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Found 3 results

  1. Now that the situation with Linux gaming will change by the time KSP2 releases(Major handheld console running desktop Linux), will you(Intercept Games/Private Division) be making a Linux port or testing on Proton?
  2. I just built a machine and installed SteamOS. KSP was the first thing I installed. KSP freezes on launch 100% of the time while loading the files. I never get to a menu. There is nothing else on this machine except SteamOS. I did install another game after and it works fine. Is there a known problem with SteamOS and KSP right now? Is there something I could put in the launcher options to make this work? I don't even have access to any kind of desktop or terminal with SteamOS. Thanks!
  3. I have a problem in that for some reason, the game doesn't register my use of the "Alt" key, neither for bringing up the Debug menu or to duplicate parts in the editor. I have checked, and the key works fine on my other pc or when I'm out of the game. The functions of that key don't seem to be listed in the rebind section of the options menu, so I don't know how to rebind it. I'm running the linux version on SteamOS. Please let me know what to do here
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