. here's the idea, you and a friend who both have ksp start two seperate science playthroughs at the same time and on scheduled days of the week you both work to unlock the tech tree simultaneously, whoever unlocks the whole tech tree first wins you could also do this in career mode if you want
  4. So, I just created a new SSTO that has about 5,000 meters per seconds of deltaV, but I can't get it into orbit. It goes well until I hit the higher atmosphere, and then it screws up. Can someone please help? Craft Image
  5. Hey guys! So today I was playing some KSP and I built a rocket which is meant to orbit Kerbin at a low altitude first and then increase the Apoapsis up to 1 000 000 km (So I can get some sweet science from low and high Orbit). After having achieved the 1 mil km I did a stupid mistake and I had to revert to start.This time, I decided to go for a more lazy approach. I decided not to achieve Orbit and just fly straight up. Now something happened which doesnt make any sense in my current understanding of the world. I was only able to achieve about 400 000 km - less than half the amount I was
  6. Back in 1965, the military made a short film about reentry (seemingly animated by Fred Ward, the creator of Bullwinkle). It's a useful tutorial on the same tradeoffs we meet when we reenter a command pod or spaceplace in KSP -- the twin enemies of heat and acceleration. Here's the video:
  7. A few months ago I was browsing through Atomic Rockets when I stumbled upon a passage from a blog discussing the idea of developing a base on the moon with the help of an international authority-type organization to lead it all. The blog itself is based on a report titled "Economic Assessment and Systems Analysis of an Evolvable Lunar Architecture that Leverages Commercial Space Capabilities and Public-Private-Partnerships"—or just Evolvable Lunar Architecture. Recently I took a thorough read through the second part of the report for a big project I was working on, the part discussing the idea
  8. So umm, a couple months ago I was lazy and used mods like Kerbal Engineer for data readings. Soon I became interested in collecting those data values myself. Soooo I headed to the cheat sheat in the KSP wiki. I learn’t ‘The Rocket Equation’ quite easily and then moved onto TWR. But whenever I plugged in the numbers it would turn out wrong. So I spent hourrs trying to solve this problem with no results. Here is the formula off the wiki: Where Ft is thrust m is mass g is the gravitational acceleration I’m also using a scientific calculator for these calculation
  9. Hi all! hope you are having a great day! I just wanted to share a cool new interactive feature by NASA that shows all the incidents and close calls ever occurred in human spaceflight! I am still discovering the microsite myself but I can tell you already it is really cool! https://spaceflight.nasa.gov/outreach/SignificantIncidents/index.html Hope you enjoy it!
  10. My Brother and I have an idea to make a rocket that will beat all other armature rockets. and since we play KSP we will be doing it the hard way yes a feat no other person will beat. we will go to orbit. quote " not because it is easy but because it its hard and that goal is one we are willing to accept and one we are unwilling to postpone." so assuming that I live in the Oconee County Region of South Carolina and have a shop will all of the (necessary tools with in reason) to build this rocket. I want to use a liquid fuel and an oxidizer as the first stage. then solid rock
  11. Hello All. Enjoying my time with KSP very much. I have learned a lot. However, I am currently stumped on a contract I can't get in position for. I am trying to measure temperatures while in space flight above the Mun, but I cannot seem to get into position. I plan a maneuver that appears to line up with the zones needing measured, but when I come around my orbit where I thought I would be above the correct positions I am always off, and not by small amount, but several degrees off. Any pointers on this matter?
  12. I'm in a situation. I sent a space station with a small lander to the Mun, and realized it would be easy to put it into a polar orbit. That way, I could end up above every biome on the Mun. Now I have a contract that says to bring a Kerbal back from orbit of the Mun. Cool. On any equatorial orbit, my lander would have plenty of dV to get back into a decent orbit of Kerbin. BUT I can't figure out how to exit a polar orbit without using so much thrust that I'm in a ridiculous orbit on exit. So, the question: what is the most efficient way to exit a polar orbit of the Mun, given that I can w
  13. Today three members of the Expedition 48 crew successfully reached Earth orbit and are on the 2 day journey to ISS. This launch is somewhat special, because it features new version of Soyuz spacecraft. I want to share some videos related to launch and new Soyuz: Launch video (in English): Soyuz-MS features highlight (from popularmechanics.com article ): Video about Soyuz-MS spacecraft (in Russian, but you can try English subtitles): 360 degree video from launch pad (watch the box!):
  14. So, we know that the technology for the NERVA has existed for a long time now, and fully functional test engines were built. Now we all know how much easier Interplanetary travel is with these things, so how come they have never actually been applied to a real space mission? Is it because of radiation concerns?
