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  1. ColdJ


    Hi and welcome to the YnoT1300. A project initiated by @Space Cowboy Initially it was just to create a reasonable pod to emulate the famous Millenium Falcon out of Star Wars, but being me I couldn't leave it without something decent to attach it too and of course give people variation parts so they can build a model of the YT1300 freighter that is individual for them. Many many iterations of all the parts later and I have finally got to the point that I think it can go out into the world. Everything has a node of it's own off the main hull and usually click in easily if you put them in the logical areas .The RCS system has a node that floats above the main hull and when it clicks in it should disappear from external view. I find I don't have to autostrut and that everything holds together under high G forces. I have learnt many new 3D modeling techniques including how to make internals. They may not be the works of art you see in some mods, but I think they do the job. The main hull has built in VTOL engines and I usually set them to independent throttle which I have bound to my number pad. They are only required for take off and landing as once you are moving forward the body is essentially a giant wing that generates it's own lift. It combines the properties of a flying brick and a leaf on the wind, so that in any reasonable amount of atmosphere you will decelerate very quickly without engine thrust but you also won't plummet, generally if you are falling with the saucer parallel to the ground, you won't exceed 50 m/s. The RCS is generally only needed for VTOL maneuvering, help with landing and space docking etc.The reaction wheels handle direction without needing their help. The mod has 1 dependency because I wanted the landing gear and ramp to have sound effects when they open and close. It is @linuxgurugamer's "ModuleAnimateGenericEffects" and I will put the link to it here. https://spacedock.info/mod/2345/ModuleAnimateGenericEffects Always forget something. It has high drag low down in atmosphere so only tops out around 300m/s but as you get higher and the pressure gets less it will get faster and faster. Check your Apoapsis and back off the throttle or you will end up in orbit around Kerbol. Type YT1300 in the part finder to have everything show. I have left a plain version of the texture pic that the ship uses in the main folder so that if you are so inclined, you can use it as a base on which to paint your own ship schemes. The ship variations are at the end of the config files and if you compare them to the pre done schemes you should see how you can add your own. There is a pre-made craft file in the main folder that you can pop in your save if you like. The majority of the parts are at the end of the tech tree for career because basically it is way more advanced than anything stock and runs off a resource that unless you dedicated yourself to trying to deplete, is basically infinite. I hope you will have fun with it. License CC-BY-SA 4.0 Spacedock Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/2978/YnoT1300
  2. License: CC-BY-SA-4.0 https://spacedock.info/mod/3004/X-wink vs Kiefighter Welcome to Xwink vs Kie Fighter. Updated to 1.2.0 on 22/6/2022 Change Log: For 1.0.1 (New Change log below) Corrected many spelling mistakes. Added forgotten resource file. Added Tie interceptor nacelles to make up for it. 4 space fighters based on the Star Wars models. 2 from each side. Apologies. I did forget something The ships run off enriched uranium and I forgot to add the resource file so I will add a link to the Community Resource Pack, that has it, or if you have the YnoT1300 mod it has the resource file in it. Uploading to Spacedock is spotty for me so it might take time to update. Community Resource pack link on Spacedock. https://spacedock.info/mod/31 Each body is basically a flying wing that is directed by their reaction wheels. Though they are straight forward to fly they won't react the same as craft that use elevons to change direction. The Tie Fighter based craft are pretty precise because their nacelles are basically vertical wings and so provide enough drag control surface to catch the air for turning sharply. The X-wing and A-wing need more of a banked turn so that their bodies act as the drag. This is especially true of the A-wing at speed as it will slide as if on ice as it turns without banking the body to act as a brake. Each craft is 2 pieces so that the engines and RCS systems are on separate pieces, this resolves a conflict that can arise from having both systems on the one model. In the A-wings case this is an RCS cross that clicks inside the body. 3 of the craft have Landing gear systems that require Linuxgurugamer's small plugin AnimateGenericEffects and I will provide a link to it. https://spacedock.info/mod/2345/ModuleAnimateGenericEffects For the Tie Advanced it is a retractable ladder at the back so that Kerbals can climb up. The Tie Fighter has an invisible ladder on the left nacelle so they can climb up and down. The RCS systems are powerful in order to take off and land vertically and should be thrust limited down when used in space. They are not required for flying in atmosphere. Generally getting back on the A-wing means climbing the nose or leaving it with the gear retracted so you can just walk up it. The X-wing comes with 2 extra parts, as it is designed to be used with my R2D2 clone called RND. An elevator and a docking plate that RND can attach to and be lowered and lifted in and out of it's hole. It can also undock and redock to the plate as it