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  1. Greetings! I have been playing K.S.P since 0.90 as of 2014. Throughout this period I have learned a lot ( from the rage had trying to make my first rocket get into space). Spaceplanes were by far the most difficult of my adventures but I believe I have mastered their creation by now. Rocketry is fairly easy to me and anything can be superlifted into orbit with a few giant thrusters and petal staging. If you notice my crafts they are all designed to be aesthetically pleasing to my O.C.D as well as functional/efficient. Anyhow, this is my repository for anything and
  2. A shadow company that's been developing spaceplanes that run the razor's edge, and the edge of the presence of IntakeAir and possibly give even Jebediah the heebie keebies has finally shown its face. Its philosophy is to stretch the usability of IntakeAir like no one else ever can and spare every feasible design from carrying the unsavory bulk weight of Oxidizer, therefore NOX means No Oxidizer. To qualify to wear the Fort NOX flag, if you so desire (I'm not trying to make this a challenge thread but it's just turning out that way. The firm does have its rules.) :: The firm is quit
  3. Hey everyone! During my time in KSP - I've only recently started playing - I've mainly used rockets from the VAB. I have barely any experience making space planes, but I see people using them all the time. Should I start using them? Which do you prefer? Rockets or Space Planes?
  4. Hello! My name is Lewis, and I'm an astroholic. This is my first post here, I hope you like it. Mountain Thrust Aerospace Technologies presents: The SCI-LON micro C4. Capable of taxiing 4 brave kerbals up to a 250km circular orbit, the C4 is: Cheap! Cute! Easy & fun to fly! Vital Statistics - Parts: 44 Mass: 22.23t Height: 3.9m Width: 6.7m Length: 10.6m Flight Manual - Engage the parking brake Press 'Z' Press 'T' Check mirrors and blind spot Release the parking brake Hit
  5. Hello! Welcome to Buzzsaw Aerospace Korporation. Since 0.21, Buzzsaw Aerospace has been developing numerous aerospace concepts, and the first deemed ready for sale are available now! Craft Repository All "F" planes need BDArmory. C-2 'Skyliner' The C-2 Skyliner is a light transport and/or biz jet. It is fairly mauverable, and has about 40kms of Delta V, and a TWR of 0.63 on 4 J-20 Juno 0.625M Jet Engines. 1.1 Compatible! Download - https://www.dropbox.com/s/9pp1uf7mr3qvr8y/C-2%20%27Skyliner%27.craft?dl=0 Pic - http://imgur.com/FfmH57c T-1 'Whoosh' The
  6. Let`s talk about spaceplanes.But not the SSTO or STS kind. More like this: The esa`s hermes. or,this: The Roscosmo`s Klipper. Are they useful? Capsules are better?Why? Does ksp have a good suport on making this kind of spacecraft? There`s a mod on this subject? Will we see a spaceplane like this in our lifetimes? What company/country will build one first? Let`s discuss.Be friendly.
  7. "a solution for every problem we create" Welcome visitor! We at the Antinormal Aeronautics dedicated our pilots' lives to spend valuable tax-funds to deliver you irregular, spectacular, and totally safe methods for tasks that would have been easier boring to fulfill by conventional ways. Our management decided to share the joy of flying (sailing, submerging, orbiting, etc) our most advanced constructions. We hereby deny the accusations of the lowly press that our goal is to ruin other space-programs by providing them dangerous, untested equipment that could damage their buildi
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