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Found 6 results

  1. Backstory The Kerbal Space Agency suddenly felt the urge to make money as fast as possible, once they heard that the government would start to decrease their annual budget funding in exchange for a better military in these wartimes. Initially, KSA employees were so infuriated that some of them were already working in secrecy to deviate some near Kerbin orbit asteroids to "end it all". Fortunately, Wherner von Kerman, Chief Rocketry Engineer at KSA, managed to stop this insane evil plan and change his co-workers mind stating that he had a plan: Raising 10M funds as fast as possible with
  2. Was curious how fast others can complete the docking tutorial. I found it a great practice for when I ever get anything large into orbit lol. Currently takes me 27 minutes. I made some mistakes today though so I have to try some more. Streamed the entire tutorial if interested. Here is the hightlight of my final approach. Check out this video "Highlight: Kerbal Docking Tutorial Speedrun" http://www.twitch.tv/kinslayer125/v/575860847?sr=a&t=1s
  3. 6 Minutes to Critical 5:59 ... 5:58 ... ... KSC interns thought they could turn the pool into a spa by collecting all the RTGs and tossing them in. This bad situation will get a lot worse in 6 minutes when the water finishes evaporating. Build a car and get out of there! The farther the better. Time ticks down while you build (use a stopwatch or similar). Then when you launch, you can use the ingame timer to continue tracking t
  4. Hi guys, as you probably know, the thrust output of all air breathing engines is modified by two factors in KSP 1) the atmospheric density curve, specified in the config file. With all stock engines, thrust gets less the higher you go, though the Rapier does well in this regard since thrust loss with altitude is slow up to 20km. 2) the velocity curve specified in the config file. With some subsonic designs like the Wheesley and Goliath, the trend is only downward with increasing speed, but most actually gain thrust initially, before tailing off as you go faster still.
  5. Think you're pretty smart? Think your uber-fast plane can outrun a wall of flak? Think you can do it at 1,000m? Here's my challenge: build a plane that can dodge ground-based flak at an altitude of between 900-1100m while flying directly over it. The Rules: - Game Version: 1.0.5 - Stock parts only. - BDArmory Weapon Manager required. - minimum of 400LF to be carried per engine. - Aircraft must be crewed by a Kerbal. - Aircraft will be flown at full throttle at all times. - Send link to your .craft file here. The video below will show you w
  6. This is a simple challenge. Drop four Kerbals off on the Island, and return the vehicle to KSC as quickly as possible. The catch: You must do it in a VTOL aircraft. RULES: - Craft must take off and land vertically. - Craft must use airbreathing engines. Rockets not an option. - Stock parts only with the exception of informational mods such as KER and MechJeb. - Stock atmo. Default heating settings. - Passenger Kerbals must travel in enclosed pods. - Vehicle must be piloted by a Kerbal at all times. - No bits dropping off. - Passengers must be d
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