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  1. I've always felt that stock Kerbal Space Program, along with tons of other mods, are lacking in one particular area. Solid Rocket Boosters. SRBs of different sizes are usually included in a larger parts pack, meaning I would need to install a massive pack for just a few parts! Sure, there's other SRB mods but they are either: 1. Small 2. Ugly 3. Old and abandoned 4. Not having what I need! So, if I can't find it, I'll make it! Introducing Kastor! Kastor is a mod that will add SRBs of all different shapes and sizes for any need you may have! In the future, I also plan on creating a system of modular boosters, with segments and engines. As I develop Kastor, I'll post my progress in this thread, and in the future when Kastor is closer to completion (or initial release), I'll open a release thread. When will Kastor come out? The current target (for the first release version) is 2021. Stay tuned!
  2. This challenge is built for precision, with SRBs. Rules: 1. SRB only. No other sources of propulsion, but having any other resources (including but not limited to EC) is allowed. No RCS. Decouplers are fine for separating stages, but not a major source of propulsion. 2. Stock only. Graphics or informative mods are allowed, though. DLCs are stock. 3. No cheats. No cheating of any kind. No autopilot. 4. Settings requirement: commnet on, plasma blackout on, require signal for control on, part G force limit on, part pressure limit on, Kerbal G force limit on, Reentry heating 100%(or higher if you like). All other options are optional. 5. Orbital construction is OK. If you think there are benefits, and you are capable of doing it. Multiple launches going to different places is not allowed for a single entry. You’re welcome to submit separate entries for that, Scores: 1. Reach circular orbit around Kerbin: + 5pts. Eccentricity between 0 and 0.01, with pe above 70km. Stable orbit required(engines not firing). 2. Flyby another body: +10pts, times body multiplier. Simply enter its SOI. 3. Circular orbit around another body: +20pts, times body multiplier. Eccentricity between 0 and 0.01, with pe above atmosphere, if it is present. Stable orbit required. 4. Land on another body: +30pts, times body multiplier. No damage to the craft, or, no unplanned disassembly (stagings are definitely OK), rapid or not. Stable landing required(engines not firing). 5. Successful docking: +500pts. Docking anywhere is treated the same, but make sure you’re on a stable orbit. 6. Be Kerballed: Double points! Make sure your crew returns safely. 7. Body multipliers: Entries should be proven by video/image and mission documentation. Mission report threads are welcome! Participants: This challenge is open to suggestions, especially for the body multiplier part, which may be not so fine-tweaked due to my personal limitations. Badges: You can put it in your forum signature as you like, if you get any positive points, according to the way you got it.
  3. I saw this topic being discussed in a post all the way back in 2013 and of course with the Modular Segmented SRBs mod. I'm thinking on developing a mod featuring all sorts of SRB parts, including these modular segments with engines. Now, I have much lower modding skill than linuxgurugamer and his advanced modular SRB system, so I got the idea (in the 2013 post) of making this simplified modular SRB system work like a liquid fuel stack, with the segments being caps and the motor nozzles acting as engines, with a custom resource (titled Solid Propellant or something), and replicating the characteristics of real SRBs (can't be stopped, thrust curve, blah blah blah). What do you think? Could it work?
  4. Here is a working launch abort system idea which works with multiple "flea" solid rocket boosters below the payload on crewed missions. Here is a download link to a video of a test flight for this abort system in case the rocket explodes on the launch pad: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lIgMJ-BntLonJthoOr4fgHJ0n6KT6VeM/view?usp=sharing Here is another download link to a video for a mid flight abort test: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eKBe8QXtJxZI8xdcmeMSo79wErdDP1Qn/view?usp=sharing
  5. This mod adds various solid rocket motors of Orbital ATK (Thiokol) to the game with a low memory footprint. Real Solar System / Realism Overhaul is supported, thanks to @raidernick for making the configs. To use with RO, simply download RO, install this mod, and let RO patch all these parts to its real numbers! Contents Star 3 Star 4G Star 5C Star 6B Star 9 Star 13B Star 15G Star 17A Star 20 Star 27 Star 27H Star 30BP Star 31 Star 37FM Star 48B Star 63 Castor 4A Castor 30A GEM-40 (GL & AL) GEM-46 (GL & AL) GEM-60 GEM-63 & GEM-63XL Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/BhlKt Download: SpaceDock Changelog Version 4 - 14th June 2019 Support for KSP 1.7.2 New GEM-40 model & textures (Air- & Ground-lit) Added GEM-60, GEM-63, GEM-63 XL New model for the Star 48B and Star 48BV General rebalancing of the parts Version 3.9 - 14th June 2019 Support for KSP 1.6.1 Version 3 - 13th March 2016 Redone colliders Uploaded to SpaceDock Version 2 Version 1.1b - 28th August 2015 Version 1.1 - 9th July 2015 Version 1 - 7th August 2015 License All rights reserved. Rights for the booster name & concepts of course belong to Orbital ATK. Upon request (by PM), I allow other users to include some of these motors in their own mods, but they need to name me as the original author of these parts.
