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  1. Version 1.8.9 This is a parts pack intended to flesh out the stock mk2 parts lineup by providing new engines, air intakes, and fuselage segments and cockpits in the mk2 formfactor, to give players more options when building spaceplanes and more. All textures are stock textures where possible, using MODEL nodes, so RAM footprint should be minimal. -Command 2 kerbal Inverted cockpit with IVA 1 kerbal Multi-purpose high visibility cockpit with IVA 2 kerbal Mk2-1.25 cockpit with IVA 3 kerbal Mk2 spaceplane cockpit with IVA 1 Kerbal Bubble canop
  2. Hello all, After weeks of SSTO testing, and producing like 10 different designs, I've finally created my best design yet, the C-7 "snubnose" sat launcher ! A lightweight non-crewed spaceplane capable of getting a small mk1 satellite to LKO with ~350 m/s of delta-v to spare..... it could even launch 2 small sats at 1 time! Stable from take-off, orbital insertion and all the way back down to the space center. Fitted with airbrakes, a reaction wheel, batteries, and antenna. This design doesn't have the fuel capacity to meet up with a station and refuel for a longer
  3. Hello... I've been working on designing a simple mk2 cargo SSTO. This is what I've come up with so far after some testing: https://flic.kr/ps/3UDUwU It's got good balance, the center of lift stays just behind the center of mass. I've been able to get it to LKO with a max of ~700 m/s of delta-v. Does that look about right? How much delta-v should this have once in orbit? Also, does anyone notice any design flaws? How could I make it better? Anything I should work on? Any feedback would be great! PS: Also if anyone could help me, the link above, I tried to click "insert image fr
  4. Welcome! KirrimLabs KirrimLabs is a fast growing repository of SSTOs, and crafts are added every week/ month(depending on my ongoing projects, currently i'm working on The Upsilon Initiative. Tau Class This class is the smallest of all the SSTOs, and have relatively short range. Skylon This SSTO contains 3 1.875m service bays for deploying small satellites and CubeSats. REQUIRED MODS: TweakScale for intake and service bay ACTION GROUPS AG1 toggle RAPIER AG2 toggle RAPIER mode AG3 to
  5. The spaceplane in the images I've linked below won't lift off the ground. I tried removing the engines on the wings but that doesn't work either. Any ideas? https://imgur.com/a/fp8YPNI Note: It flies, and it flies well. Once it has reached the end of the runway I have perfect control in the air, it just doesn't lift off while on the runway, and I don't know why.
  6. F-NAD is an aerospace division run by the finest nuggets. Check out Adans Workshop for my previous spaceflight adventures and new ones to come. Look on this forum for sneak peaks of my next kerbal vids and for giving help and getting shoutouts for and from me, respectively.
  7. A while ago there was this excellent discussion on air intakes and drag in KSP: This is still an important topic (would be even more so if the dev's could give us some larger airbreathing/jet engines, so spaceplanes are actually useful without massive engine-spam!) and I wanted to continue to draw attention to the idea, discuss it, and see if anything has changed. Also, there were some nuances to Right's graph (re-posted below for convenience) that I don't think really got any proper discussion- and couldn't be discussed there now without nero'ing a very old thread... Note
  8. Kerbal players aren't exactly professional pilots (so landing is hard for many of us), and the runway is annoyingly short for some of the heaviest/largest spaceplanes we might build (ESPECIALLY given the lack of any Stock jet engines larger than 1.25 meters- meaning our largest spaceplanes tend to end up light on Thrust..) Thus, I would like to suggest that there be a longer/wider runway, which players can upgrade to as a "Level 4" runway (only effect is having more room to takeoff/land) in Career, or have from the start in Sandbox. While we're on the subject of facilities, a
  9. Here's a few ideas I had for new spaceplane parts, as well as a few suggestions for the current ones. And I know some of these suggestions are inside of mods, but I would like them in the base game for stock builds. New parts: A bigger Goliath - 3m Goliath anyone? But seriously, bigger engine, more thrust, for those heavy payloads... or just to get a tiny payload moving ridiculously fast. A bucket reverser 1.25 meter engine - Buckets are kool. A 1.8 meter engine - not as small as the J-20, but not as big as the J-90. A middle road jet engine. 1.8 meter aircraft parts Bigger FAT
  10. So in preparation for a laythe space plane mission, I decided to fly 2 Kerbals to Duna and back as practice. Cos’ I’ve never really flown space planes before you see. Anyways I’ve been trying to land the damned thing for an hour now and Its 1:20am, but I can’t seem to make my approach any slower than 200m/s. I did bring drouge chutes, but I foolishy positioned them at the back of the plane, so deploying them causes me to nosedive. Thinking about it now, I may need to pump some fuel further back, because my plane might have became front heavy after I completed my transfer burn. But screw it, I
  11. Aerocapture is a great way to save massive amounts of fuel on interplanetary missions. Its main downside is that it's not possible to plan very well, as your final trajectory depends on your craft, your planetary intersect, your periapsis, and what you do during the capture. Usually aerocapture involves trial and error with a couple of quicksaves/quickloads. Below I describe a technique for more controllable aerocaptures. It is applicable to Duna, Laythe, and Kerbin*; Eve and Jool would require exceptionally robust designs with creative use of heat shields at least. Designing the cra
  12. Started another career and since I think rockets are kinda dull, I've been trying to solve problems with planes as soon as it's feasible. It's fun to try to come up with a space plane that's good for something with Tier 1 tech. Obviously at this point it means rocket planes as there are no airbreathers powerful enough to be useful. So far, the best I've come up with is this -- the Jetstream, all stock. With those boosters it has enough legs to get to Minmus and back, which means it's good for tourists and search/recovery missions. This is in fact one thing tier 1 planes can do better than