has the ability to dock built in to it's feet. The docking plate has it's white side as being able to dock. I WILL PUT 2 CRAFT FILES IN THE MAIN FOLDER, ONE OF THE X-WING SET UP WITH THE LIFT AND ONE THAT ALSO HAS RND ATTACHED IF YOU HAVE GOT THAT MOD ALSO. Change log:1.2.0 Added a Tie Bomber, A Y-wing and a Snow speeder. Added a Concussion Missile tube that can be placed anywhere and uses the Fireworks system. Added a VTOL motivator that can be attached to any of the craft for VTOL and hover. Is visible on the base Tie fighter and Tie bomber but have made it see through so it doesn't stand out too much. Added more colour variations to all craft. The Snow Speeder has 2 Airbrake flaps to give it the look from the movie, they are functional but not very powerful, so as to not impact the performance of the speeder. As it is a speeder the engines are only good up to around 3km up. All the craft now use the new light system and now have head lights. Updated the nodes so that the VTOL clicks into all of them. The Snow Speeder uses the A-wings RCS cross and has nodes for the flaps. The RND lift has been visually shortened to not seem to be sticking out of the bottom of the Y-wing. Have included craft files for a Tie Bomber and a Snow Speeder in the main folder. VTOL set to Custom Throttle 1, Concussion set to 1 and bomb on bomber to 2. THE RND LIFT REQUIRES BREAKING GROUND TO WORK I hope that covers it. I am sure there will be something I have missed. Enjoy.
  3. The Wait is over. STAR WARS SET 2 Has just been released. Several of the Medium scale Capitol ships are HUGE! May not work on all computers. Post remarks here. Thanks. May the Force be with You.
  4. Xwink Transports is to add Star Wars Troop Transport to the line up of models I have made so far. Due to file size causing some upload issues I have made this a separate mod. For now it is a U-wing and a Lambda Shuttle with parts so that they can hover and RCS, with a 6 seat Troop Bench and nodes internally to click in to place. The Troop bench also has end nodes so that you can chain them together. The internal spaces are shielded so that any Kerbals inside can survive high temperatures on atmospheric re-entry. Everything has unique nodes to just click in to place, If building yourself it is best to move yourself inside the model so you can see where you are attaching. I have provided craft file models of each in the main folder. They are body lift just like my Xwink vs Kiefighter models. Enjoy. ColdJ. License: CC-BY-SA 4.0 https://spacedock.info/mod/3055/Xwink Transports
  5. ColdJ


    License CC-BY-SA-4.0 https://spacedock.info/mod/3005/R.N.D Welcome to R.N.D My clone of an R2D2 like droid. All the ability of an advanced probe with mobility built in. It has a motive wheel attachment that retracts into the body and an engine thruster attachment that gives it just enough lift to get up and over things, including being able to get in and out of my X-wing in the X-wink vs Kie Fighter mod. If you have got the Rocket Sounds Enhancement mod the wheel will make sound. The Droid's wheel is designed to be relatively flat so you will need to wiggle a little when changing angles. The bottom of the Droid is set up to be able to dock and mates to a dock plate in the X-wink vs Kie Fighter mod to do what R2D2 can do in an X-wing. The default orientation of the droid is up and it needs to be switched to forward for driving. I will put a craft file in the folder with an already set up RND. Be warned if you still have steering and reaction wheels set up on the same keys you will most likely tip over when steering. When undocking you will need to click "control from here" before moving off. RND has a ladder collider on it's back so that it can give Kerbals a piggy back Enjoy. Updated to 1.2.0 on the 15/6/2022 Change Log. Added 2 new droids. A BB8 with a rolling body and a Gonk Power Droid. The file system is all new so you will need to remove the old mod and put this one in instead. The BB8 can dock under the body and go in the X-wing socket, you just need to adjust the lift to the shorter body. The Gonk can dock on the top of it's head.The Gonk has a socket set up at the back that works with the Kerbal Attachment System. I have also included a power plug attachment that you add to the body that slides out when armed. It is basically a grabber with transfer enabled so that the Gonk can power things up. The Gonk is basically a strong RTG. As I was unable to make it shuffle and move, the Gonk has a disc that you attach to allow it to move like a monocycle. When you toggle the gear, the legs retract into the body so that the disc can touch the ground to move. Remember to engage SAS first to stay upright. RND and BB8 now have 6 colour variations. All the droids now use the new light system and also cast light when the lights are turned on. RND's thruster engine is now slightly stronger. BB8 has a single RTS to allow it to jump up on to things. The Gonk has a strong all direction RTS. This is designed to go with My X-wink vs Kie Fighter mod. https://spacedock.info/mod/3004/X-wink vs Kiefighter
  6. Rules: 1. Only use Palpatine quotes from star wars episode 1,2,3,4,5,6,9, not from clone wars, rebels,... 2. Don't violate forum rules 3. don't say the same quote too many times in a row 4. If someone mentions the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise, it must be the real conversation, so only then anakin can speak with his ''plagueis the wise'' lines, otherwise only palpatine 5. you can post pictures with palpatine saying a quote 6. If you use a wrong quote, just edit it with the real one 6. Enjoy! Start: DEW IT!
