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Found 2 results

  1. Space Shuttle Mod Release Page updated to work with 1.1.2 now with less dependencies, required mods included changelog: added reflections to radiators (requires texture replacer - reflections version) airlock docking port working (tested) looking for feedback. please note I know the wheels may be bugged, waiting for next ksp update MUST WATCH VIDEOS! screenshots Features Realistic simulation of the NASA Space Shuttle Energy Generation requires the use of onboard fuel, making time in space limited Multiple payloads and adapter points for various cargos Low part count for less ram use compared to previous versions a multitude of other vehicles to go along with the NASA family available Downloads: Current version: 1.1.2 NEW!: updated RO patch for Space Shuttle by Winged: not updated =================================== (MUST DELETE the other version of this mod if you have it installed) LINKS Want real launch sites? Want to try out an alternitave History? Eyes Turned Skywards Storyline by Budgie The Popular interplanetary Farscape by Odyssey GUIDES and INFO (coming soon) MechJeb Launch: *Launch, *force roll 90°, *gravity turn East starting at 1km or 100 m/s, ending at 35km on a 40.6% launch angle. *Stage when necessary. Landing Guidance by Mark7 1. Wait till the shuttle is on the opposite side of the KSC and its orbit is right passing over the KSC. 2. Do the re-entry burn. Make sure the final landing prediction 5400+_300km ahead from the target landing site.(The exact number is depending on the velocity of the shuttle when backing into atmosphere) 3. When re-entry, keep a 30-degree-AOA ,and roll left or right to adjust the trajectory. 4. Enjoy(or suffer haha) Typical Launch and Return Mission Read up on the WIKI(coming soon) Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) Do I need to download anything to make this work? NO, everything you need comes with the download Will this work wit Realism Overhaul+FAR? YES, IF you download and apply the patch from the link above I have some good ideas for the mod, can I have them put in? Definitely!, new ideas are welcomed and are a fun thing to work on I have a lot of mods installed, will this cause me to run out of memory? POSSIBLY. this base mod will add about 140mb to your memory usage, which maxes out about 2-2.5gb with ksp I found some bugs with your mod, where do I post this? We have a development page for just this issue, feel free to post there Keen to try out the Buran? check out the development ! For a well made Caanadarm, Check out Jeast's Page HOW TO SAVE MEMORY - WINDOWS 1. create shortcut of your ksp.exe in your KSP install directory 2. in the PROPERTIES of the shortcut, in the 'Target' box, add: " -force-opengl -popupwindow" without quotes. 3.run game from shortcut 4.Profit? ================================================== ================ Notice This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Licence CC BY-SA 2.0 this mod is a continuation from that started by rocket2guns, with additions by DECQ and Dragon01 Also credit to NASA for spending billions of dollars to make the vehicles that are simulated in this, and related mods
  2. Made a video of the shuttle launch, check it out!
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