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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! And welcome to the SRR thread! Here, you can get your screenshots re-imagined by (soon to join up) artists! Unlike the previous thread, i will make the waiting list placed in the thread, requests more personalisated and easy and as a bonus thing-presents for participating artists! ---------------------------------- -----------------Artists: @Three_Pounds Example of work: @esinohio @FTWG4M3RS @DeltaDizzy @Lo Var Lachland (and sorry i do only flags, i don't re-imagine screenshots) ----------------Waitlist (Notice: wait list is empty for now, to register PM me) (this was requested by @Pine, in his PM he asked me to recreate his older thread) And in order to pay respect to the old thread, i will leave the link here, check out the greatest arts by the greatest people!
  2. Stock configs had never been real, or even close if at all. Some people grab RO as they want more challenges, while some others had to stuck with what stock game has. You may have changed some stuff here or there already, while you still want something that covers a wider spectrum of parts. There you go. WAST Studio is proud to present you the Stock Realism Rebalances, or SRR for short. It puts the difficulty between stock game and RO, and specs making as much senses as possible. For example, big turbofans with high bypass ratio are not supposed to work at full thrust at 1.5 Mach, nor should any turbofan go up to 3 Mach at all. The table of contents is dead. Goto command doesn't exist anymore. RIP Table of Contents. Some pictures for dynamic Isp for jets! No pics no clicks. Below: RAPIER burning precooledLOX, thrust curve for S1 KD-25k SRB, and the turbo part for the jets – FEATURES – Rebalances Reduced jets' specific impulses Reduced most jets' operating speed Reduced altitude of operations of jets Increased some jets' thrust Jets now will change their Isp according to their speeds! (NEW IN 0.2.2!) Splitted JX-4 Turbo Ramjet into two different engine modules (turbofan and ramjet) Reduced ion thruster's specific impulse Many engines now have the capabilities of combusting LH2 Engine Precoolers now produces PrecooledLOX from intakeAir Air breathing mode of the RAPIER engine uses PrecoooledLOX as oxidizer instead of intakeAir The Mk2 Scramjet in OPT now uses LH2 as fuel, also oxygen-rich combustion will be available (not released yet, more testings to be done) S1 KD-25k Kickback SRB now has a thrust curve relative to fuel level and a gimbal has been added More to come Parts Added a small SRB mimicking the IUS Components of an active liquid-cooling cycle (not yet) An Mk2 sized engine precooler (needs more testings) Tweaks & Extras Added an Anti-Engine-Cannot-Be-Activated-While-Stowed Patch (shieldedCanActivate = true for all) – WIP FEATURES – More LF-OX engine rebalances Battery rebalances Supports for mods – UPCOMING FEATURES (AKA ComingSoon™) – PB-NUK RTG now uses 238Pu properly Patches for ALL B9 Aerospace engines Mostly jet reconfigs, HX engines aren't going to be rebuilt for this time Overhauled resources Science labs now uses ScienceMaterials as a comsumable resource – PLANNED FEATURES – Supports for mod parts Possible career tweaks – DOWNLOADS – Secondary: GitHub – DEPENDENCIES – Module Manager (Included) Community Resource Pack (Included) Interstellar Fuel Switch (Or stuff with similar functions. IFS is included) Engine Thrust Control v2 (Included) IFS Patches stolen taken from Cryogenic Engines – NOT DEPENDENT BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Kerbin 365 (3.2x Kerbin, 6.4x orbital distances. Since I tweaked up most engines' Isp, it will help make the game more balanced) Ferram Aerospace Research (Aero improvements, you know the deal) Kerbal Joints Reinforcement (Better joints. Helps when you make huge rockets with lots of boosters) RealChute – COMPATIBILITY – Works under KSP v1.0.5 DOES NOT WORK WITH: Realism Overhaul (why would you want this if you have RO?) PROBABLY DOESN'T WORK WELL WITH: HotRockets! RealPlumes (including RP Stock Configs) Because I've messed around with the FX a little bit, the next update will (maybe) included a modified HotRockets patch (partially done) – INSTALLATION – 1. Hit a download button somewhere 2. Unzip 3. Dump the content into GameData folder like you always do (Do NOT replace Cryogenic Engines if you already have it) 4. ??? 