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Found 8 results

  1. I'd like to see some of the coolest rockets anyone has designed! I'm new to KSP and I'd like to see cool thing other people have made just for an example to me of how creative you can get!
  2. So, in looking at Air-Augmented ("ducted") rockets recently, and considering nuclear propulsion, this idea came to mind (I think I've read about it before- will post links for background when I have time) Basically, it combines the features of a nuclear thermal rocket (aka. 'NERVA' aa the most famous example) or a nuclear thermal turbojet, with a ramrocket (itself the hybrid of a Ramjet and an Air-Augmented Rocket). So, it looks something like this: air enters into intakes (and probably then a pre-cooler passing some heat to Liquid Hydrogen as a heat-sink: ala. "SABRE" intakes in re
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1905226695 Here is my latest ssto small using a combination of mk2 and mk1 size parts a new sleek design with very large wings and high twr it is very easy to use but cant get much done besides basic science.
  4. My SSTOs: Unnamed Laythe SSTO with 7 km/s of delta-v: Download here! My rockets: None worth uploading yet.
  5. Dear Everyone, On the topic of SSTOs does more rapiers help provide more delta V? Cause more rapiers the faster you travel through the atmosphere and the more speed you can gain in the upper atmosphere, but then again if you are making that SSTO a interplanetary craft the more rapiers the more wasted delta V you will end up having, but then again the less rapiers the more fuel you have to burn at sea level to gain speed to climb effectively! So which is better, more fuel less rapiers or less fuel more Rapiers OR more fuel more rapiers, I hope this question can help me and possibly others
  6. I have always enjoyed using solid rocket boosters strapped to the wings of a SSTO, just to give it a booster on the way up as well as giving it the most awesome look I have ever seen, any buyers?
  7. Hello chaps, I've just got a new machine, a Cybertron Palladium with an i5-6600K CPU and the new GTX 1060 6GB graphics card. Now I can finally build crafts with more than 20 parts without 1 FPS! Now I can fulfill my dream of having my own space program. (Albeit not in real life ) Enter Cavalier Aerospace Systems A somewhat intentionally sarcastic name... First off, we can have fast planes, high flying planes, and long range planes, but if it doesn't look awesome, what's the point? In my space program, the most important flight characteristic is awesomeness! If it can hardly
  8. Hello! Welcome to Buzzsaw Aerospace Korporation. Since 0.21, Buzzsaw Aerospace has been developing numerous aerospace concepts, and the first deemed ready for sale are available now! Craft Repository All "F" planes need BDArmory. C-2 'Skyliner' The C-2 Skyliner is a light transport and/or biz jet. It is fairly mauverable, and has about 40kms of Delta V, and a TWR of 0.63 on 4 J-20 Juno 0.625M Jet Engines. 1.1 Compatible! Download - https://www.dropbox.com/s/9pp1uf7mr3qvr8y/C-2%20%27Skyliner%27.craft?dl=0 Pic - http://imgur.com/FfmH57c T-1 'Whoosh' The
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