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Found 7 results

  1. SpaceSheepOne As the name implies, this is inspired by the Virgin Galactic spaceplane. It is a early career craft with minimal parts, designed for short range suborbital hops. Craft File @ KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/SpaceSheepOne
  2. STOCK BOMBER CHALLENGE Challenge: Make a bomber that drops as many bombs as possible! Rules: 1. stock ONLY 2. no F12 menu 3. no mods that add or modify parts! i should be able to fly the bomber if you gave me the save file! mechjeb, KER and other info/visual mods are ok 4. you bomber should be able to bomb the inland KSC and because we are savages, they do not have to return!(unless you want extra points) Points: 1 point/mini bomb: mk0 liquid fuel tank(FULL TANK) with a small nose cone/fairing on each end 2 points/regular bomb: mk1 liquid fuel tank OR small ore tank(FULL TANK) with aerodynamic nose cone/fairing on each end 4 points/mega bomb: Large ore tank(FULL TANK) with protective rocket nose cone/fairing on each end 10 points/potential nuke: Rockomax jumbo-64 fuel tanks aka the orange tank(FULL TANK) with protective rocket nose cone/fairing on each end 30 points/tsar style bomb: a bomb of your design that includes a FULL Kerbodyne S3-14400 fuel tank Extra points(each worth 1 point): 'smartass' - add up your score 'home sweet home' - return home in one piece(except without all the bombs that you dropped) 'woah thats big' - have a plane over 200 parts 'accidental circumnavigation' - bomb the inland ksc, go back the long way! Submission checklist: -craft file on kerbalx -at least 15 screenshots preferably on imgur(video proof if you can record your screen) Leaderboard: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  3. For those who wish to build ships but dislike jet engines for their propulsion. Turbo-Electric Power, Baby! Some specs. Fully reversible engine, no gearbox needed. Forward and reverse blowers: 8 Panthers in dry mode. Max engine/shaft speed: 300 rpm (31 rad/s). Top speed: 24 knots (46 kph, 12.7 m/s.) Part count total: 551. Part count engine: 151. Mass w/tanks empty: 268t. Mass w/tanks at 10%: 308t (suggested). Mass engine: 38t. Instructions: Starting: press stage only once. Now you can toggle the blowers. 1 toggles the forward blowers, 2 toggles the reversing blowers. Lower throttle to 5% to be on the safe side, if the propeller is spinning in open air. If you start the engine with throttle at full, prepare for a big explosion. Always increase throttle gently. Change focus (left, once) and select a propeller blade. Pin it to the screen. Return focus to main. Now change the control authority until the ship starts to move. Gentle changes, especially in the water. Top efficiency is in a very narrow range. When entering the water, make sure you use a shallow angle. This means, driving close to perpendicular to the shore line. Before the propeller blades hit the water, make sure the engine has stopped. The brakes work both on the engine shaft and landing gear. If you use VesselMover or Hyperedit, first hack the gravity to 0.1. When in the water, you may throttle up to 100% power. Recommended: increase to 25%, then 50%, 75%, 100%. Use trim forward (pitch down) to increase the power of the electric drive. Its power is very modest compared with the turbine but otherwise the electrical power from the jets is wasted anyway. Additional power will be supplied by the fuel cell arrays. If you overrev it, it will fail. Propeller blades start hitting the hull. You don't want to be near when that happens. I recommend to install V.O.I.D. to have a proper readout of the engine speed, in rad/s. Parking it: cut throttle. Set parking brake. When the ship is 100% dead in the water with the shaft completely stopped, you can save the game or leave. Recommended throttle setting: 90%. Not recommended: use of the afterburners. Yes, it increases top speed at the expense of ludicrous fuel consumption. It also increases the risk of a failed bearing or a gigantic SMEF. The torque this engine makes is gigantic. The whole ship has a few degrees list and an tendency to turn to the right. Keep a bow thruster running. Craft file ship.