5. PROFIT!!! Please, DO delete your previous SRR folder ( \KSP Root\GameData\WAST\ ) before updating. It's highly recommended to delete it manually, even though your machine will probably tell you if you want to replace it or not. – RECOMMENDED HARDWARE SETUP – Recommended: PC w/ Windows 7 x64 or higher Intel Core i5 4210M (2C4T, BF 2.60GHz, Turbo Boost 3.20GHz - 3.10GHz) Intel HD Graphics 4600 (20EU at 200MHz - 1350MHz, 1GB Shared), Preferrebly highter 6GB DDR3-1333 5400RPM SATA3 HDD Or if you are a Mac user: (which, PCs are better. Fact, not opinion.) MacBook Pro Late 2013 w/ Retina Screen Intel Core i5 4258U (2C4T, BF 2.40GHz, Turbo Boost 2.90GHz - 2.80GHz) Intel Iris Graphics 5100 (40EU at 200MHz - 1200MHz, 1.7GB Shared) 8GB DDR3-1600 Apple SSD If you are able to run the stock game at a reasonable framerate, you should be fine with this – KNOWN ISSUES – If RealPlumes or HotRockets are installed, no FX are displayed for Whiplash and RAPIER (maybe Panther as well), but otherwise they function just fine Please comment if you find any. – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Q: Will this pack cause my computer to blow up? A: No. (If this happens to you, first of all, sorry about that, secondly, you've got problems. Seriously.) Q: Do you support installations with the Community Windows x64 Workaround? A: Yes. We. Do. As long as it's within our abilities, we will provide as much support as we do to the x86-32 stock builds. Q: How is this DIFFERENT from Realism Overhaul and its components? A: This just gave you a basic (-ish) idea of how rockets work (mostly). I'm being very loose on mixture ratios, all LH2/LOX has 10:1, and all LF/OX has 9:11. The real world doesn't work like that, and that's the main different between SRR and Real Fuels. RO is also stricter on other parameters, like mass. Besides, SRR has mostly rocket-centered patches, while RO also supports more stuff, like thermals. In terms of AJE, it's more automatic (though frankly more buggy). Q: (some sort of bugs, instabilities and whatnot) happened! What the %$#@& is wrong with this! A: Please refer back to the known issue section. This mod is still in heavy development phase, and as I've said above, use at your own risk. Nearly all pre-released stuff are buggy, and do expect that when using it. We're working hard to debug, though there are some beyond our ability or it takes longer to fix. Please, do backup your install before using this mod. Q: My jet is not working in (some conditions) A: If your craft is built and flown correctly, then I'll say it probably shouldn't work that way. No turbofan or turbojet engines are supposed to work at 3 Mach. Don't talk to me about SR-71. That thing goes to afterburner-ramjet mode after Mach 3, and its fuel flow into the turbine starts to decrease around Mach 2.8. Q: My plane went too fast and exploded! A: Too bad. If you have the Whiplash engine, well, that's how ramjets are. Live with it. It is a little bit overpowered considering its wide range of operation. I may or may not change that in the future. Q: Will you add (this and that) A: Probably not. But feel free to comment if you find something you want and it's not in the WIP Features list. We may add it to that if it's good. – CONTRIBUTORS – Wavechaser (Project lead) – SPECIAL THANKS – NathanKell (A loooooooooot of help and goodies) AkanoLoki (Researches on info of some KSP parts' realworld counterparts) This product has not been tested on animals, including humans. – CHANGELOG – This will be in the spoiler until somehow I can ever make it take a reasonable amount space instead of being a ginormous block v0.3.1.22Y Dev Preview, Latest Version - Readjusted a lot of stock jets - Added full KW support and some B9 Engine support - Cuts all fuel tanks (except for jet tanks as I don't quite want to