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Found 7 results

  1. Welcome everyone! I opened this thread for the freedom of uploading the pictures of and discussing the space shuttles that you have made. Stable space shuttles are hard to build, especially if the 'Vector" nozzles are being used. So I thought of creating this thread for you to upload the pictures of your space shuttles or even .craft files to let others see how your shuttles look like. You have the freedom to post your own space shuttle designs, or replicas, mods are allowed, it's just important that you upload shuttle pictures. Screenshots can be taken by using the F1 key on your keyboard whi
  2. Hello all ! This addon adds details to build Space Shuttle in KSP. First of all it is worth noting that the entire system is taken from the add-on for Orbiter2010 (Where is the original space shuttle) With the modernization of the name of SSU 3.0, with the approval of the person Urwumpe, and released under the license to GPL version 2. Since the original work, the use of texture created by Wolf for Orbiter2010 SSU 3.0 SSU: http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=6821 SFPR: http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=6848 For the space shuttle in the
  3. Is there any shuttle mod for 1.9 that doesn't require CKAN? Please reply! Also I hope the one who reads this has a good day. I'd resign with anything from KSO to STS mod or even to the aeronautics ones. Thanks!
  4. Hey Guys, im currently creating a very simple return mission with a SpaceShuttle to the KSC runway. Now I have a question: How do I setup the end node properly? When I land in the water the success event is not firing sadly. When I land next to the KSC only the 333points are firing. The setup I thought of is: Gold: Land within 2km of the runway (999Points) Silver: Land within 5km of the runway (666Points) Bronze: Land somewhere on Kerbin (333Points) Here is my node-setup: I hope you guys can easily spot my mistake Best regards, Georodin
  5. W.I.P. Ver. 1.3.1 Nasa Spaceshuttle X 99 VTOL start. The Rocket stage is from the great reDIRECT Mod. Give me a Feedback !
  6. Hey guys! So I've been wondering recently, what is the purpose of a shuttle, such as the stock Dynawing? I can't see that that particular rig affords any advantage over a standard rocket, except the recoverable aspect I guess. And also for the Dynawing in particular, why does it have those useless tanks I-beamed into the cargo bay? Probably stupid questions all, but I really cant figure it out.
  7. Sector 7 Space Laboratories Space Exploration Division - Mini Space Shuttle Skip Audio is from the original Launch, and the craft has been through a few changes, many launches and videos so you may see some minor changes in the Craft. I've added some extra launch pad action so the part count will not be accurate, this seems to matter from some. Two small Service Bays opt for Satellite Transportation or other Cargo. After experiencing this build I found Space Shuttles are a very tedious thing to build if you plan to have decent handling and to enter an Orbit around Kerbin. Hope you en
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