  7. I finally updated and uploaded all my Star Wars ships, speeders, stations, etc. I tried to be as part efficient as possible, so you can have huge battles. Also, I used only stock parts if possible. Almost all crafts need the TweakSacle Mod. Many of the smaller fighters need the KerbolBattles Parts Pack, and the Star Destroyer needs Quantum Struts. That's it. If something's not working, just ask me here. Have fun! Picture album here: https://imgur.com/gallery/0HYKx2s YouTube Video here: Download Links: https://kerbalx.com/hangars/107888 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002994289/myworkshopfiles/?appid=220200 Mod Links:
  8. Welcome to my Podracer Page! After quite a long hiatus I’m pleased to bring you the ONLY legitimate and functional Podracers from a Galaxy Far Far Away complete with demonstration videos and some light commentary on certain aspects. First is the father of my podracer line: the aptly named MK I: Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/GillyMonster/Star-Wars-Podracer-Mk-I The Mk I was a concept I had to make a podracer with loosely connected engines and a command pod that could move freely, it is the first successful combination of balancing drag, weight, thrust, and some mild control surfaces. It’s maneuverability is relatively limited, HOWEVER it is so far the fastest pod I’ve made topping out at 592mph!
  9. Built this over 3 days. Has fully stock (no DLC) working S-Foils, flies fairly well, and only has 321 parts! KerbalX link: https://kerbalx.com/OlMuskiBoi/T-65-X-Wing Doesn't come with a targeting computer because Jeb kept switching it off anyway
  10. In the beginning of STAR WARS Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the Trade Federation supposedly blockades the planet of Naboo. Its main goal is to pressure its ruler into signing a treaty by cutting off all trade going on and off the planet. However, from an orbital mechanics standpoint, I'm not sure this blockade is even that effective. Wookiepedia image of the Naboo blockade First of all, the image is showing the Trade Federation ships blocking one part of the planet rather than the whole thing. Even if the ships weren't in geostationary orbit above a specific location, a trade ship could simply enter the planet from the other side without risk of getting shot. Since it is established that STAR WARS ships have hyperdrives, couldn't they just jump somewhere else and then approach from behind. If the blockade ships weren't geostationary, then the trade ships could just time their approach and make their Naboo insertion burn when the bad guys are supposed to be at the other side of the planet. Given how dense the blockade looked in the picture, it would have probably put the Trade Federation in debt to cover the whole planet rather than just one side. Besides, if Han Solo was alive at the time, he could just drop out of hyperspeed right as he passes the blockade (like he did in The Force Awakens) Second of all, just how long does it take for Trade Federation ships to get within firing range of approaching ships? Sure, the bad guys can deploy vulture droids, but even they must comply with the laws of physics when moving to intercept. Assuming the blockade is moving in a circular prograde orbit (geostationary or not), they would most likely have to adjust their orbital planes and wait quite a while before making their intercept burn. Not to mention that, if a trade ship enters Naboo's SOI or blasts off in RETROGRADE (or at least the opposite inclination of the blockade), the bad guys would either have to launch their intercept craft from the surface or waste a significant amount of delta-V to destroy the ship. They apparently also forgot to take polar orbits into account, which also deals with the first point I mentioned. The trade ship could be on the other side of the planet from the blockade before they breach the atmosphere. (For this diagram, let's assume Naboo is about the size of Earth for simplicity's sake) Anything I'm missing or overlooking here? Agree or disagree? Feel free to leave your questions/concerns/comments on this thread here. Have fun, and as always, may the Force be with you.