  15. "Spaceplane" is a fairly well-defined term. Everyone basically agrees that a spaceplane is a vehicle which is capable of aerodynamically-controlled flight in the atmosphere but can also operate above the Karman line. "Spaceship" and "spacecraft", on the other hand, are a little less neatly defined. NASA seems to prefer the latter term, but I have seen several media sources referring to a variety of vehicles as spaceships, including the Dragon V2 and others. Now, I no there's really no rhyme or reason to this; it's just a matter of preference/convention. But if we were going to offic
  16. The title says it all, here's my thoughts (By the way, you don't have to make it extremely detailed, and you can make your own ideas and divert from current plans, as long as they make at least some sense): 2016: SpaceX launches 18 times, with mostly reused first stages, they also successfully launch the Falcon heavy, Osiris rex launches, and Juno arrives at Jupiter 2017: TESS launches and begins looking for Exoplanets like Earth, the VAIMR thruster is placed on the ISS, Falcon 9 does 30 launches, mostly re-launches from reused first stages and Cygnus, Dream chaser, and Dragon V-2 be
  17. Nanotech now has the capability to make the space elevator and private, orbital launchers possible. It now also makes possible the long desired 'flying cars'. This crowdfunding campaign is to prove it. Nanotech: from air to space. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/1633027 For technical background see: From nanoscale to macroscale: applications of nanotechnology to production of bulk ultra-strong materials. http://exoscientist.blogspot.com/2016/02/from-nanoscale-to-macroscale.html Bob Clark
  18. We have been having a running discussion in this subforum for the last year or more concerning a type of energy that does not require an apparent mass to generate momentum. Although energy can be converted into light which has momentum it has very little momentum given the energy contained within, and so finding something that has a magnitude more momentum per input energy created alot of discussion. In the end here I hope to show that it really matters little. To start off this analysis lets imagine the settlers of the mid 19th century American west. To accomplish their journey they ha
  19. So I was pretty disapointed that I missed the SpaceX landing and I've looked across the web for upcoming events, though I couldn't find a lot about spaceflight (like the spaceX landing)/ astronomy events. Could anyone give some things to look forward to in 2016?
  20. Do i go at full thrust and turn sharply once in an altitude where the drag won't really matter? Do i go slow, turn gradually until sideways? Or do i shoot straight up and circularize once out of atmosphere?
  21. Welcome to Rocket of the Week! This week(12/8/15-12/15/15)'s featured rocket: Delta III Rocket of the Week is a place where we will feature one rocket that is currently operational, retired, or planned. A new rocket will be featured each week. All members are welcome to comment about the featured rocket and even make suggestions about rockets that should be showcased the following week. Sometimes polls will be held for members to vote on their favorite rocket. Also, if the rocket is available in a KSP mod, it will be showcased as well. This is a place for all rocketry enthusiasts to
  22. Could this be the last flight of the powerful Zenit launch vehicle? On December 11, 2015, a Zenit-3SLBF rocket will launch the Electro-L2 satellite. Electro L-2 is a Russian weather satellite that will be stationed in Geostationary orbit. However, many sources, including Spaceflight Now and Spaceflight 101, have published articles stating that this launch could be the final launch of the Zenit launch vehicle, because the Zenit is for the most part manufactured in the Ukraine, and since Russian-Ukrainian tensions are getting tight, Russia has decided that it is no longer interested in purc
  23. So I was bored, thinking about manned spaceflight and such. But then I thought about gender. What if the majority of these people on these flights were male/all were male? How would equality and feminist groups react? Would they attempt to stop/delay the launch so women could go on? What about the radicals? How far would they go to stop this if they would do so at all?
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