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Found 1 result

  1. Kerbal Konstructs provides editing tools for adding static objects into KSP, including new launch sites. It also presents a means to select an alternative site to launch from in the VAB and SPH, integration of new launch sites into a strategy feature in Career Mode, 'working' facilities such as fuel tanks and support for air-racing. DOWNLOAD from Alpha Strike Games | DOWNLOAD from SpaceDock Like the mod and want to contribute to the author's caffeine addiction? Kerbal Konstructs should be installed to your GameData folder retaining the exact file hierarchy as it is in the zip. Do not arbitarily re-structure the file hierarchy. Do not change the folders around. If you don't know how to manage files on your computer, you should learn. It's far less difficult to learn than rocket science. Kerbal Konstructs doesn't really do much if you don't have some actual static content. Try this stuff. Open and close the selector with the KK icon in the appbar of the VAB and SPH. See the next post for a guide to using Kerbal Konstruct's in-game editor tools. Base Boss in the Tracking Station and Map View displays information about a selected base (click on the base's icon). In career mode, you can open and close bases in the Base Boss in the tracking station or map view. Base Boss in the flight scene includes a simple 'Nav Guidance System (NGS)'. This indicates the selected target base, distance to the target base and whether you are closing towards or heading away from the target base. When closing the central indicator turns green and the turn markers go out. When heading away, the central indicator turns red and the turn markers come on. You can set the target base for the NGS in the flight scene Base Boss (click the NGS button)... ...or alternatively in the map view (the one available in the flight scene by pressing M) by clicking on a base's icon. In the flight scene, when landed at a base, open the KK Base Boss app by clicking the button in the toolbar. Assuming the base is open, any facilities at the base are listed here. Click the facility you want to use, in this case the Rocket Fuel Tanks. The Facility Manager opens. Note that in this example the currently active vessel is in range of the fuel tanks in order to transfer fuel to and from them. If the vessel isn't in range, you'll be notified here. You can still order fuel, however. The required range is 100m for a fuel transfer. This can be changed in Kerbal Konstructs' settings file if you want. Different fuel tanks store different types of fuel and have different capacities. You can order more fuel. Use the + and - buttons to change the amount you want to buy. You can't enter the amount in the text box, sorry. You can use the Transfer Rate buttons to change how much the + and - buttons increment or decrement your order. Or hit Max to order the tank to be filled to capacity. This is how many funds your order will cost. Any order placed will be immediately filled (pun intended) when you hit the Buy button. No confirmation necessary. No waiting. After buying or if you change your mind, click Done. There's no backsies - this will not revert an order. This is the active vessel. This is its fuel tanks. Name, type of fuel, amount of fuel in it. To select a tank to transfer fuel to or from, hit Select. Currently only one tank can be selected at a time. I hope to improve that. Select the rate you want the transfer to happen. x1 is slow. x10 is ten times faster than that. Now click In or Out to transfer fuel into the fuel tanks or out to the active vessel's tank. Click Stop to stop the transfer. If you want to air race you need some tracks configured to use the racing feature. Try KerbinSide Air-Race. KerbinSide Air-Race currently has three tracks: KSCRace near KSC (easyish track), Dundards near Dundard's Edge (really very tricky track) and The Krags, near Black Krags (tricky track). To run a race, open Base Boss in flight and click the button 'I want to race!' The Base Boss will close and the race app will open. It'll tell you the distance to the nearest start line. Cross that start line to start the race. A Guide To Editing And Making Bases With KK How to Export Custom Base Packs Setting Up a Static Launchsite's Spawn Point In Unity Creating a Configuration File For a Static I Make Statics. How Do I Make My Fuel Tanks, erm, Tank? How to Configure a Launchsite Model's Width and Length How To Configure A Launchsite With LaunchRefund and Recovery Ratings How To Make a Race Track How To Use Kerbal Konstructs Contract Configurator Extensions (KKCCExt) When Making Contracts How To Setup Landing Guidance at a Base Launch sites don't always automatically clear before launch. The camera can be pretty shaky and wonky when working with statics. No official support of launchsites off of Kerbin. You can make them but be prepared for issues due to limitations in KSP that we've not figured out how to work-around. If you try editing statics a long ways away from the active vessel, the terrain won't be rendered properly. If you don't know how to use a feature (like the NGS) RTFM (or rather the Features section of this post) or post in this thread and someone who does know will probably tell you. Having a problem you think is Kerbal Konstructs doing something wonky, wrong or unexpected? Here's what you need to do: Try to reproduce the issue. If you can't then move on. KSP had wind. If that didn't help, are you using the 64 bit version of KSP for Windows? If you are, see if you can reproduce the problem in 32 bit. If you can't, KSP 64 bit didn't work properly. Make sure if you report the bug, you tell me that. If you can reproduce the problem and want to post for help, you're now more likely to get help from me if you're specific about the issue and report the bug along with the following: Version of KSP. 64 bit or 32 bit. Platform. Path of KSP install. A KSP.log from the root of that install after reproducing the issue, returning to KSC and exiting the game. Version of Kerbal Konstructs. Path of Kerbal Konstructs install. A list of other mods you have installed. A screenshot of the problem happening, if you think it might help. The base icons are white squares. The KK toolbar icons are just white. The NGS graphics are white. Kerbal Konstructs isn't installed properly. It has hard-coded pathing for finding the textures it needs. See the Installation section of the OP to find out how KK should be installed. This may also occur if you have a duplicate dll lurking in GameData. Make sure there's only one KerbalKonstructs.dll, and that it's in GameData/KerbalKonstructs medsouz - The First Forkmaster | AlphaAsh - The Current Forkmaster | Razchek - KerbTown Genius medsouz's fork of KerbTown on GitHub | AlphaAsh's fork of that on GitHub | Razchek's original KerbTown on GitHub
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