  4. I've had this idea floating around in my head for a little while now, and it's something I may try pretty soon. I want to see planes built as palindromes, that can be flown exactly the same forwards and in reverse. Ever hear of the "Push-me-pull-you" from Dr. Seuss's children books? Something like that, a plane that looks and performs exactly the same forwards and backwards. The rear of the plane should be an exact mirror image of the front. Mod and stock parts are all allowed. Let's see what you crazy Kerbaleers got!! And GO!! ::Edit:: I guess this wouldn't be any fun without some sort of challenge, so here we go. The Challenge!! Fly your palindrome plane to the island runway in forward mode and land. Once there, slam your plane into reverse flight mode, take off again, and land back at the KSC. Prizes for best plane include bragging rights and my respect. I myself am working on a plane to do just this, and will post screenshots as an example if I am successful. Here's a link to my successful flight. The forum is seeming to be picky and not letting me post the entire album from imgur... https://imgur.com/a/EIC30 If somebody knows the way to get imgur albums to post, reply below. I've also posted the craft on KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/Speed_Kerman/Palindrome-Challenge-Plane
  5. THE HELIUM 1 A car series for those who have a need for speed. Unlike my previous cars, these cars will be built for a specific purpose. That is to go fast around a specified track by LABindustries, a user on KerbalX who I got the idea for this from. He has a similar aesthetic that I copied for his cars, and my goal is to challenge him with my own designs, and we will see who can make the fastest, most maneuverable (while good looking) car. They will be using this aesthetic, which requires us to use wings for almost 90% of the body of the car, and jet engines for propulsion. PREDATOR https://kerbalx.com/He_162/Helium-1---Predator PREDATOR II https://kerbalx.com/He_162/Helium-1---Predator-II PREDATOR III https://kerbalx.com/He_162/Helium-1---Predator-III https://imgur.com/a/3Rkmp Lap times: -Predator: 48 seconds -Predator II: 39 seconds -Predator III: 34 seconds Track:
  6. Welcome to the FAITO crafts repository ! Ahoy mateys ! Here I'll present you all my important crafts as they will be designed along the time. You'll find here information, pics and downloads for all the crafts I'll post, and if you need some info, feel free to ask me in comment I don't pretend to be a good designer nor a good builder, but I'm trying to do my best when I start a building project. If you're looking for some astounding crafts or replicas, there is far better anywhere on the forums Each craft will be shortly described and pictured in this first post, however you may find additional info in future posts I'll make each time I'll upload a craft. Exhaustive List : FSS Raiatea Warship [AWB-P1] The Crafts : FSS 'Raiatea' Warship [AWB-P1] The AWB-P1 is a small-but-dangerous armored patroller ship. It’s the very first class of warships produced by FAITO’s Naval Engineering Bureau. Built with care & love by our fellow engineers. Her main goal is to protect the KSC against any flying object like a working rocket or anything else assuming it’s a thing that flies. It provides a large range of dangerous devices, such as Ground-to-Air missiles, cannons, machine-guns, and more. More that 1000 unit of each ammo are stored in the inside. Her great defect : motorization. She's slow. Awfully slow. Our engineers are working on a much better motorized version. Details Type : Warship Class : P1 Raiatea Part Count : 511 Mods : 8 Average Speed: 1m/s Mods : BDArmory, BDArmoryContinued, CactEye 2 Orbital Telescope, Firespitter, KerbalEngineer, Procedural Parts, TweakScale - Rescale Everything! Download ! That's all for now, folks ! Various stuff : What is FAITO Aerospace ? FAITO Aerospace (aka. FAITO) is my fictive space exploration company that have responsibility of running my space program in the right (upper?) direction. FAITO means FAITO Aerospace Innovative Technologies for Orbiters. Yeah, it's a recursive acronym . FAITO Aerospace is directed by Jebediah Kerman (aka. Jeb'). Jebediah Kerman means Jebediah Kerman, witch is not recursive. There is some internal subdivisions in FAITO : FAITO's Naval Engineering Bureau, for all the things that floats or sink. FAITO Research & Development, for all the experimental things that may explode. FAITO Science Committee, for all the 'scientific' things. FAITO Geomapping Bureau, the bureau that scans Kerbin and other celestial bodies to provide fancy maps with SCANSat mod. FAITO, the main subdivision, witch cares of anything looking like a rocket. More about naming : Changelog : Created the topic Posted the FSS 'Raiatea' Warship
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