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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! This thread is for people who want to try other people's SSTOs and Rockets. Rules, Requirements, Guides, and Destinations are below. Enjoy! Rules: 1. No DLCs or Mods that add parts. 2. Must fit requirements (see below) 3. Must be original (Modified versions of other spacecraft is allowed) Requirements: 1. For Beginners. 2. Easy to Control. 3. Can reach at least one of the Destinations (see below) a Flyby is allowed. 4. Must be launchable from the Original Kerbal Space Center (KSC). Destinations: 1. Orbit around Kerbin 2. Mun 3. Minmus 4. Duna Guides: Basic Rocket Probe And Satellite 1 Basic Satellite 2 Rover Plane Design 1 Spaceplane Basics Plane Design 2
  2. Hello everyone. I am new here so if this is the wrong place to post videos then I am very sorry. Please let me know a good place to post KSP videos if that is the case. Please enjoy!
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