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Found 2 results

  1. Hello to the KSPC, I've joined the Kerbal space race recently, and i've come across a type of missions i can't seem to be able to complete. i.e: Test Rockomax Brand Decoupler splashed down at Kerbin Test Rovemax Model S2 splashed down at Kerbin When i complete those missions, the 2nd and 3rd ("kerbin" and the "splashed down") lines get the green check mark, but the first line the one that says "Test..." doesn't. Could this be a bug? Has anyone had the same issue? Or am i just doing something wrong? Guidance needed over here!
  2. Hi everyone. I started a few weeks ago with KSP because a friend showed me the game, and I loved it. Now in the carreer-mode I have trouble with the contract "Test TR-18 Stack decoupler splash down". The splash down is not that difficult, I can do that with no problems, but how can I test the decoupler so I've finished my contract. The with contract "Test heat shield (0.625m)" can no issues after I've found out that there is a test-switch on the heat shield, but the only option I see on the decoupler is the "crossfeed" (whatever that means..) Hope you can help me futher. I also saw the topic "How to splash down things" but I cannot seem to find the solution in that topic. Best regards Dave
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