  6. Guys,i think KSP 2 will be great!Just to be able to buy it becuse it coasts 59,99$! I really thinks so!
  7. Over the years KSP has been witness to a bunch of crazy challenges including travelling to destinations using Solid Rocket Boosters, arguably one of the worst types on engines in game. We have had Mun on SRBs, Minmus on SRB, Eve on SRB,Duna on SRB, Laythe on SRB, Eeloo on SRB, heck, even the Moon on SRBs. But I have yet to see the other toughest destination to get to and back be covered - Tylo. The Challenge is Simple : Land on Tylo and return safely only using Solid Rocket Boosters You can perform the mission anyway you like provided the main source of propulsion is Solid Fuel. I will allow using the EVA jet pack to transfer between vessels if need be, but the vessels must be in the same SOI. It is not necessary to land on Kerbin with Solid Rockets, parachutes are ok. No RCS can be used, Reaction wheels and fins are okay though. The more Kerbal the better! If anyone has any record of this challenge being completed already please post it. Submissions can either be in video or images format. All maneuvers must be shown, don't cheat yada yada. I'm hoping to see some good discussion over this topic. EDIT:Since the challenge and been answered and fulfilled, I would like other SRB related challenges being fulfilled like reaching rest of the bodies which have been left unconquered. Submissions: @Ultimate Steve First-ever user to complete the challenge! Used a very overengineered rocket, check the video here!
  8. Should Larger SRBs exist in stock KSP? (I know it's early) If you somehow did not know, the following is helpful info for you to indulge yourself in. *Ahem* Stock SRBs are all small radial size and combining them with struts and other crap works, but it's just so messy (for me at least).
  9. Still not survivable. The shuttle, especially in the early days, had huge “black zones,” where any kind of failure requiring an abort would be LOCV, either due to reentry stress on the orbiter or lack of thrust/control. Remember, at launch the boosters gave 90% of the stack’s thrust, until the orbiter/ET combo could accelerate itself, even “shutting off” the boosters would be LOCV. The pilot/commander on those first few flights of Columbia pretty much knew if anything went wrong while the boosters were burning they were boned. Oddly enough, that part never changed with “operational” flights.
  10. So today I made my first SRB Only to Orbit Rocket! It can get into orbit with some fuel remaining to attempt a Trans-Munar Injection, but I wasn't able too. Here is a video on the craft and if you want to download it there will be a link below: https://kerbalx.com/JohnsterSpaceProgram/SRB-To-Orbit-Rocket Here are images of some prototypes of the final design: And here is the final design: Have you made an only SRB Rocket that can get into orbit yet? If so, tell me below and post some images of it!
  11. This is just my new account, so I don't need any "welcome to the forums" comments So a few days ago, I was hanging out, thinking about how to solve the problem of larger SRBs. Then an Idea came to me: instead of large 2.5 meter ones, what about 1.875 (in the middle) SRBs? I then thought of a great look and idea to go for: What about the titan 3-E rocket SRBs: The titan 3-E had a central LR-87 engine (We have it as the Bobcat in making history). The two side SRBs are what would be added. It had a LR-91 second stage (cheetah). It also had a third stage (concealed by the fairing) with two RL-10s. The point I'm trying to make here is that It would go along well with current themed parts, along with other purposes. Now what did the titan 3E do that is memorable? Isn't this just a boring rocket that did boring things? No. This rocket launched two amazing firsts: Voyager 1&2 with too many records to count (Including one on the spacecraft!) and Viking 1&2, the first probes to land on mars! This is a pretty historic rocket, so It solves many problems at once. With these side boosters, you could recreate the first landings on mars and Voyager far better, and use it on everything from better looking space shuttles or just as "larger SRBs" -Kerano Kerman
  12. I have somehow, through messing around, created a Jet using an SRB Base. It can fly pretty well, and can land safely. https://imgur.com/a/u2pVm
  13. it would be nice to see some new solid rocket boosters like a 2.5 wide super-booster, or a small booster like those on the Delta-III rocket.
  14. I have been starting a new carreer campaign, and had much fun using only SRBs for my first stage, and sometimes for my second stage too. I realized it was dirt cheap, that launches required less involvement (no more throttling down while monitoring the TWR, because, hey, you just can't). So far, all my satellites, probes, all my manned Kerpollo program has been put into orbit with clusters of SRBs instead of the usual mainsail + alpha expensive first stage. It works. And it's cheap. The downside is you can't expect to have a neat 75.000m by 75.000m orbit in the end. More like 150.000 by 180.000. But i found this to be no big deal for any mission so far inside the Kerbin system. The reason i am sharing this is i would like to turn this art into a science. So far i have been setting my throttle ratio at launch time, amount of fuel and inclination on the launch pad by eyeballing and trial error approach. Have anyone used this approach and come with a way to make succesful launches repeatable and predictable ?
  15. Your goal is create Solid Rocket Booster SSTO and upload it here. No RCS system allowed. But you can use reaction wheels. Your SSTO must to be a plane. And if you can, it must deliver tiny cargo (300-500kg) You don't need to de-orbit ship. Just get the Kerbin Orbit Good luck!
