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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I'm making a Star Citizen organization that will be focusing on exploration and trade (to make money). We have a discord here: https://discord.gg/sRFrfaz . If anyone is interested, please join our discord. More details will be released soon!
  2. Hello everyone! Recently I've found myself trying to make spacecraft in KSP as futuristic looking as possible and have been using lots of different sources to give myself some ideas (Halo, Titanfall, Destiny etc.) I've been a huge fan of Star Citizen for a while and decided to see if anyone had built a realistic replica of the F7A Hornet into KSP. I found a few pictures of things that definitely resembled the spacecraft but none of them really quite got it. So I decided to go all out and try to build a (kinda') functioning replica of the F7A Hornet for myself and here are the results: http://imgur.com/a/VNsyg There is only one downside to this thing. Becuase I was focusing just on aesthetics, it is unable to fly with the amount of fuel it carries. As such, you will have to use the good ol' debug menu to turn on infinite fuel. Nonetheless, it is still fun to mess around with. Craft File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b5oqafc0te2q6k8/F7A Hornet.craft?dl=0 Required Mods List: - Tweak Scale - B9 Aerospace (including B9 Legacy and B9 HX) - Bahamuto Dynamics Armory (BDArmory)
  3. Hey, as a fan of Star Citizen and KSP I had to make some Replicas. It takes much time, but the results look amazing. My latest creation is the Constellation: Here an older video of Hornets:
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