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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings Yesterday, I decided to try to replicate the XFA-33 FENRIR, a fictional multipurpose next-gen combat aircraft from the Ace Combat series. I made multiple versions, but I think this one is the best one. So, the Fenrir. A large multipurpose fighter, originally equipped with functionalities such as S/VTOL capacities, high tech weaponry (a high-power microwave canon that can burn the fuel inside the target's tanks, a super powerful long-rage shockwave missile...), the COFFIN system (COnnection For Flight INterface) allowing a neural interface connexion between the pilot and the plane, and even a ground-powered invisibility system. A cheaty beast. Okay, in KSP, for economic reasons and others, we couldn't put all of this in a plane. No COFFIN, no hi-tech weaponry, a FENRIR without options (if you're not happy, add mods ! ) This full-stock aircraft weights 22 tons and is propulsed by 3 Panther engines equipped with afterburning system, and 2 of them also have thrust-vectoring capabilities (the middle one doesn't move because, normally, it's this one that swings 90° down (like a F-35B) to allow VTOL, while the other 2 provide thrust-vectoring on the yaw). Stable, maneuvrable, and easy to fly, it can even land and take off from the water without any problem. The only bad thing is that its max speed is Mach 1, while the original one tops at Mach 2.3 or something like that. Anyways. I did as I could, but I'm pretty happy with the result. (this pod-thingy under the cockpit was a pain in the poophole to get right) Download The original one: Enjoy !
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