break your planes) mass to 50% - Added minThrust limit to most of all engines (pretty sure it's this release) - Cut back all stock reaction wheels (including those in command modules) - Made all command modules (manned or not) consume a good amount of E/c - Made solar panels somewhat more powerful, and batteries a lot more capaci-tious - The RTG now consumes 238Pu as fuel - Other minor fixes v0.2.2.20X Not released - a bunch of debugging - still fighting with some patches not loaded/not working issue - rebalanced all electrical components - rebalanced all reaction wheels/SAS/ASAS parts - rebalanced all command pods and probe cores - added KW support - all liquid fuelled engines are configured against their realworld conterparts if any - lowered heatProduction for all - all SRBs recieved a ETC thrust curve - added B9 support (partial) - small rebalances that I can't remember v0.2.2.19Y Dev Preview - added velCurveIsp to all jets, now their Isp changes according to speed - added a HotRockets config for S1 KD25k Kickback SRB - adjusted Whiplash's velCurve for Turbojet mode - attempted to simulate cryogenic fuels' loss due to evaporation, disabled by default - (not in release) attempted to make a liquid-cooled cycle - added an Anti-Engine-Cannot-Be-Activated-While-Stowed patch - overhauled code v0.2.1.15X Not released - added HotRockets FX for S1 KD25k Kickback SRB - tweaked HotRockets FX for stock engines - added a module to simulate loss of LH2 due to evaporation - PB-NUK RTG now actually uses 238Pu v0.2.0.13Y Dev Preview - finished patching ALL stock engines (yay) - tweaked KR-1x2 to RS-68A engines (mostly Isp and mass) - reorganizations of directories v0.2.0.12Y Dev Preview - tweaked KR-1x2, KR-2L+, and KS-25x4 engines. They now all burn LH2/OX as well - realigned KS-25x4 with KS-25 Vector engine, so they share the same characteristics - tweaked O-10 Puff - (finally) rebalanced Whiplash's ramjet engine velCurve - added Readme.txt - added License.txt v0.1.2.11X Not released - added gimbal and Engine Thrust Control modules to S1 KD-25k Kickback SRB - tweaked S3 KS-25 Vector engine, it now burns LH2/OX - tweaked RE-I5 Skipper engine, it now burns LH2/LOX as well - tweaks on Poodle, Thud, Mainsail, LV T-45 Swivel, LV T-30 Reliant v0.1.2.10X Not released - fixed RAPIER's vastly-overpowered-ness - general overhaul according to NathanKell's suggestions - Wheesley's thrust decreased from 150kN to 100kN max - increased Wheesley's heat production to 150% stock - cutbacks on Goliath's thrust and increased its mass - small tweaks on Whiplash, major overhaul WIP - tweaked LV-N's Isp to 380s - 825s (ASL-vac) v0.1.0.08Y Dev Preview - Initial release as a dev preview Our versioning scheme: License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International Module Manager is released and redistributed under CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Original author is ialdabaoth, currently maintained by Sarbian. Interstellar Fuel Switch is released and redistributed under CC BY-NC 4.0 license. Original author is FreeThinker. Cryogenic Engines is released and redistributed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Original author is Nertea. Engine Thrust Control v2 does not have a license. Original author is HoneyFox. Other legal stuff: This mod is provided "as is", and we are not responsible in any way for any damages caused by using of this mod. If you don't feel like it, you can totally not download this mod and pretend you've never been here. By downloading and using this mod, you have agreed to that you are fully responsible for any damages caused by it. This mod could potentially break your system if KSP glitches out really really wildly, although it is not supposed to happen and it has never happened according to our knowledge. You can and you are encouraged to backup your current KSP installation in case of any damages to the saves and current mods you have ever occurs. I mean, backing up your KSP is a good idea anyway as Kraken can come any time. Warranties of any kind are not provided.
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