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Found 14 results

  1. Like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm8e4qVoXmM The things that move the telescope from its launch configuration to on top of the station. Can't find them anywhere. Don't want to have to launch a bulky rocket.
  2. in this challenge your job is to build the biggest space station possible ONLY using parts of the smallest cross section this challenge will run to the end of may, whoever makes the largest space station in terms of mass by the cuttoff date wins GOOD LUCK (-: by the way, the Mk 1 command pod IS allowed
  3. After seeing how the ISS was built and is now maintained, I really think a robotic arm would be a great addition to KSP. Robotic arms were very well used in the shuttle missions and could be good for servicing missions, space station construction, EVAs, debris cleanup, berthing, etc. Right now, if you want to build a complex space station you have to either equip every module with RCS (which dramatically increases part count) or use an RCS tug which can be incredibly tedious and annoying. My suggestion would be just add a single long part with articulations and a grapple end on one side s
  4. Got a comnet with complete coverage on Eeloo and planet is inspected. Im ready for the spacestation insertion. On jool system i use 14 xl solarpanels (bit overkill) , what is needed for eeloo to run 1 science module at furtest distance from sun. Ill add a lander and a ore craft aswell.
  5. If you are playing a career game there are things that matters: cost, research, safety, effectiveness. In my game I imposed myself to make crew rotations on long term station, to minimize cost you need ssto but effective SSTO will come with R.A.P.I.E.R. engines that are very expensive engine. This SSTO is my answer. It flies almost 20/30 times and this is the perfected version. Is cheap and does need high research elements such as R.A.P.I.E.R. engine but still perfect in its role mission task: safely bring a 3 member crew to/from any Orbital Kerbin station without refuelling. It
  6. Here's the thing: Since KSP in stock does not constrain oxygen, food or air for Kerbals, you can basically stuff one Kerbal in a small capsule and send him on his way for millennia. So why are any of us building larger crew capacity vehicles at all? Or include more than one science lab? Unless you are a heartless monster and kill your crew left and right, you don't need more than a handful of Kerbals. Building a massive space station for 288 Kerbals (like I did for my Jool colonisation mission, see also the GIF below) is pointless, really. So, why do we do it?I am apparently not the
  7. Ver 1.4 Dyna-Soar & SIV Space Station mk2. Now with an updated IVA using the latest ASET Props & Avionics You can now choose between 3 variants of the Dyna-Soar with new parts. Choose between a fuel tank, a cargo bay or a passenger cabin. S-IV Space Station has been completely re-modeled and re-textured. Also added new deployable solar panels. See screenshots below. Use the TITAN II from the Gusmobile Mod to launch the Dyna-Soar. Now supports RealPlume, Engine Lighting and TAC Life Support. These mods are not bundled with the release but are highly recommended. Also supp
  8. I have seen some spacestations in other threads but noticed that not many actually produce fuel, rather only serve as transit hubs. Therefore, let me show you mine! Refueling Station "Veragon" This station both produces and stockpiles rocket fuel (LfOx) and Monopropellant for outgoing ships. And by that I mean a LOT of it. Total reservoir is 51840 gallons of liquid fuel, 20250 gallons of monopropellant. And that entire reservoir gets refilled to full capacity within about and only 8 days. Since I am using KSTS mod (for automated delivery into low orbit) and Konstruction (for we
  9. Hi Got a ore and spacestation ship enroute duna. Is it better to have them both on ike , since a launch from duna costs alot of dV.?
  10. Ah……I‘m new here,This is my frist topic on forum,l ‘m used to stay in tieba here is some craft…… l ‘m used to play with RSS,TACLS,RFand a lots of real mods for space plans but……Kerbal War Program is better,isn't is?(even FAR is easlier……)
  11. Hello, There is a mod called stockalike station parts, and it seems it has gone dead. Can anyone update this for 1.1/1.1.2? Or tell me how to update it? I am using 1.1 because it has more mods available right now. This is one of my favorite mods and would love to see it come back. Sadly the user that made it hasn't been active in over 5 months. Help?
  12. hi im a demo user and i need help i need to make a space station in demo but im having probs getting it into space anyone have ideas or can send me there DEMO space station as a .craft file so i can use it for my build ill say when done when ive found a working idea! -Thanks Zizzlethekerbal Aka Zizzle8383
  13. The most popular craft on KerbalX. I thought this would be nice if we could have one thread with some of the best craft in the Kerbal Space Program. Although we may not see just the best of the best craft here it will still be a personal best and a craft with some good amount of reputation. Try to use the same format, leave a brief description, a linked craft file and the date built, this will show some greatness of your craft as well. The Title Font Size 26 and the description text size 14. Use a photo album or One Photo. ONE RULE: ALL CRAFT POSTED MUST HAVE 200+ DOWNLOADS. I will start with
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