  11. Star Wars Tantive IV (CR90 Corvette) stock. This is a scale 1 to 5 that is 21,2m vs the original of ~120m. It can start standing on it's engines without cheats, but requires unlimited fuel if you want to fly more than 2000m of height. It can also land standing on the engines (parachutes can help you). With unlimited fuel you may need to empty one of the tanks of fuel. Or it can fly in space but lacks RCS thrusters so it can not dock but do steere with engines and reaction wheels. When preparing to make this post I found two other builds from 2014 and 2015 that looks cool but I Think my one based parts from a newer version parts has better flying capabilities I hope you like it, great if you enhance it and post it or just comment what you think. This is a link to the Pictures https://flic.kr/s/aHsmKhHRHJ and this is the ships Craft file. https://mega.nz/#!IsggBI5R
  12. So, after getting a death star (thanks to SWDennis) I was wondering if there are any mods out there for the death star laser/ the small lasers that lead up to it, does anyone know about one? (I use 1.1.3)
  13. Happy Star Wars day! my challange is going to be themed like the movies so if you haven’t seen them, this ‘shallange’ may not be for you. bronze: build an X-Wing Silver:build a TIE fighter gold: Build the millennium falcon! Iridium: build a lightsaber! if you are crazy enough to do this, good luck, fly safe! -Orion
  14. Im trying to write a story about a scientist who is working on something in the era of the New Republic. He does not believe in the Force. I just need something for him to be researching. It really isn’t that important to the story; it just has to sound cool and scientific. Also it can’t have already been done in Legends or Canon. I want a fresh idea. It cannot be - A time machine -A teleporter -A matter replicator -Synthetic tibanna gas -Synthetic coaxium (hyperfuel) -A singularity Weapon - Any type of droid -Anything to do with holograms -A food synthesizer - Anything to do with the Force or Midi-chlorians - A shrink ray -A freeze ray -pico and femtotechnology -A Dyson sphere or any type of megastructure. -Liquid metal armor or a nano morph In canon, during the Empire, scientists were researching methods to control droids, lasers that can punch through deflector shields and ship scale disintigrators. These ideas are therefore taken. I’m trying to look for something that was never researched until the era of the New Republic like kyber crystals weren’t until the Empire used them for a superlaser and even then, they had been used in weapons formation in the past. I’m looking for something that presumably hasn’t been thought of in the 25,000 years of time where almost everything has already been done.
  15. A basic Podracer with a building tutorial. Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/GillyMonster/Tutorial-Building-a-Star-Wars-Podracer
  16. KerbalX link: https://kerbalx.com/bugubird/PURE-STOCK-11-DEATH-STAR video link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av35774022/ Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1566107081&searchtext= Strongly advice adding the SSTU pack to make the fairings looks prettier.
  17. After my son watched Episode 1 and loved the Pod Race, I had to build one. It’s an anti-Grav craft, and features actual wobbly control tethers thanks to infernal Robotics. It also possesses lore accurate top speed of almost 600mph! The Mk I Podracer! Craft Link Below the Video. Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/GillyMonster/Star-Wars-Podracer-Mk-I
  18. The new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer just dropped, so I made a discussion thread about it. Here's the trailer below I'm excited for the movie, what are everyone else's thoughts on it?
  19. Just saw the movie today and I have a few things to say. That battle at the beginning was dope. Rey's parents being commoners R2D2 playing back the "help me obi wan kenobi" Leia dieing, but not quite Luke dying, but not quite but then for real Didn't really like the new character of Rose. Snoke's ship looking like a city sized B2 Snoke being cut in half That whole sequence i was like "what's gonna happen next!" Good that Kylo didn't get a redemption arc. Snoke felt like a useless character. This all powerful being who can force choke someone on another ship is killed without a flight. I wanted to see more of Captain Phasma. She looked like a powerful character but shows up for like 10 minutes across two movies and then killed. More after I read r/starwars and remember what i've forgotten
  20. Below are my latest Star Wars themed videos: - Jett
  21. So I made this crappy stock Tie Advanced x1 for some apparent reason. To tell you how bad it is i made it in under 30 minutes. Total of 33 parts and 24 tons. Here is a pic: (EDIT) Sorry I forgot to put download link Click Here to Download
  22. Hello! Today, the 4th of May, is International Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! (sorry for bad pun)
  23. The Strike Fighter from Star Trek https://spacedock.info/mod/1741/Federation Strike Fighter
  24. The Runabout is ready for delivery. https://spacedock.info/mod/1740/Danube Class Runabout?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E Enjoy
  25. The Yt1300 Mynock on approach to Typhon Station which orbits Kerbin at 900000
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