  16. Hey guys, I'm editing some configs for RSS/RO, and the last thing I need to do is to add some parameter that the engine (SRB) slowly reduces thrust and flame's out, just like the engines of RSB. What do I have to put the config to get that effect? I'm searching for a while now, but haven't be able to find anything like that in the configs Thanks in advance ~DrLicor
  17. Hey! I made a shuttle and I was unsatisfied with the way the SRBs had no gimbals... so I introduce to you a way to get SRB gimbals! Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-wW3RB5gzgkMi00WVdkeWZTRVE Video of the gimbals in action: NOTE: The video above uses my Shuttle and I know that Shuttles fly into space but just for the purpose of time i separated the boosters and Fuel Tank and then began gliding the Shuttle. To install navigate to your KSP install folder then drag and drop the downloaded "GimballedKickback" into the "GameData" folder. You should now have a new kickback SRB listed in the VAB and SPH! Enjoy
  18. A stock rocket called scout. Built with 28 of the finest parts, its root part is probeCoreOcto. A Simple sattelit, with a thermomether, and a barometer, and 2 dual-use antennas. Enough dv left to go into higher orbits. The most of the legwork do Solid-Rocket-boosters. the only thing you have to do is, seperate the stages and do a circularice-burn. The whole thing is nearly self-driving, the SRB go empty -> the Center of mass go higher -> the rocket do his gravity turn on his own… not includet the mechjeb part. (its only for to show the dv of the rocket) Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.0. https://kerbalx.com/Sereneti/scout _____ the idea for that rocket came from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scout_(rocket_family) i know, thats realy different, but its more helpfull to have a liquid-engine to change the orbit, then a orbit you cant change. The two Hammer-booster are needet, because i haven't a SRB with enough thrust ....
  19. I'm doing some replica build, and hit a stud, that is, Kickback is no longer powerful enough. I really hope Modular SRBs are a thing....... What you guys think?
  20. Would there be a way to add thrust curves? I'd like my boosters to thruttle back a bit so I can control my craft better.
  21. Hello, A month or so ago I was installing tons of mods because I upgraded my PC. I remember downloading some mod pack and there was some mod that tweaks SRB's to be more realistic. Basically what it does is it makes the SRB's decrease the thrust gradually depending on fuel amount. (maybe altitude or burn time, I'm not sure) What is the mod's name and is it currently available on v1.1? Thanks!
  22. Hey all, I've been playing the Demo for a while now, and there's a challenge I'd like to propose. Can you make it into orbit and back using only solid-fueled boosters (specifically, the RT-5 and the RT-10) without a parachute? Rules: You don't have to use Demo, obviously, but you have to limit to the Demo toolbox. No mods. It has to be manned. The capsule must return intact. You have to reach a stable orbit outside of the atmosphere before returning. I was thinking more "can you do it" than a particular winner, but we can say that whoever can do it with the lowest launch mass wins. I'll try it too. Good luck! EDIT: @*MajorTom* proved this was possible by making a glider and ditching it into the ocean, which wasn't what I had expected but is definitely a win! So good job. For further submissions, I'll additionally specify that a soft landing on land is required, with or without landing legs. This is supposed to be an exercise in suicide burns, haha.
  23. Is there a mod that just adds .625 SRBs? If not could some on make a mod. (please)
  24. How do I turn this thing off? Challenge: Get to Minmus and back using only Stock Solid Rocket Boosters. Harder Version: Get to the Mun and back using only Stock SRBs Harder-er Version: Go interplanetary with only Stock SRBs, return is optional, landing is mandatory for completion Hardest Version: Go interplanetary and Back with only stock SRBs, landing is mandatory for completion Honorable Mention: No RCS thrusters Rules: No engines other than Solid Rocket boosters can be used. RCS thrusters are allowed, because I'm pretty sure this would be near impossible not to use them (I've been proven wrong). All of the main burns must be done with SRBs, but landing can be done with RCS thrusters. No non-stock SRBs are allowed Mods that add data, or assist with flight or building (i.e. MechJeb, KER) are allowed No cheating with mods like Hyper-Edit Dropping boosters early (before they burn out) is allowed Include Pictures of all of the main burns to prove you didn't cheat Good Luck Finishers: Normal Challenge Finishers: 1 2 3 4 5 Harder Version Finishers: 1 Rhomphaia- Honorable Mention 2 3 4 5 Harder-er Version Finishers 1 2 3 4 5
  25. First, I am still pretty new to rocket design, but I have been noticing a trend lately. Every time I try to add Solid Rocket Boosters to help out, I seem to make things worse. Or at least, only make things a little bit better. To clarify: by worse, I mean the rocket becomes a lot more complicated, more unstable, and I seem to get less far up into the atmosphere then without them. And by a "little bit better", I mean I do get farther into orbit, but at what seems a very poor trade off. Something like 6 large boosters = just a noticeable amount of liquid fuel saved, never a lot. I have only played in sandbox mode so far, but I do understand that SRB are a lot cheaper (in other modes), and are designed to be used at the start of the launch, when liquid fueled engines would be far less efficient. That being said, I still feel like there is some trick to them, or some concept I am not grasping. Any tips you're willing to share on using them?
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