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Found 10 results

  1. Applies to KSP versions: 1.0.4 and newer. TL/DR: Among other things, this post explains why your reentering Space Shuttle replica and other winged craft can be unstable even though you built it with Center of Lift (CoL) behind Center of Mass (CoM). It also explains how you can improve general stability of any winged craft with Angle of Incidence (AoI), while at the same time making the craft very SAS friendly, and able to fly straight without SAS. The difference between CoL and Aerodynamic Center Longitudinal Stability, the ability of the aircraft to self stabilize, is attained
  2. I have a plane with the following main body, from nose to aft: Mk1 cockpit Mk1 LF tank Three material bays 1.25m service bay Radially attached to this are two Mk0 tanks with an intake and a Juno each. Rounded nosecone The problem with this setup is that if the Mk1 fuel tank is at the rear, the CoM moves forward a lot as the fuel is used up, which makes parachute positioning tricky (aside from the fact that I never build a single plane without enough chutes to come back down safely, the plane has the starting landing gears and is already overweight
  3. I hope you can forgive me asking a question that has almost certainly been asked many times before, but I don't know the best search terms to find it. This problem has shown up in my other large surface stations using all stock parts. I just downloaded Kerbal Planetary Base Systems and it seems to do the same thing when my base gets big. The only other mods I use are Mechjeb and Kerbal Alarm Clock, so I doubt it's a mod-induced issue. It seems to only happen some of the time and only within the first few seconds after switching to the base. I end up holding my breath hoping it will be st
  4. This rocket has been having stability problems on its 2nd stage. I have checked everything that normally makes rockets unstable. The center of mass is way above the center of lift, I checked for clipping parts, I strutted everything together. It hasn't helped. Through making the winglets into an entire wing, I managed to make the 1st stage only just stable, however no matter what I've done, the 2nd stage is still unstable. I've moved the wing as far down as possible, but it still flips. I have no idea why, and would like some help. I don't know how to upload the craft file, so I cant
  5. Okay. I've got a shuttle-esque replica that flies... sort of. I've got a problem with it I've never encountered before: At low speeds, it flies fine and normally (tested at manual launch from runway and low-speed approach from orbit). At high speeds, however, any deviation more than about 10 or 15 degrees off vector results in it flipping. After which time, it flies perfectly happily... backwards. Attempts to slow in reverse, then bring it back to forward flight are 50/50, but I suspect it's at least partially my piloting in that. COM and COL are appropriately placed.
  6. The problem is that in the last days when I launch a rocket it keeps stable for the first 7km more or less, but then it stars to flip over. I have tried wings but they dont help. I don´t know what to do. I love this game but i tilt everytime I play it
  7. I give up ! All I want to do is make an airplane that has a tendency to return to wings - level if disturbed to a few degrees of bank angle, one that does not constantly need to have uncommanded roll angles taken out by hand, and can stay on a steady 90 degrees due east heading without continual course corrections. I build a simple test plane big tail fin, yaw stability plenty of dihedral Despite the above, roll angle gets bigger the longer i leave it uncorrected, plane would spiral dive into the ground if i let it. However, the smallest elevons are having trouble p
  8. I've been flying planes without SAS more frequently to obtain a smoother flight, and now with 1.1 there's an option to dedicate the reaction wheel control to SAS only, Pilot only, and normal. However a few things are missing I believe. 1) Ability to set Pilot control, SAS control, or Normal control to control surfaces. 2) Ability to change Reaction wheel mode to Dampener, allowing you to dampen your rotation along the x,y, and z axis. This would allow for smoother craft turning, without the jerky movement we have currently. 3) Ability to adjust the dampener of reaction wheels (along x,y
  9. Hi guys! Annoying thing happens on my try to build space station. It was pretty stable before I switched to Space Center and back. Any recomendations or is it bug? YouTube Video Also, I am using 1600x900 resolution. So, you can see a bug at Tracking Station UI on video.
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