  13. My SSTOs: Unnamed Laythe SSTO with 7 km/s of delta-v: Download here! My rockets: None worth uploading yet.
  14. By now there's multiple procedural parts generation mods that allow fully custom rocket and spaceplane designs. However, I'm yet to see one that tailors towards more graceful fuselage design for aircraft. I doubt I'm the first to think of this, but I haven't yet found any topics that discuss this. The would only feature one part - a regular procedural fuel tank. Users can edit the same properties that current procedural parts mods allow, such as textures, width, length, part type (fuel, structural, battery, etc), and so on. However, the following customisation options would also be i
  15. The majestic Stearwing D45 has always been a personal favorite of mine. The forward swept wings, the dual stages, the MK2 design, and amazing abilities, all contribute to its beauty. “ The Stearwing D45 features a unique two-stage design: The first stage takes it up to the edge of the atmosphere and nearly to orbital speed. The second stage kicks in just as the turbines start to flame out, and twin LV 909 rockets take it from there out to space. The D45 carries a crew of 2 plus 4 passengers in a pressurized cabin, as well as up to 6 more in its cargo bay seats. V
  16. Hello Kerbal Community, Recently I've been trying to create a space plane on a heavily modded install of KSP version 1.2.2. However, it does not work. Any of the jet engines that I use (ie: whiplash or RAPIER) do not generate a high enough TWR and cause the plane to run out of fuel before ever making it to an orbit. I know that this is not a design flaw, becauseI I've tested a very similar SSTO Spaceplane in a stock version of KSP (also running 1.2.2) and it got to an orbit just fine, with plenty of fuel remaining. This leads me to believe that one of the mods that I have inst
  17. Background: A while back I remember a fun challenge I picked up that involved BD Armory and delivering a bomb to a target about a third of the way around Kerbin in the fastest possible time, it was fun and all but I really wanted to break a barrier I saw in Kerbin speed possibilities. I wanted Jeb to go faster, farther, and more efficiently, then any Kerbal before him and thats when I began looking up real world hypersonic craft and became really interested in this subject area. What I have discovered already: There doesn't seem to be a lot of info regarding people who are build
  18. Hey folks, I've been playing KSP since 1.2.2 and I've managed to get rocket launching pretty much sorted (stock game, no mods, except AFPW, to get my Saitek HOTAS to work properly), but man, I appear to be utterly useless at space-plane design/flight. I've designed a number of regular planes, which all fly just fine (I do have some experience in full size and model aircraft), but for the life of me, I simply *cannot* get any of my space-plane designs (SSTO specifically) into orbit successfully. I can get them *close*....and I mean *really* close, but I just always end up ru
  19. Okay so, lots of people can make spaceplanes these days; there's plenty of tutorials, good parts, and so on. But in general those planes can't carry as much mass into orbit as some guy who slapped some stuff on top of a Mammoth, for various reasons. This leads to a lot of "put an orange tank into orbit" challenges and the like. I'm tired of them... So here's a challenge to build spaceplanes that can carry the biggest, heaviest payloads into orbit. The rules are as follows: 1. Horizontal takeoff; 2. No decoupling (or undocking, or explosive staging), with the except
  20. I haven't had much luck with space planes, everyone i tried to design did not get far before it crashed. At the same time i am wondering what exactly a space plane can do that a rocket can't?
  21. I am having this problem where during take-off on completely balanced and symmetrical planes that the ships always want to pull hard to the left. I am using medium gears with 2 on the back and one on the front. Once the ship is in the air it's rock stable. Can someone suggest what to do with the wheels?
  22. I know it's been done before, but in light of the space plane parts that came with, what was it, 1.1, I've decided to have a go at a non-vertical-launch space program. I'm setting myself some basic rules. The basic philosophy is that what takes off should be like a plane and what comes back should also be like a plane. I definitely don't want to just launch rockets from the runway, or come up with "workarounds" that let me launch from the runway what I would in another safe launch from the launchpad. My rules are, to an extent, a work-in-progress, and if anybody has any feedback or comment
  23. Normally I'm mostly a straight rockets person but have recently taken an interest in spaceplanes. Re-entry is a balance between spending enough time in flight to slow down and not crash but getting down quick enough not to overheat. With long thin rockets with heat shields, a shallow entry from LKO seems to work, but with planes this seems a recipe for firey death. If I have s space plane, say a Mk2 based SSTO, how should I attempt re-entry? What's a good height for PE after a de-orbit burn? Should I fly with a nose up attitude for maximum drag or a more straight on approach to get down to the
  24. Here you can post all your pics and (if you want) your craft files as well of all your dragons that you have built in KSP. For this thread please have your description contain 1. Name of Craft 2. Mods (if any) ALSO, DRAGONS MUST BE FLYABLE WITH NO CHEATS WHATSOEVER Have fun posting all!
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