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Found 2 results

  1. I read this question but it's from a while ago and I was wondering if there's been any updates: I've been messing with recovering Asparagus stages. I've gotten a workable setup, but it only works as as long as you're watching - however (as mentioned) stages will get deleted if you don't watch them and if you watch too long your main stage can go out of physics range and there seems to be no way to return to it (Tracking Center link is disabled in Atmosphere) The StageRecovery mod may be a reasonable work-around, although I suspect it might be a bit generous with the cash - it's bee
  2. Hello. I have a command pod on the launch pad crewed by Valentina, and a command pod at the runway crewed by Bill. Often when I enter one pod the crew member in the other pod becomes "Missing in Action" (and listed as such in the astronaut complex). I will try with different subsets of mods to see if I can figure out which mod(s) make a difference; in the meanwhile is that something that is happening to you as well? Edit: I think I got it provoked now. If this is true, then it is Stage Recovery that is acting up. [LOG 22:52:01.365] [SR] Added vessel CERD A-2 (9b
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