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Found 4 results

  1. Ok so i made to a orbit arount the sun and i have enough fuel to get to the outer gas planets, I exit my map and all of the sudden stage lock is on, i try ALT+L, spammed space bar, and tried just about everything. Does anyone know how to fix this. it won turn off and now im stuck orbiting the sun without any control. PLEASE HELP!+
  2. Hello, I have Kerbal since some years now and I wanted to restart play the game in career mode with the new 1.4.3 but it's the first time i encounter this problem: I precise i uninstalled my Kerbal steam version and reinstalled a fresh one. As soon as i go to map (M or button) and that i come back to vessel, the stage is locked (pink button). ALT-L doesn't deactivate the lock. Only workarounds found are : - fast save, fast load (reload the vessel) - open "radar" station to select his vessel and jumping into it (reload the vessel) - or use the CTRL-ALT-F12 to open debug mode and click on the erase the lock command => EASIEST workaround Finally, i keep this debug window opened to fast click this button until a solution is provided. My version is - windows 64b - fr-fr "vanilla" (no mods) and i don't have the "Making History Expansion". Here is a video of the bug : https://youtu.be/bvYm5_rLGCk
  3. Game: I want to know if you can rebind the stage lock key (default on windows is alt+L) since it is to close to win + L and I wish to configure it to be on my joystick. Cannot find it in the settings menu, does the option exist?
  4. After a watching youtube videos of KSP i decided to buy the game, now i have been playing it like crazy and it is really fun, but every i do a big timewarp (100x and bigger) the stage lock goes on, i´ve tried all of the suggestions Alt-l ( i have not changed the keyboard settings ), quicksave and reload, go to the space center and back, close and open the game. The stage lock is then permanently on, it is really annoying because i have to redo the mission entirely just to get same problem again and it has made the game unplayable. The problem is in all the gamemodes
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